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Firside Chat Ep. 103 – Hong Kong Protestors Demand Freedom

2019-10-13 | 🔗
This week, Dennis Prager discusses why Hong Kong's citizens are demanding freedom and protesting China's communist government. History is doomed to repeat itself if we don’t remember the horrors caused by communism and socialism.
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We body I'm Dennis Prager and welcome to the fireside chat, which I am with you every week. That's how important I consider it actually cause some weeks. It's a little tougher than others anyway, it's great to be with you, Otto my side. Kick you you're, the guy. I know how those very popular very touched. Anyway. It's great to be with you. This is a chance for me to offer you thoughts. What is on my mind, you get to know me better and there's nothing rehearsed here. There is no script and spontaneity has both its virtues and disadvantages disadvantages. You ve said it and that's just what came out, but the advantages that it is. It strikes you the viewer as completely
Real- and it is it's just completely real so anyway great to be with you. A number of people have asked that I comment on Hong Kong trip into many times been to China. Number of times I was in China. Actually the moment they announced after MAO's death at its opened up to tourism, I went I was in my twenties I I did for many reasons. One of them is that I
leave. My formal study was in communist countries and communism leftism communism, communist countries. Why studied russian to be able to read soviet newspapers, and I had to been to a number of communist countries, because I hated communism? I wanted to understand it. I had anything that deprives people of liberty and rights and which, of course, murders on a mass level which will every communist regime has, and I wanted to see what China was China was. China was probably a tiny bit because it's not easy to get that way. It was even more totalitarian than a Toby Union in it Soviet Union am, I went there. D
the heavy of the of of abrasion IV and totalitarianism. Also in my twenties, but you could walk around on your own, you might Followed but you could walk around on your own, whereas in China that was not available at that time. That now it is, but at that time it was truly total. Terry and you had to be with a minder. That is a government calling called guide who took you everywhere. The woman was an advanced version of robot and I was used to them. These communist guides, who rehearse lines and had had no talk about spontaneity, had absolutely no spontaneity It was actually scary to be it's scary, to be with such a person where it is.
A series of lines I could have walked around with a recording. If I'd ask com, and I knew the answer that I would receive. I went to a concert I'll give miss me give you an idea of how to tell Terry I'm laughing cuz, I should really cry, but I am, but if it's in its own way, the absurdity of it is funny. I went to a concert, one night, of course, with my guide and they had a woodwind quintet from at the took a musical woodwind quintet quintet is of course five wooden. Winds are clarinet and an open oh when Bassoon, and there beautiful instruments. Of course this was a woodwind quintet. Now there were no There was no singer, so it was just an notes, obviously,
the name of the peace. I still remember it was all the peoples of the autonomous provinces, praised chairman, why that was the name of the woodwind quintet. So it was the all the people of the provinces, praise chairman, walk when, of course it it had nothing to do with anything. It was just. There was just music, but they gave it a name chairman. Why was the there was the the choice? these communist leader who succeeded now, so I mean you, in other words, everything everything was calm use. Everything is, can old when Hong Kong went from british rule to chinese rule and they Why was it the one government to systems or whenever that motto was I I knew this was a temporary
Mace regimes do not allow a free entities in their midst; it's the nature of it. They ve gobble up whatever they with ever. They control. So why? I am not surprised that they may now wanted the ring. For the riots in in in Cancun is the more that people will be transferred. Some people will be transferred to the mainland to be tried, which is the end of that person. Then there's no chance of a defence. That's a very it's it's a very terrible thing, but my heart breaks for the people of Hong Kong cause. They they know freedom. I wish that average young American appreciated freedom frankly, as or or for that matter properly. Young european appreciated freedom as much as the young Chinese in Hong Kong,
One of the reasons that I have a dark view of human nature is that people human nature is that you don't depression eat something till you lose it. It's a very sad aspect of the human being I mean you can rise above it. Our task in life is to rise above human nature. That's it that's! Our moral task is to fight our nature the, but that's an example of that. There is a saying in Oregon, because that's a big TIM there was, there was maybe still as a big timber industry you'd, you don't know either when he wants to hear me Better is the guys that I also he knew wait a minute they're not seeing my face, so maybe it is getting to him his fame.
There is a saying in Oregon, you don't know something that effect. You don't know how tall tree is until it falls. That's very depressing. Do we not know what we have till we lose a lot of people appreciate their parents more after their after their dead and realize pretty good person with all his or her flaws or or whatever it might be in life, so in Hong Kong, the they they know what it is to lose freedom there there quite aware it's just. I guess you could swim from Hong Kong to the mainland, certainly can just walk in.
That's that's what's happening in the west, people don't appreciate their liberty, because or is it that there is another reason for that, and that is liberal. Is a value more than a yearning. It's it's a yearning among people who know the difference between freedom and tyranny, but for most people the greater desirous to be taken care of people yearn to be taken care of more than they earned for liberty. That is the only reason for the left success in any country. That is what people want. I want to be taken care of also people, some people, many people- I don't quite this at all, but many people resent the existence of wealthier people more than they love liberty. So, if a, if I can, if It's getting rid of Emmy quality meat.
It's getting rid of liberty, people will do ok, that's a deal just to have equality. And by the way, the only way to have equality of result, not equality of opportunity, but the quality of result is through tyranny. There is no other way. The example I often give is a baseball example, but you can use any sport for those of you unaware baseball, a first baseman or a pitcher, or anybody on a team paid a lot more money than a teacher does and, and one might say, gee. That's that's on fair right, Shouldn, T We'll get more money that a first basement. Golly in soccer right. After all, who contributes the euro
more to society, a teacher or a gully, but gullies get a lot more money. The only way you change that is by making a law Ghali's, we'll get pay the same. As a teacher the be very interesting, I think it would be interesting to put on a ballot and in an american state that question. Excuse me: would you ass, a law that ensure that teachers got paid as much as athletes. I'd liked. I would be very curious if we just do it among students. Even I wonder what the what the vote would be in such a case. Way the it's one of the other reasons that liberty is not widespread, people don't valued as much as we would like they do in Hong Kong. My heart goes out to these people and
I have one of the thought about Hong Kong that I'd like to share with you, I think, of the policeman at the people who, who you know sometimes even beat up some of these young people demonstrating. What is what is in their mind? They. Might. Have relatives who were demonstrating means its relatively small place, Hong Kong. A lot of these policemen must have relatives or you don't nephews, nieces children even who were demonstrating. Do they think they're wrong. Due to these policeman believe I will be better off if we govern, by the main land, or did they do it before As they have no choice, they'll be fired. You won't, have a job, I d, The answer, but I
we wonder how do you beat up a fellow chinese fellow Hong Kong resident? Who was wait. I don't wanna be taken over by Communist China, which has never called by the way. Nobody calls a communist China. It's just called China it. When I was a kid I was called Communist China and it was. It was inappropriate thing to say. After all, we say Nazi Germany right when you speak of Germany from nineteen thirty, three to nineteen, forty five, you say Nazi Germany, one always say communist. We say Communist China course. I know why. So I pray you video that I made one or people hate of communism as much as nazis and more. Why isn't communism hated as much as Nazis and remember the exact the title? It's a good moral question and it's a good five minutes.
Two to meditate on, I believe, not don't believe. I know it is one of the videos that has been restricted by a by Google Slash Youtube. So it's a battle. Every generation is a battle by I ve amazes me. I often think people just repeat the errors of the past. I have this sense. My favorite movie is arguably I'm a few favorites, but up there is Groundhog day it's brilliant film. I love the film of scene of a number of times. I have this feeling that guy has Groundhog day on a regular basis. Just oh no another generation doing the same stupid things. I wonder if God gets bored looking at the human condition,
And the reason tat people repeat the errors of the past is that so many people have no desire to be wise. They just follow their heart and the heart is the same. My my heart and its desires are the same as people who live eight thousand years ago. It there's no difference so if you don't look imagine if we didn't were in any science from the past generation and every generation had to study giants anew. So, of course, every day duration, we'd, all be sick and die vast numbers of people with because we have to start all over again away g. What's a microbe what's a germ and that a mad, apply that then, to moral wisdom. Thing is learned, so
regeneration as to restart otherwise, how do you explain that the twentieth century was them Bloody century in human history, you would have thought people would have When I see people in Amerika clamouring for socialism, when every every one of these countries that that has tried, this ism has has descended into something awful. What are they think this one will be different, we'll get it right this time There is no socialism to get right. It's wrong. You can't get wrong right. It doesnt work economically, it's a joke! All wealth is produced by capitalism. Socialism is never boost any wealth. Socialism spends the wealth. Capitalism creates that's easy. It's effortless to give people money that's what's effortless to be on the left, its much harder,
When in the United States is a republican than to win, is a democrat democratic? What would you like we'll give it to you. And the Republican says. Actually we won't we We want you to work hard and take care of yourself, your family and your community when when absolutely necessary will take care of you, but in most cases absolutely necessary. You should take care of yourself. The conservative in any country has the true conservative, not often people who call themselves conservatives. Conservative parties are often simply the same as socialist parties just less so. But a true conservative. Their desire is that the government leave them alone. The said the further you go left the more you want. The government in your life and the more you move right, the less government you want in your life, that's why, by definition the right is lost
dangerous than the left. Of course, that's true. What's more danger the people who want more government in their lives or the people want government in their lives by definition, I will sit well Nazis or right way, ok, first of all Nazis and is not a threat in the United States as an example. It is not a threat, Alan Dershowitz is a Jew, a liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton supporter. A sort of law and Harvard said to me in in the film that you can watch it in the film no safe spaces. It's coming up momentarily in theatres. It'll be on dvd all over the world, and he said to me in his apartment, Dennis as it as an American. As a liberal Democrat as it is, I worry cleanse the border is a Jew. I form or fear
left and the right the Nazis are not a threat. The left is a threat. The Nazis were threatened. Germany no question about it. He would have said that then- and quite rightly so. Some thoughts on Hong Kong leads to a lot of what's on about a lot of things all right. Now we have this in nice. In the video question, MRS from all, right The young man in Missouri Bradley, take it away. Bradley, hey Dennis, might spread the keeper I'm fifteen years old from Willard Missouri, and I was wondering what value you think is most at stake within the next generation of Americans. Thank you Bradley, whereas at and where was he and the misery what city was Bradley Willard, though no
What values it most at stake at the next general tell you this ray values that are most at stake. The american trinity, as I call it- and I explained that in my book, still the best hope, which explains left, which explains Islamism unexplained american values. Americanism, I was gonna say it's the maybe the least best known of my books, but in some ways the most important still the best hope you want to understand the left and America. That's the book. I would recommend to you- and I explained the american Trinity fight and make up that I made up the term, but I didn't make up the three components of that. Kennedy there, one every american coin: Liberty in God. We trust a Pluribus Unum America's three mottoes liberty. In God. We trust and from many one they're. All three are
completely at risk with your generation and at this time and America will not If I was America, if any of the three die liberty is look free speech, that's that no safe spaces movie. It's about that free speech. Is not a value for about half of american young people. Who save this note? That should be no free speech for hate speech. Then there's no free speech cuz! We want you, declare hateful you'll simply dropped their ability to speak you'll and it happens on campus. Has all the time too conservative speakers, by the way, when campus is, were much more conservative. They never shut out people on the left. Eugene Genovese, he was a great scholar of the civil war in America. He was a marxist, a marxist self proclaimed Marxist and he wrote.
Later in his life. I have much more freedom to teach Marxism in the nineteen fifty's. Then someone today has to teach anything conservative there's no comparison, because conservatives are totally happy to allow people who differ with them to speak, but that's not true for the left. So that's Liberty In God. We trust, God is the source of rights according to the declaration of independence of the United States, if they, from God than they're, not inalienable, that's the wording of the of the declaration of independence. We have an inalienable rights, our from our creator, because there's no such thing as inalienable rights. If there's no creator would
gotta Emilio Bites night from people. If rights come from people, then rights can be taken away by people and if but rights come from God, then their inalienable. So even if you were an atheist, you want America to continue to have. In God we trust as one of its mottoes. And I know way for you to do believe that yeah, oh, I happened to be an atheist, but I know America's doomed if, if God dies in Amerika, I know if he is who say that totally totally respectable position How many poorer bassoon a means for many one? In other words, you come from all over the world and to America, but you become an american one: people, that's what that was the ideal school, the melting pot. When I was a kid
the left loads. The word melting pot. They like the word multiculturalism, but Amerika was never multicultural. It was multi ethnic, big difference. Multi ethnic is not a problem. Multicultural yeah few bring a different culture into America with different values. We don't buy culture, we don't mean but food you like, or what poetry you like, or what songs you sing. But what values you have. Yes, we have with us. We had a shared value system so that all three Bradley Our on our threatened at this time for your generation- ok, let's see here having to new name for me. Eighteen years old,. Section VIII, a whole California high Dennis I mean thanks for the inside
full content, you in your cohorts, Slash guess, provide us what has caused such a widespread amount of corruption in Hollywood Why do so many people of the arts line? We left leaning policies? Thank you and best regards so very good question. Why Why is Hollywood so left? There wasn't always in the nineteen. Thirty Hollywood produce the most patriotic films. You should work even the forties is well that's very interesting in this. This evolve over time. Actors were proud to be Americans and and too slow the flag and seeing them the national anthem of the United States. This. If this change in the soaring in the sixties, then, then all of a sudden, the left became dominant in Hollywood and in the media and in everything else, and it I don't- I The reason in academia, but I'm not sure how why it happened in in the arts,
maybe because it happened everywhere else in just the young, the young actors and producers and the others. Just They ve they went along with the rest of society's left were drift. That may well be, but I think there is an additional reason. I think a lot of actors and actresses, don't believe they're doing something important by being an actor or an actress, and everybody wants to do something important part of the human condition, so they become social justice warriors. I will fix the world, then I'm important. That's a very big factor. The same holds true for journalists. Journalists, don't think that writing the news report
putting the news is important, then they just a stenographer, but if they could, if they can change society, then they're doing something important. So journalism went from reporting the truth to advocating position, every every profession they didn't. I'm not doing that important thing, but if I, if I am Changing the world, then I become significant. So Robert Deniro, the actor gets up and goes F Trump F Trump. At that the academy awards. He thinks he is making a bold statement by the way is if it takes any courage, in Hollywood to say, f Trump, that's the joke, I'll, tell you what takes courage in Hollywood to say I like this president, that that's courage I mean let's at least let us be clear. It takes no courage to do at Robert than eroded
So I always wonder when grown men, curse and public like that, did their kids here then I have kids, I tell of colored jokes and private. I'm not an absolutist on this issue, but in public very disturbing thing, but anyway he's he thinks he's done something important, I'm great, I my movies, that's that's cute, but F Trump. That makes me significant. I think that's a factor. What's our time, anything wrong at sea. Here's a question about the history books that I would recommend. I'm I'm an after prepare good answer for that
all right, John Forty in Ireland, hello Dennis was, as we would say, an Irish I'm going to give it a try. The wheat don't chug. Thank you. Thank you, which literally translates, as God, be with you. Thank you Dennis. Have you ever considered growing a beard? Yes, am I rejected it? you have any opinions or wise works regarding men wearing a beard? No, I don't. I have no stance on a weight. I do take it back. I have a thought on beards. When we see Romney's Ronnie have a beard o the scan it rob me. This I swear to, God is not apply to you. It really does this is actually gave. This thought why we went from almost all and man in America clean Shaven, look.
A lot of young men have beards. Now I think clearly I mean I know terrific eyes with beards for some. It's just. I think they are They look good. That girlfriend thinks they look good or their white things. They look good, which is fine enough for me. It's a good enough reason. So I want to put that aside, but I think for some there's something else: work here. I again for some, MRS not, but for now for me to make this point, and that is masculinity has been devalued tremendous. Lee many many young men don't know what it means to be masculine because
Feminism and the left have have crept on masculinity, sorry for the language, but I can't think of any verb that does justice. That's what they have done, a masculine in fact masculine toxic masculine. Debbie is for the left, redundant or masculinity is toxic. So I think a certain number of met- a young I have only one way of saying hello: I'm not a female, and that is to grow a beard. I do believe that I think that that's a factor some of the most wonderful young man, I know have beers tonight and some of the old men to so it's not true for everybody, but I do think it's played a role in in having a comeback, and that was that was my feet.
Thank you. What what's our timing? Ok, Randy. Sixteen Tallahassee Florida for those of you, living in America, that's the capital of Florida Dennis I was thinking the other day that many of our founders warrant really politicians at all. They were tradesmen, silversmiths, printers and farmers etc. Do you think that is anything to do with America's longstanding entrepreneurial spirit. I do absolutely in fact their belief, was just serve in public a few years and then go back to being a tradesman business men or an entrepreneur in some other way that that was the. That was that the idea- it would be a lifelong politician would have struck the founders of the United States as ridiculous and indeed destructive. So that was that that was a factor. Yes, it is part of the entrepreneur print.
Real spirit, but so too are two other things in America, one liberty, the entrepreneur is free, I will create an eye. Will fail and I will succeed and I will fail again and I will succeed and so on that one. The other is America has, as enshrined in its declaration of independence, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. At huge. The pursuit of happiness is a major moral achievement and it is better defined. Element in american life pursuing happiness. That's part of the entrepreneurial spirit to You know what we were
figure out: a way to get people more comfortable in their homes in hot summer months. Let's, let's cool places and they came up with air conditioning and people are happier thanks to air conditioning. They can have a fireside chats every every week without air conditioning it else, and- and so many other things Without those two factors I think played a a big role are, I think, a lot of other good stuff. But I don't like to keep you too long, it's better that you should want more than you know when we see what else is on the internet, I think about them. All right, everybody. What else can I tell you, let's see so the movie is, is please watch for it? No safe spaces, it's very, very a very important movie, not because a minute in an important movie, but it's not important because I minute
is clear and in the meantime enjoy our video. Send me questions always good to hear from you and on behind. Of Otto and the rest of the Prager family thanks for watching see an ex. We thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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