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Firside Chat Ep. 101 – Your Life Depends on Fossil Fuels

2019-09-27 | 🔗
On this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis discusses the moral choice between smoking cigarettes versus smoking marijuana, and how blessed we are to have electrical power and the fossil fuels that enable everyday life. Dennis kicks off the Q&A with our very first VIDEO question from a PragerFORCE student!
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Hi everybody Dennis Prager from my home to yours, hello, oh of course. Next to me, you're the man. You are the man You know that Otto takes his position now as soon as Rico and Megan show up the folks who put most of these together. It's very sweet actually and, as I have said to you often he is not giving conceded being as famous as he is. Which is a very healthy thing. We raise them. Well, I take a little credit for that So this is the hundred first episode in honour of that. I am talking about this. The moment I yeah. I want people to think clearly. I think in the way, I think Am I have since I was in high school? I always think about good and evil. I admit it might might soon, as I think about something else,
does it promote good? Does it promote bad? Some things, of course, haven't have no moral quality. I fully and then you prefer yellow to blue. That's not a moral question. I I don't apply those. And its anything, but one example, I I I don't I know that cigarettes or dangerous. I fully acknowledge that cigars are a far less dangerous because they're not inhale. If you inhale the cigar, like you do a cigarette, you with the EU would be hurting yourself. I fully appreciate that, and most people don't know the difference. They think they're the same thing with that. This is brown and that's why there are huge differences. One is done for taste and. It's done for the nicotine in cigarette, which is why I think these cigarettes are
don't think I know have helped very many people get off cigarettes with all the junk. That's in them, and all the carcinogens and in many parts of the western world is cigarettes, are encouraged by medical authorities like in Britain, because it does take people away from cigarettes, which is a wonderful thing. Having said that, I am Ways believed that I have two sons, As I said before, I had children because I was on the radio before I had kids and, of course, now, with a groan been on the radio for all of their law. And I said if I had a kid a man than I did, I would prefer that my kid smoke cigarettes then smoke joins then haven't than no smoke weed a lot of people. In fact I would say
most of my listeners will tend to agree with me on many things. Don't agree with me on that one and a preface this by saying I think in terms of right and wrong and good and good in bed. So, I am more always told my kids. I am more worried about your character and you're. Inner being on your mind Then I am about your body and, of course, is apparent. I worry about my kids bodies, obviously, but I like a kid who smokes a joint every day is, I believe, I think it's hurting him. Especially his mind her mind, and I am, I think you it it doesnt general. We not always doesn't generally speak while about character, development, where's sort you cigarette. On the cigar has nothing to do with character. I
I would prefer that my kid smoke the weapon drank alot. Obviously I mean I think everybody would have to agree to that. As I pointed out very early on in the in the anti tobacco passion It took over society. The vast majority of child abuse, spousal abuse and violent crime take place or are committed. People who are under the influence of alcohol, but I never heard of any body Molesting child were beating up a spouse or but having someone as a result of smoking, a cigarette or a cigar, neither have you So why society went crazy against tobacco and not against alcohol, doesn't speak well about this.
Eighties, moral compass: that is what I have always believed. So I have the sole my radio show about my the cigarette versus the weed. Can a guy called up any said Dennis I in our really enjoy you. I respect you, but I gotta say out of agreed with you on this one Dad whom I really respected in love died fifty nine from lung cancer do doo doo doo cigarette smoking, so I said to him. I asked him a question. I said I must like to ask you a question: what do you have preferred that your dad smoked a joint everyday and lift to eight thousand nine hundred and thirty more years? You would have had him thirty more years or smoked cigarettes and died.
And he said he thought for a moment and when this silence on the radio, it's very powerful, any thought yeah there's a recording of it. You can. You can hear it any thought here. I rather lose my dad at fifty nine to cigarettes and have it that of smoke, we'd everyday, eighty, nine, so something something one might the one might think about when when one thinks of these issues through All right, I just wanted to make a comment on that. I got another comment. Sorry for the questions. I got another comment: we just don't We just had no electricity in our house for about how many hours about seventeen hours, because they were fixing.
On the street that I live, they were fixing the one of the call those stand when they call. You know where the electricity, the pole the polish yeah, so they were, they were doing some major work on very old pulls that needed to be replaced and they it was out. Far took far longer, so we rather like Arabic choose electricity until today, from early in the morning till two am, and it makes you think, release suddenly made me think about how lucky humanity is to have power. To electrical power, this is taught. Ah I dont like Heath, I don't sleep. Well, I'm he it was. Obviously
lately dark, so you sitting in your house and it's very dark and it's very hot stopped the house that you're you're used to we're blessed. We are blessed beyond words: to have electricity, to have power the power cars to power, a trains airplanes buses to, of course, give power to hospitals, no power no pretty much no hospital, and I would just like everybody, listen to this to reflect for a minute On how lucky we are to have had fossil fuel, it is one of the greatest blessings in the history of the world even thank nature, orphan, God or thank both that we have had fossil fuel because without them
we wouldn't have civilization. As we know it, massive numbers of people would have died, who otherwise would have been treated would have been transported. While how would you transport somebody to a hospital that had no electricity, by horse. Do you realize where we would have been without this power. So when I hear all of this fossil fuel, fossil fuel, fossil fuel, at least put it in perspective ain't you fossil fuel. You want to go in two green energy is called go into green energy, but but let's at least have perspective. Thank you for so fuel from making the world of health possible world of transportation, the World CUP vacation, it's all made possible thanks the fossil fuel. The ignorance that dominates at the educational system today, the lack of history, the lack of a perspective is, is it you could kill us.
Am I could kill us as a civilization. If you don't know What has happened You will not have a future, it is a simple. Is that so, just remember, if we want to kick over the fossil fuel bucket, we better something really cheap really effective to replace it. It's very nice and easy to say all we'll, just replace it Not so easy to do all it is by the way back. Somebody easy to do with nuclear power, which is completely clean. The proof, in my opinion, the proof that most of The most of it is Abydus stereo with regard to fossil fuel. Is that the vast mature?
Or of those who are hysterical about the world coming to an end, dont advocate nuclear power. That proves that's not an opinion of mind. This is proof that that's hysteria Because you have to be a historic to prefer at the and son to nuclear when Clear works. Nuclear power seventy per cent. What is it a France or is it of Sweden? I think Sweden But France is also vastly maybe both of them. Those are models to a lot of the people, France and Sweden. You know they love those places, their progressive, ok, air, progressive countries but get their power from nuclear power. I know the objections and I'm not gonna get into them. Now I get the whole thing that the number of people killed by nuclear power in the worst accidents in the world is so infinitesimally small
that's it. Then there was nothing. A shape. Is nuclear power and it's completely clean. So whenever I hear anybody should always have the over the fossil of July, are you for nuclear power? If they're, not, I don't take them seriously. They are not to be taken seriously. They live in a dream, make believe world. Ok, get that out of my system. So, in order to this hundred first episode, first one after a hundred- that's one hundred one is well we're inaugurating. Sometimes video questions that right is. I take your questions from us the world by the way- is for all of the world. I asked my staff Prager you to comply. A list of the countries from which questions come almost all from young people, and this is questions came this isn't all that the number of cars.
I know what are you? Don't even have the do. What and I know the number fifty one I memorized fifty one country right now. I am talking to at least fifty one countries, probably close to one hundred as we don't get questions from every country that people listening this is this: is it You know why people all over the world watch this, because, But I have to say, is relevant to anybody. I've always believe, Either right, what I have to say is relevant to everyone, or it's not real, the twenty one. Like saying you know when I, when I speak about, I written a commentary on the Bible, its relevant to Jews, Christians, atheist Buddhists, Hindus, Shinto wastes Muslims de the relevant to every body or it's not relevant to Jews and Christians. That's how I look at it. It would be like
saying that the Beethoven is only relevant Germans, its identity. He has something to say to everybody honour fact of the biggest Beethoven fanatics in the world today, probably in Japan, okay, so.
Ready and here we go. Do I play it on here? Ok, and there we go. I don't know my name is Cody Thompson. I may think I've been universally Minneapolis Minnesota and my question for you tonight is when fighting for freedom. What is one thing young conservatives can do more effectively and how do we be more effective in doing so? Well, that does a great question. Thank you. Ve here am. I pressed voice, I obviously mastered and then pristine. Ah, what is the one thing you do with him in fighting for freedom, but a young person would do. The first thing you have to do is understand that you have to fight for it. That's the first,
after due freedom is not a human instinct, the human instinct is to be taken. Care of liberty is a value being taken. Care of is an instinct. That is why America, and not only America. A lot of countries have liberty as one of its values it doesnt have. Be taking care of as a value. You start evaluate it's, it's a yearning people do in Europe to be free. Ah, I show this if you believe I was them, I am, I do, and I hope it's not about breaking its. I dont claim credit for it. I've worked on it, but I got it. I got it for somewhere
that's the great problem of education. The west today that you kids aren't given wisdom that, given that given a handful of facts, but without wisdom, it's like having a map note, you know exactly where you are, but you have no idea. We want to go with them is where do you want to go. Anyway, when I write might went like my commentary on the Bible, the rational Bible, as it's called I in the book of exodus, the second book Three alighted are slaves in Egypt: they they go and leave Egypt. That's what I call the exodus and what is the first thing they do. After all,. Miracles? I've got them out of Egypt. They complain that it is good in the desert, even though they got food every day. Miraculously. What do you believe it or not, is not relevant to the lesson is what is relevant? They complained. In fact they just kept complaining
Because, as a slave, they were taken care of, they were fed right. They prefer the the food in Egypt, the slaves to the food, the manner as its call in the Bible. They preferred the food in Egypt as slaves to the matter in and outside of Egypt as free people. So the first thing you need to do is understand its value to be fought for. That's what me too
Wait, you might even want to ask what the ask ask your fellow students what is more important to you: freedom, slash liberty, or that the government take care of you, send you to school, for free, provide lunches and breakfast for free. Give you free, give you free healthcare free to wishing pay off your that's. What's more important Eu Liberty, or to have all of your debts paid for by the state, because, by the way, the bigger the state, the less your freedom, that's a definitional fact of history like equals, empty swear, big state means less. Freedom is no exception to that. So that's. The first thing we need to do is understand its value that has to be pushed through.
And then show where, where its being removed, like I'm campuses like an high schools, you say something that the left doesn't agree with an end. You will be often shut down. There was just a study about how many students in college don't write what they actually believe, they're afraid the teacher was on the left or penalized them for their conservative views. All right here we go my thirty six Idaho falls. Idaho, USA Dennis I might come. He's requiring all employees to attend unconscious bias, draining unconscious by history. I dont have a high opinion and would like to know your thoughts. Many thanks to you understand For the actual content and providing for our right you're very welcome. Thank you. I thought this obnoxious in the extreme. All these meetings to tell you well
what? What are you, what a low life you are that damn that, even if you don't, even if you don't have a racist bone in your body, you you're on consciously racist. All it says is that the purse, the present the risk, is races. Whenever a white gets up and says all white erases, the talking about themselves by definition right, but it's just not true It is no more true that all whites are racist than all any other group, a racist or that all of any other group are not races. Racist, blacks, according to the left. There aren't. I was told this. As long ago as I went to college graduate School, a black in America cannot be erased because they don't have power. She's, I even understand what that me. They don't have power a blacks. It doesn't have power black governor. Does that power a blackmail-
there are those in power. What are you talking about. A white guy in a year in a trailer park, has power? What are they talking about? This is leftist gobbledygook. And by the way. So if you need power in order be racist and they have to admit that all over Africa blacks can be racist there, that's where blacks up power, they would never acknowledged that cause. It's all dishonest. I hate these these meetings, these they remind me of of education sessions in now in communist countries. That's what they did We re education camps, that's what you ve, that's what that's, what they're doing it there these businesses and just then unemployment for people who don't have to tell to do something else. Awhile
what do you do for a living? Alright, I tell people about their unconscious, biases God I'd like to within one of these meetings. I really would invite me. Ok,. Twenty two freedom Pennsylvania is actually a city main freedom, see that. Soon will have will have that they may abolish that. Maybe they'll raining freedom, take care of me, pencilling right right. Luke twenty two Frida Pennsylvania briefly mention that love is possibly the most misuse word ever. I was wondering if you, expand on this. We have a proper definition of the word, love all items find the word love it's exactly what it intends positive feeling. I mean that's easy, but its misuse that is correct. First of all, people think that love in and of itself is is the great value, but it's not.
The people in the Soviet Union love Stalin. People in China, love now people and in in in Germany, loved Hitler right well, I mean really loved them. You know many people were crushed. It sounds funeral crushed the death because they will. Weeping so much for men. Killed forty million of their fellow citizens and gave them and gave it and made them a jail was a large jail, the Soviet. You people were or could not speak what they thought, to that did their friends at in an apartment who say they believed there was Bogdan. Usually it was so love love. What that's what I want to know? What?
of what and it's over used even in parenting. God I love my son's. It's the the healthy persons. Love for a child is. Is it? Is you it's a unique form of love, that's correct, but my task as apparent was not just a love. My children My task was to build their character. My task was to say no, which is off. The most loving thing you can do. Obviously my task was to give them. Hopefully a good male model that that might be more important. Then love what would you rather have a father who was a lousy model who loved these kids, but it was an awful person or what Didn't show much love to the children but but presented a good model to the children. Its way He overrated way: Overrated, Germany, people the beat up their spouse and tell them they love them.
Way overrated. I'm sorry- and you know I think the best example is how many terrible things have been loved. So that's why I think it's way way way way over raw, not just overrated, but but as I, but as you write misused. Yes, what we up to in time, good. Andrei fourteen years old, Friedland, the Netherlands, NATO untie high Andre, why do you hate communism? So listen. Andrei since I never
patronize anybody, I respect you too much. I can't tell you how the press- I am forget that question. Would you would you ever written? Why do I hate not Nazis and watch my video? Why is a watch watch my preview, video? Why is not ism hated more than I hate communism for the same reasons. I hypnotism these with To most organised evils in in the twentieth century, and perhaps in history- that's why? But I'll bet you dont know about gulag where, where tens of millions were killed by
stolen in the Soviet Union, sixty to eighty million killed by now under communism in China, POL pot killed almost one out of every three Cambodians communist pauper. I visited the killing fields in Cambodia? I feel I felt it was a moral duty to go there, just as people feel some moral duty to visit outfits, the Nazi death camp, where, where some day six thousand Jews, they were where gas shot and burned it. It is a statement of how bad education is. I mean bad that the vast majority of people, probably under forty, don't have a clue what communism did.
That's because the left or the educators by and large am I I I knew from a very early age, and I was a liberal democrat good part of my life, but I knew I was never leftist because the left doesn't eight evil. I hate evil, my favorite versed in the Bible as those those who love God was able you can't. If you don't hate evil, you can't look God. I love that both the eighty evaluate not as an end of it. Coming, Period, Ryan, thirty six Paradise Newfoundland with two New Finland, a couple of times of enjoyed it very much there. Throughout my young adulthood. I was a radical leftist. I made many poor,
life choices whilst under that spell thanks a large part to you that spell has been broken in the past. I believe the institution of merit was silly and casual relationships and even Pollyanna Murray, that's more than one of the time. Where more enlightened lifestyles today. Engaged to be married to the love of my life? Needless to say, the lighted for you Nevertheless, I remain in the aftermath of my confused youth. I feel the ten years behind in my life, trying to catch up running out of time to start a family. What advice that you have for those of us trying to build the life after all?
Thank you so much for your work and please give out of a pat on the head for me. The pleasure man elevator level with love, my kids more about that, but he didn't hear that. It's a very excellent analogy. You did lose those years there like a drugs and alcohol. Alcoholics, let's say, you're an alcoholic Philip. What are you thirty six? So what does he get? Lucky they soon alcoholic kill. Thirty When you become sober, you are the age you were when you became an hour Pollack, those years passed, but you didn't grow Sophia
came an alcoholic at eighteen, your thirty, but you're. Eighteen, you have a lot of catching up to do when they this. This is analogous on me, the I always make a distinction. I mean left this, it's it's look. If you One who believes marriage is surely an as a common left wing belief. Old fashioned silly unnecessary and so on you not anyone, but if you have an antipathy towards it like it is often expressed. That's that's an example of losing time. Believing that are you, American, your Canadian, ok, but the belief you got a good country is a bad country. That bad is good and good is bad. Those rules I acknowledge it, so the only answer is of all the fact that you are now sober that you can.
I see the world morally clearly that you're not angry all the time. There's no such thing as a non angry left us there. I'm angry liberals. They were not angry conservatives, there are angry conservatives, there were angry liberals, but all left the serene and they cultivate You're you're, a woman. You should be angry man you're a black. You should be angry at whites, your hispanic. You should be angry at Anglos and you you mean the group you're gay. You should be angry it straight. That's not a healthy world, very important question. Mike sixteen Whitneyville Massachusetts, hello, Mr Prager, hello, might hope all as well all the big word, but that its pretty close in my life, I'm very blue.
In history class. Our teacher tried to tell us that what we american The native Americans was genocide was a genocide. Your thoughts, thank God and thanks God bless. There was a massive. There was a massive death among American Indians or native Americans. Look. My motto is: first tell the truth and give your opinion. It's not deniable. The vast numbers of Indians died as a result of european settling in the Americas. This, just not just not just the United States Army who populated the world before before the spanish and Portuguese got the South America right so funny handled Talks about that that that's true, but the vast majority of American Indians died of smallpox because they they didn't have any of the others. Anti bodies is the word they didn't. Their bodies could not fight off european diseases.
What would the Europeans they weren't given smallpox? As I know the story Willie their smallpox, infested, blankets that were you Now, whether that happen or not, I don't think he's been corroborated, but if it happened, it happened once and I'm not even sure its effective. They sing they got horrible diseases as a result of Europeans, coming, it's a tragedy, The native american experience is a tragedy. There is no way around it, but that there was an intended and genocide that that I don't I believe there was a lot of killing a lot of killing in both directions. There was no, place on earth. That was an old by new people that didn't involved death. I'm not happy about it, I'm not excusing it merely stating effect. What what country In the world, what european country was settled without people who were. Ready there being chill this
the human condition. That's why making good people is the most important thing we could ever do. That's why I believe The Bible was the first book ever to have somebody announce. Nay, shall not live, lift sword against nation Isaiah, the prophet twenty five hundred years ago. It's it's! That's! That's a big deal! That's that green- that was the dream, then the long, long, difficult mixed bag, road of of movement towards goodness, could take. Place until a civilization actually gave women rights, western civilization. We abolish slavery, western civilization, actually developed democracy. Western civilization so if we want to undo western civilization, that's gonna be more mass mass murder and death.
The human beings are basically good. Therefore, the question is not. Why was their evil? The only intelligent question is: why was there good same thing with poverty pop? use the human nor the question is not. Why was there poverty? The question is: why was there ever any affluence and they ate. Miss capitalism, capitalism is lifted billions of people from poverty, Those of you who are against capitalism. Don't love people, you love ideas, I love people, So I want to know what works to give them a better life. Capitalism is one of those things with all its flaws. Nothing is perfect, but a lot of things are terrible.
Important thought to end on Dennis Prager here see a next week, thanks for being with me, thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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