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Firside Chat Ep. 106 – The Left Deprives People of Happiness

2019-11-01 | 🔗
Dennis kicks off this week’s Fireside Chat asking: Is it okay if things bring you happiness? Why should we hate consumerism? He then discusses how the Left deprives people of happiness by encouraging them to believe that the past and the future is awful.
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Everybody Dennis Prager great to be with you, which is what we call the fireside chats that's autumn. Otto is really knocked out tonight. I like I call this name, nothing happens, but I, I tell you he does show up for so to speak. The set. It is very funny. Actually I have another dog who refuses to be this cooperative anyway, it's a lot of fun. And thank you for all your attention to Otto. Perhaps America's best delicate this time which just cracks view I have to admit this is my home. It's a pleasure to be with you, it's the fireside chats, there's the fireside on the chat. And this is completely unrehearsed, as some of the nonsense already went through his probably. Revealing of but it de as is its a chance for you to know me better for me to get your questions and to talk about everything in life there.
Of yours all over the world. Literally we we know that we ve got gotten questions from fifty one countries, so you can imagine how many countries have just people are watching. Am I I'm very touched most of your young, but if your ninety eight, I am honoured to have you as well. Even when I was, kid. I never understood the adulation of youth is such an odd thing I dont actually view Samantha manually old. I actually wise people, good people and I'll have what to say about that? But let me make it on a lighter note lethal. To make this video possible solely opening a package when they came in this is my only after all got a new lens to try out? I talk to you Hobbes. You should watch my Hobbes what number Do we have any idea If you find out I'll Nelson, I spoke about
it saddens me when I, the kid and every generation gets this from older people. When I was a kid when I was a kid remarks, The way it's not it's, sometimes it's silly, and sometimes it isn't. When I was kid. There were more Hobbes, the fact how many young people today have a camera yeah, so Fireside chats eighty four Lego herself a high get yourself a hobby, it's very there very healthy and important, so photography in my whole life. Look. I know you can get some beautiful pictures with a phone. I use it. I know that, but it's not comparable to what you can get from a camera let alone indoors and bad lighting, let alone bringing in people closer with a telephone lines or wider anyway. It's just it's just
better stuff. So I got this to test out in the to test out to see if wanna bite you can rent lenses, I'm sure in many countries you're watching and certainly in the United States and I did a show and you should all know by the way anywhere in the world. You could hear my daily radio show for which is three hours, and I talk What's happening in the world and so much more if you like, she would love that. So just be aware of that, this Dennis Prager APP is, you can listen again online. You can listen to local radio and in the United States on about two hundred stations. Two hundred fifty stations them is Prager Show
anyway, I did a show on. Is it ok? If, if objects bring you happiness or are you empty? Are you sort of an empty person? If things bring you happiness, and I argued that there's no problem in things bringing you happiness there are. Obviously, I believe that there are things Corner code that that will bring more happiness than things. But yes, if I don't see why not it's, maybe I should do worth An opening monologue on on the things in it Is there something wrong because these Is that every year there's always attacks on consumerism. People buying too much in some people do by too much, but it's a very tough call, your old every one of you who has any discretionary bunnies by too much. You know
we living in a bigger place and you need to live your ear, her ear using air conditioning or hearing more than you really mean to you. Ve got a big. Screen tv than you really need. I mean this is such nonsense. Body lives better than they need to, you mean a shack and food and and two pairs of clothing in that and that's what you mean so to its Thomas thing all well, you know we get much more than we mean anyway when I buy, I love the people who make these these lenses the this is when I buy something. This was taught me in high school at made a big impact, whenever you buy something your voting, for it is Three brilliant idea- and I I'd never left my brain- that I
a vote for this lids. If I buy this lends, obviously I voted for it in a very concrete way, and when I buy my audio equipment because I love music so much its expert, that's the only thing I spend a lot of money on. Personally, I don't have a yard care about cars, and so one either certainly don't have a plane. Oh god, I love a plain, but not the flight, but because I fly too much it would make my life a lot easier, but in any event, I I get a pleasure from that audio equipment I get a pillar. I guess I love the fact that I'm supporting some guy, who some genius, I just what what equipment from a guy in Bulgaria that a friend of mine.
And it was in order. Your file, a lover of of audio equipment, alerted me to skies a genius. Nobody, not nobody, but not many people know about this guy, but I we found out about it. It not a lot. A millionaire he just of the music in these brilliant technologically. If people didn't by his products Why would he woody? Where would you mean doing of beet Modi? Be a farmer or only be drawn? uber is nothing wrong in being a farmer, nothing wrong with being Ober, but his contribution is really in audio equipment. Anyway, I ended up talking more about the buying things anyway, I'll come back to that too. So I wanted to talk to you about something else, very that's that this is even more serious. I had a year. I had a realization based on.
What I've recently spoken to you about the panic among a lot of young people about they don't have a future there's an existential threat to human existence, and it's all it's all just horrible hysteria. That's all it is, and I realized That in America and those of you watching outside of America, this may apply to you too, but obviously this sense now will be of the United States makes what happens in this country of interest everywhere. The left in this is universal, madam, but the port to is is american. The left has deprived american young people both of their past and
the future. The left has told american young people. Your past is awful and your future is awful. I make the case on a radio show and in my writings that everything the left touches it ruins or music movies religion, its endless the list, not liberals. I do agree with liberals, but I have nothing against them. Except that they vote for the left pics, they think the right as their enemy in the left is their enemy, but this is think about this see every left us is unhappy. There were liberals who were happy. There were conservatives who were happy there are conservatives were unhappy, there were. Liberals are unhappy, but left, sir, all unhappy.
Permit. Among the young man. I never met a happy leftist, their angry their unhappy. There, then the yearning for meaning in their life which they find from very being very destructive and they their unhappiness flex itself or or is inevitable. I should say if you, if you feel your past is awful and you feel your future is awful. You're, not gonna, be a happy person. Would slits boats be clear. So they're telling young people- and this is a first its net. Happened in american history to tell Whole generation, your past stinks and your futures things, and this is what left wing teachers and left wing
the clergy and left wing media and left wing actors and actresses does what they're telling young. Americans, it's an astonishing thing. It's it's vile While I feel bad for kids this, if it if you should be ashamed of the american past, there's no, country on earth that should not be ashamed of its past think given how many air many slave. How many slaves thought about slavery? They are far more waves in South America, the North America Brazilians are walking around telling their kids you or you are for Then slavery and racism. I don't know if they are, if they're being told that they could be. Or or muslim kids. That.
Or more slaves that there were conquered by and ship by Muslims than even Novaya Christians. Are they being raised? The? Oh god? You know horrible passed here in any rack or
Saudi Arabia or wherever it might be going. I think everybody needs to confront their past. That's a separate issue anyway. The american past is is not just one of of awful slavery to also one of fighting to abolish slavery, which pretty important not many countries in the world, the ball of slavery. So look at what the left is done to kids euro your past is awful in your future. Is awful, sir. That's really wrong! Ok, when we take the questions. Thank you. Megan Megan is really really good at what she does,
I want to say that cuz I spend most of the time insulting her. That was a joke by the way I did not spend most of the time. It's open hurt you, okay, alright! So we now, while we have this new innovation. By the way new innovation is redundant. I hate redundancy hated fact. I have a bumper sticker. I hate redundancy people than go. What. She says people should know what redundancy made we have an innovation new and can use It is new innovation, redundant, Mckenna body with this. This is the sort of stuff that that eats up my time. Ok-
So, let's go here. We go. I'm Spencer, Shiner a twenty year old, dressed in a pretty university, and I was just wondering what you would do to help someone who is dealing with the death of a close family member and has not been dealing with the well Well, first of all, my heart goes out to you. If the earth, the person, I said, I have a feeling you're asking on someone's behalf, but it might be risking. Obviously it doesn't matter, but I ll be asleep. I do wonder I would have speak to you a little more first of all to understand what does it mean not dealing with it? Well, I I will infer from what you said that the person is not able
Two in any way enjoy life that the person is just depressed. Maybe even not wanting to leave the house, I mean they're. There are terrible manifestations to grief, especially the loss of a child. The loss of a beloved spouse, my dad lost them. My mom lost his wife, they were together. Seventy two years, my mother and father married sixty nine. She was everything. She was more to him than than my brother and me, which is fine. I'm not saying that with any resentment. She was the center of his life, not his kids, not as grandkids I mean he literally loved us. Labour, the centre was my mom
And when she died- and he was nine b and his last six years were unhappy years. I never saw my father cry and then I never saw my father stop crying so I've seen this first hand, so I dont know who the family member. Is this love one who died whether it was a choice dial the spouse apparent a friend death of a friend is is, is often more painful, even in the death of a sibling. A lot of people are closer to some friends and they are through some siblings and that's not a knock on siblings. You choose your friends, you don't choose your symbol.
Its inevitable in some ways. I can only tell you this. I knew a man who lost his son and that's often considered the most painful lost the loss of a child, He lost his son when some twenty one years of age son was at a car crash. I spoke to this and whom I did not know well at all, but I got I met him at some speech I gave we were seated lunch together. And I knew of his loss, my I'd like to talk to people about real life- I'm very good at talking to strangers, but I'm not good at small talk. So I talk real things. People, so I I asked him how he was doing this was about eight years later and he told me that he was inconsolable, nothing health. He said
therapy did not help religion and did not help. Friends did not help. Family did not help, so I said that anything help said yes. When I met other people who lost their children, we had we had special, get together. Parents who lost children. They were the only ones who really could empathize with me. I could empathize with them and that help me different things, help different people. My my view is that we have an obligation to ourselves too,
the other loved ones in our life and to the person who died not to die with them? I hope I'm not tested, but that that is the way I look at it Ellen sixty six or burn where's or burn not or burn the college over the university anyway, if you can ever find out in Libya states wanting fine to be the greatest drawback to your being unknown. Public figure concern slash conservative commentator love your work. Thank you. The greatest drawback is
That I am aware that I am always watched an alarming in the best sense like, for example, obvious. It sounds trivial, but in his trivial, but it's it's emblematic of what I'm saying. Excuse The when, if somebody cut me off on the road I'm very tempted to yell at them I realize will what, if they know, who I am start videos me yelling at. I actually think of that. Then you know a few million people see other oil that is pregnant, gotta temper. So I'm aware that
I don't have the same exact freedoms that I e- that a person who is now well known does. Ah, I would say that the advantages are or outweigh the disadvantages. Also, I've always been a public figures. Since I was twenty one years old, I started lecturing publicly then my first book at twenty five, so I've never known a time when I was, I was not known publicly and is just part of my existence, its I don't get off on it and I don't lamented It is what it is and when people come over to me, which happens every day of my life at an airport in a restaurant, most most often very touched by the stair sweetness you so I'm never bought. I've never bothers me. People, for. I am sorry to interrupt on its very sweet to say that, but I don't feel them
Erica twenty seven LOS Angeles, what are your three favorite words in Hebrew or three favorite words in any language
What do they mean and why wonder why she asked about Hebrew. What am I dont know what my three favorite words in any language are. I would like to think that through, but I know what my favorite word in English is, and you didn't guess it. My favorite word in English is this is where a drum roll would be truly appropriate. Let's make believe drum roll those, not a real promo, even than on a real Cromwell banging your paper pad my favorite english word is earn e, a r n.
I love that word and unfortunately it is not common in other languages, for example, if you say in English, if you say I earned a hundred dollars, so you say I read a hundred dollars in french jig anyway, all the lab I gun, yea gummy aid does not mean to earn it's the word that you would use French, what it really means to wind. Similarly in Spanish as its Gunnar, which real means to win. It is almost any language. I believe Eve in Russian, it does mean more to earn, but it's pretty rare, I the big difference between earning a hundred dollars and winning a hundred dollars winning a hundred dollars makes you makes people think
sort of what a lottery Earned means I deserved what I got I design the reward that I got, I I earn. I worked hard and earned I think by and large people should earn love. It's not a big believer in in unconditional love. Maybe it we're old should get unconditional love, but by and large in life. I think people, I think you should earn your spouses love they. I don't think it's healthy teeth you think that you have the love of your spouse is unclear. Meaning, no matter how you treat him or how you treat her you'll be loved You want that is. Do you
any one of you watching. Do you think that's a good thing that a spouse would think? No matter how you treat your you treat me. I will love around they why you had to earn your spouse is love when you dated right, why? Why should I stop once you're married friend I why I have to earn my friends love regularly. I showed I love it. I love that fact. I'm on notice. They don't put me in a notice. I put me I put me on notice. You ve got it a treat your friends really well, you you could lose their love. So why earn earn their friendship, that's good! I feel which a great number of you do not share this, The illogically with you know, I'm a major advocate one of the major
Living advocates of judeo christian values, but obviously Judaism, Christianity. While sharing values do not have the same theology. Otherwise did me the same religion doesn't has no effect on me. I think the values are what matter to me. What in Judaism, you earn your way to Heaven. Christianity, it is that it is the gift of Christ's sacrifice for you, so you don't earn your way too were to Heaven- and I I I like the jewish approach that I I have to earn my way people that say well there, but you'll never do enough good to earn a night. I never understood where that notion came from. I mean I think God is fair and just and compassionate, and he knows that mother Teresa deserve to go to Heaven and Hitler. Doesn't I'm giving you too extreme
So let s just to make my point, but anyway, whether you agree by theology or not, it's not relevant at all, what's relevant is that I split how one every level I love the word earned: ok time wise David, fifty five Minnesota Dennis. As an American increasingly worried that the concept of consent of the governed is I've only in theory and has been this way for quite some time. I'd love to hear your take on this thanks. Well. Actually I think it is, it is not the only been now want to derive its own. Alive. Only in theory, I think it's alive. Miracle still have elections, I'm not happy
He, with the way the governed are giving their consent. In many instances they give their consent to the party that promising promises them more free things. That's my bigger worry p. All people can keep democracy and ruin their country. The republic, by the way, American out of democracy and its Franklin, put it it's republic, if you can keep it that our job right. Let's see here dust in twenty six Atlanta, Georgia, Mr Prager, I'm a cop. For those of you outside of the: U S, that's a policeman and a huge fan. What are you Thoughts on universal basic income seems like a wave in but the communism to me no kidding it's mine.
Well by the way, since you just turn, my favorite word is earned. Basic income seems too violate that rule. Breathing. We will give you money, it's like Brophy used to kid who don't win It began when my kids were kids. I thought it was ridiculous. A team didn't women. They got a trophy anyway. They didn't earn it or neutral by showing up by then absurd even ass. My son at the time was items like ten. David might where'd you get it groovy for playing? I remember thinking that it well make what if you didn't Would you get a trophy, then I'm I'm here and ask him that, but I'm just thinking I was thinking, then what what, if
didn't get in the game. You got a trophy anyway, you don't even have to play. You have to show up if it's the show up trophy, I I have come to the game. I grieve. I breathe air for I am in trophies this is this is more and more will give it will give, you will give you its corrupting of human nature. People people need to earn, the only happiness is earned happiness. You cannot be given happiness, you can only all right. What's your story now I could take another one. Then right, right, ok, arrogance, Don, wait a minute, maybe I'll, take the one from Brazil Herbert who read about Pannonia Bridge.
I am a big fan of yours and Prager use lessons. Nobody got all. My question is about the growing presence of Muslims in european countries such as France is this Situation being managed correctly by the government's one of the possible consequences. Near future in Europe and the world. The issue has nothing to do with race. The left causes racism. It has nothing to do with race. There's no Islam re, so the ideas, preposterous right, there's no muslim races, no Christian re soul. What the money, where most most Europeans in a Christian anyway, the the problem is values Three emigrant bring something with with him with her and that its values they bring their values, When new Yorkers move to Florida, they bring their vote, he's from New York.
With race- and they are very different from traditional Florida Values- New york- new Yorkers are on the left. Southerners in the United States are on the right when nor a move to the south. They bring most of them, bring their left wing values with them. Now, if you think that's a good thing, you're thrilled, if you don't it's a good thing. You're worried MA am worried, it about the values that most Muslims not all but most bring to Europe. It's not a tradition of tolerance. It's not a tradition of openness. To other opinion. It's it's not! It's got a very bad tradition of Anti Semitism. Certainly, Scott overlaid with Anti Georgiana be so in the treatment of women is, is not is not good in most muslim places. So I in old age,.
I have to say I do worry about bringing these values into Europe, of course, or Inthem Minnesota from Brazil and just mentioned, because we approve Minnesota has a large group of people from Somalia. That's that's the issue. And with Europeans not reproducing cause the secular, dont reproduce it's one of the many awful consequences of the death of God in the West people don't even make babies. That's that's pretty significant. You know that because if any of you met an american or or french or norwegian or any western family, basically.
In fact, probably in Brazil, a few men, a brazilian family, with five children or more, the overwhelming likelihood- is their religious people, Protestant Catholic, jewish Mormon, thereat thereof, very religious So that's the issue with immigration. One values that they bring latin Americans bring big government devalues to America that's the tradition in Latin America. America is the only. In the history of the world too shrine the value of small government. So I worry about what people brain. Well all right every body when we go enjoy my camera and poor Megan. Is I've really choked throughout the Soviet just want
no our studio audience is love. I can't do anything to control the studio, and that is what, is anyway. It is great to be with you want to remind you that that's count down to the movie that I'm in very big, extremely it's a great movie, and it's not a great move, because I'm in it it's just that, I'm in a great movie called no safe spaces. Come out a few weeks police of a look afford on on the internet watch the trailer promise you if it will touch you. It is about liberty in Amerika and the world I'm- and I are the corner quote stars, but the movies way bigger than us, no safe spaces anyway, with that thanks- and
I look forward to be with you next week by thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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