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Firside Chat Ep. 73 - The Two Most Important Identities

2019-03-15 | 🔗
In this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis discusses the importance of having National and Religious Identities and laments their loss in favor of three leftist identities: Race, Gender, and Class. Dennis continues with answers to viewers' questions.
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Hi everybody I that is Prager and welcome to my home. It really is my home. Every thing about this is unrehearsed spontaneous, fun and serious and serious and fun, depends on the order. You prefer the old. Our places work away. It is great to be with you almost every week we put out Well, these fireside, chats, I'm very proud to say, but proud really take that back, I'm very happy to say, explained the difference after we have now a million views per week and The reason I'm happy, I'm up the price for it was it was. It was an honour. Mistake cause, that's not how I think I think about am I have since I was a kid my influence people in good ways. That's all I have
what to do with my life trying to run for office, although I thought of running for office many times and that is on completely uninterested in having power my whole philosophy of life is that we should. Power or the people anyway. On my back, I love that Saunders who thought the founders of the United States believed in limited government. They didn't like power either they trust power, or I I've wanted to be influential but not powerful. That's and a lot of people who run for office not all want to be powerful. They love it. It's it's sort of it. It's like an adrenaline rush to have this power. Over other people. It does nothing for me to be honest,. So if this is getting more and more influential, that's my dream.
Because there is a lot that is not taught, and it's called wisdom, The universities in the high schools and the elementary school no longer teach wisdom. I want to talk. To you today about a wisdom issue. If you will and of my The outlook on what has happened too much the western world and especially the United States, but not only the United States. A lot of of Americans are developed of a transcendent identity. Sounds very fancy: it's not So I use me as an example because You know me- and I know me so-
What other example will I use? I grew up with two very, very, very strong, transcendent identities, American and Jew the Jewish was the religious and the American was the national. This filled my heart. And filled my soul and my mind. It filled with meaning. I had enormously significant identities they were rocks of Gibraltar to use an old phrase in my life having sent a sense of purpose, animated by those two identities plus, of course it gave me community in american community in a jewish community, often similar people, but nevertheless two communities. They have been to this day to this day they
me with meaning America. American means, more than it doesnt mean ethnicity and never did with all the the racist beliefs that existed in America and everywhere else on earth by the way with all Amerika was never founded as an ethnicity. It was found. That is an idea, The american idea, to the Jews, were founded on an idea that there They are both I d a base. People are why you can convert any. If this it can convert. Do we the group, a black per a white person, a yellow person. Any in the any race can become a Jew, any ethnicity. This at any rate, can become an American. So I really had to transcend idea based identities, we're can Christian of whom there are far more, of course, than american juice, the exact same thing: They are an american national identity.
Christian, religious identity both- fill them with great meaning. Gave them, communities gave them a sense of purpose. This was true in Europe Before World WAR one Average Englishmen felt Christian felt English that fill them with tremendous meaning, comfort, identity come raftery, etc and it was true all over the world that people were first old with a national identity and a religious identity in the west, beginning with the end of world war, one national and religious identities began a decline and, as they declined. Leftism arose.
A leftism is predicated on your not having either a national or a religious identity. That is that, if this is not an attack, it's not The criticism, I think it's awful, but it's not acquitted it's it's it's a factual description and now, the worst part in America and other parts of the western world with the decree of a national identity and a religious identity. We now I'll, have the most primitive identities, supplanting them replacing them race. Gender class? That's the trinity of the left right, Christine, It has a Trinity father, some of the Holy Spirit, Thee, America Trinity deplorable Suleiman God. We trust and liberty. There
Thirdly, return of ease that about the french revolution. Have its trinity of liberty, equality, fraternity? Judaism has its is. If you will Trinity, got or Israel its fascinating. How things are also based on a three value. Think there's, always race gender class. So what has happened? Is you weren't they American influenced by the left, which is almost any american, go to school watches, the media or or the list to the news, is going He told you primary identity. If you're a black, your primary identity is black astonishing through me, that is literally racism. I match pure I told you, my identity was white. You would correctly assume I'm a racist. Why? your identity as a black is primarily black. Are you not a racist, no
has answered that question. I have posted since I was a kid. If you then is based on race. You're. A racist periods definition of the term it's a free country, you oughta be erased, erases, but don't offered to me something noble. This The idea that my primary identity is black, my primary identity is, is some ethnicity, some race. This is this. Is it. Starfleet, a moral catastrophe? It is primitive the whole point of amerika- was that you we shed racial identity and become a people, call the american people should be true in any country. They call it progressive universe, that is, it makes the word progressive perverse. Its regressive in the extreme.
That raises important. It's a fraud anyway, why? Why is Barack Obama, black and white, he's f? Why these have black white called the black? Why should he called the white black or black white. So? It's not even true it's a phoney claim. It's not important! It is astonishing that its conservatives, who were saying race is not important. The so called progressives are telling us it's important and work. All the racist text is showing how sick it is. We say it. Important were called racist, the people who say raises important their antiracist. I remember this when I was a kid who, with the wind when now the phrase was arose, black is beautiful ways: black beautiful white, isn't beautiful, yellow is in beautiful red is in view
beautiful humans are beautiful, good people are beautiful people were beautiful, just people are beautiful? Black people are beautiful, What kind of statement is that it's the same is white people are beautiful, they were white, Nazis and they were white Anti nazis there? I gracious in black giants black moral giants, so my poor back to the original point. Is people need identity it's not enough to be I'm a human I'm a human means, nothing, you might as well say I'm a biological organism. It doesn't mean anything I'm a living creature, I'm an earthly, it is, it doesnt fill you with any any joy, any meaning any purpose, I'm a human great. So and what does that mean means enough
it's a biological statement. That's all it is so people filled their lives with national and religious Mimis? Could they perverted. Of course, they can be perverted these good nationalism. Bad nationalism is good. Religion is bad religion. I fully acknowledge that. By and large compared to the world, not compare to Utopia, America that pretty good pretty well, if you will win, it's a combination of an where identity and And religious identity for the overwhelming majority of Americans it- it was christian, which I I buy the way celebrate. That's the irony who doesn't don't celebrate religious Christians in America, the The nonreligious, really this Jews celebrate religious Christians then just Christians celebrate religious groups. The nun religious dont say
a break religious Jews or religious Christians be like me, empty devoid of any of this nonsense: cold religion Oh, I don't believe in religion. I believe in race. Wow you're, really impressive, fellow a long way by the It proves you don't believe in religion if you believe in race, you can't be a good christian or a good jus. That's exactly the point, because God maybe the human being in his image, and God has no color. God doesn't celebrate race left. This do racist, do. Who might there be a connection between leftism racism? Of course, there is. So that's the reason for the attack on nationalism or nationalism is bad to celebrate that you're, a member of a nation
I remember when I was a kid I started travelling around the world when I was twenty, I have been a broad every year by license. I was twenty, that's all I got two hundred thirty countries. That's a lot of travel and I love it. I still love and I love it like the first time I just love being in other countries being with other peoples by remember, visiting Bulgaria, because. My field of study with EAST european and soviet communism, so I spent at fair now the time in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union and our revisiting Bulgaria and our story, to a young woman. Needless to say, And I was I spoke russian, so was easier to get along with Bulgarians, and anyway to make a long story short. I remember I said what are you studying set, I'm studying bulgarian history literature- and I remember thinking- that's great- that's great.
Out of at such an early age. I understood this stuff and I understood that healthy. I wanted her to be proud of Bulgaria when she has reason, by the way, and I wanted her to be proud and a no I never shoe because you love Bulgaria and you love bulgarian culture and and literature and history. Therefore, you hate non Bulgarians, Don't collect their none, but there the left thinks drop all of these identities we're all Europeans. Was that mean What does a spaniard and a bulgarian have in common. A nice, an Icelandic and any and Emma Ukrainian Gimme a break
Europe, where Europe, although this is a power, its power thing and death of identity. This. Of identity has psychological and moral implications. Happy its implications in the extreme I get the chills. When I hear or I see or hear them leave? U S national anthem played, I want Bulgarians to get the chills when the bulgarian national anthem is played. That's a great thing. It does mean we're great use, think it never meant that. Show you many if you are young who watch mice, am videos and watch that this fireside chats? You have deprived of life, filling things being done, of a religious identity?
a national identity. Many of you watching or not, Americans. I am obviously use non american examples as well like the bulgarian one eye. You to celebrate your culture, your national identity. I hope it fills your life with some meaning and if it doesn't give it meaning every week. Every every nation has things to celebrate in its past and things to be ashamed of its past. That's that's aren't of the way it is it's like families. Do you want many family who hasn't had losers in it. I can't think of any. Right, that's just the way it works. Of course, not so. I knew it was really bad when Superman was an american hero. When I grew up in is comic strip. The comic strip of Superman. Few years ago he stood in front of the United Nations and announced I'm no
I american citizen, a citizen of the world, because Superman was founded by liberals and it is now written by leftists the liberals who started Superman loved America Leftists Ok, that's the identity issue Oak Thank you, Megan by the way, I know many of you were missing Otto, the bulldog, so am I. Out of the bull dog, had a big time surgery. I know I saw the bill. And it was yes, sir, he is now some one of my wife see Yes, some mom like staples or something it is me, the poor thing explain to him that
one of the troubles when you're when you're a dog, it's very hard to explain to you things like you'll, be fine and eight weeks that is very it to the convalescing human and very low consequence through a dog so you see there? You know, you may think all boy dogs life with their welfare and taken care of in their water than we give them water and we pet them every time they show up. But don't have self awareness like we do in that comes with a big price. That's the garden of Eden story. Do you wanna be fully human and self aware?
Then you can also have pain but I'll. Take the pain or, as a Tell Munich statement, goes I'll. Take I want the honey I'll. Take the sting, that's how it works life there's. No honey without sting that by the way is called wisdom, w icy d, o em just kidding and fortune, avian still be wise, Ed. The OM after he still be why, yes, it comes from a wise and that's what you don't get now I got a lot of it. I went to a religious all right in your questions. What is Mr El, am I as a key element thirteen years old shadows, a California, a very requested Prager. First question: the duet. That fact
you mean. A lot of them are asking this. How can I find curse the challenge of teachers? Leftist views irony, We have a an audio tape of a speech I gave about a year ago how to develop courage. It's available at the Prager store. I know I sound like I'm an ad for like what am I going to say and I'm not going to tell you where to get it there's nothing. I can do it's not friends inviting is ten dollars, but its very, very worthwhile hearing, because without courage, you'll never be happy. You'll never do good. Courage is the most import. Thing. While there are so many competitors for the title, most bore the thing, but there's nothing more important and courage. And I have a lot of a lot of faults and so are developing its Sylvie. The the question is not about confronting left his teacher. The question is about developing courage.
The best way to develop courage is to act as if your courageous, I gotta, do one of these, that's omby as if act as, if is one of the great suggestions I could ever give you act act as if you are, and then Fillin ACT as if you are courageous, act as if you are kind act as if you believe in God, don't wait for. Courage, doesnt drop on you, faith doesn't drop on you, goodness does drop on you act as if you are ex you'll, be exe. Way to confront. A left wing teacher is to confront a left wing teacher and if you get it a grade, so you may end up in a less prestigious graduate school so what you
trade in courage for a prestigious graduate school as what people do, and I understand that I wouldn't. One of the reasons I ve been happy, I'm more to the drummer than I thought Dont want me to do were to March by and let the chips hole where they may now. You have to What's more, you can't get up and see teacher you're, an that that that and that would be wrong if it would be wrong on and on every Cabot's, one tactically swollen morally say with all fact, you begin their way with truly all respect. I just and do another thing this is this is it some answering our specific to the left wing teacher right. Then argue do what I do on the radio a great deal. You should all know. You could probably here mean whatever city or on surely can hear me on the internet every day, three hours, it's a lot of a lot of time. I I talk about all these issues and
What I'm a model on my show. I prefer clarity to agreement very often when people differ with me either guests People calling in I don't argue- and I tell them- I'm not here- to change your mind just one to establish where we differ? Okay, so you know the teacher says that the the country so the country's racist white paper. Large and so on. So you say I just want a wearable, pressure doktor, whatever their first thing, whatever their cold by so I want just understand your your perspective. Do you believe it? the greatest problem confronting the blackmail where the black community is white racism. And I may say so at an how does that affect the seven?
the five to eighty percent out of wedlock, birth rate- because we all know you really do start out life at a disadvantage. Barack Obama said this get the Barack Obama quote, quote Barack Obama than that your shielded from charge, of racism about how much works against you not to have a father in your life mouth Father died or you know, if you Father died, he could still be in your life, ironically when there's no father begin with or abandoned you or the mother takes you awake that's when the issues arise or in this to start with, but I dont believe that the greatest problem confront Blacks America's white racism. I don't think it's in the top ten. Values. Are everything but the boy?
family was far stronger. When there was more racism in America. How? How does that would be? A great question propose absurd, but I am looking to statistics here in the nineteen thirties, the wedlock birth rate for black dress, actually less than white. That's how cohesive the black family was in Jim Crow, racist, much racist America. So what happened exactly. Or whatever the issue might be, with its clarify the difference, but at a given Point you just have to say I will do Courageous thing, even though, not courageous, see, remember ninety five percent of people with courage have fears it's not that the people who fought Normandy Beach
Courage, but they all feared what was gonna happen on Normandy, Beach everywhere, of with courage has fears you you have to conquer them. They they view, don't let them conquer you what's our timeframe. Good. Oh in eighteen, Madison, Wisconsin, constant speaking their. Surely what are some books, but it's a cool. I think it's closed, But I d I spoke the emerging Wisconsin Madison last year. Why some books that every teenage conservative should read. Oh god, I am real trouble here. You know why someone I recommend, buy books and It sounds so awful and I admit it sounds awful, but if you're watching this. You obviously have some interest in my views. So why? Wouldn't you want to know what they are when their worked out in a book it does? It makes
I didn't write them for them not to be read. I am look be up on Amazon or with my books of a fair number of, but think a second I missed forty four essays on forty four subjects and in the like everything else in my life, it runs across every subject. I for example. I have. I have it s. A lot of people told me to change their minds on capital punishment, with my essay on capital punishment. And I have one there: can a good man go to Strip show? I mean deal with a lotta real issues and I'm very real so that that book is it's easy reading as it works. Forty four essays. The
The real are the real serious there that serious, but they're all series, but the real. The real deal is still the best hope why why the world needs him America's values to triumph, and it is about American ISM leftism, an Islamist that will teach you much of what you need to understand about the world in which we live coals still, the best hope and have become happiness. Happiness is of is happiness, a conservative issue believe it or not. You know why here here's the little secret happy people aren't leftists happy. People are not angry at the country.
Happy people wake up grateful. This is not possible to be happy if you're not grateful and the left in gratitude ingratitude. It's an astonishing thing. It is a force for ingratitude. I'm not grateful to America. That is the motto of the left. So I can book on happiness and, of course, my biggest project, which I can't believe how hard it's it is. It's all hard is Mifi volume commentary on the Bible on the first five books of the Bible and the second volume which is Genesis, even though that's the first book of the Bible is coming out shortly. The first volume was exodus, it's called the rational Bible and I explain and explain and explain the greatest book ever written. If that.
Change your life, then I have failed. That's how certain I am, but if you read it openly, it will do so now. Obviously there of a great books Johnson as written one monumental book after another. The great english historian, and Tom SAW, has written, spectacular books. Tom souls were the most important thinkers of the last generation and most of you never heard of him and his only one reason because he's black and the media will not publicize a black conservative intellectual. There was no black leftist intellectual who holds a candle to Tom Soul. It's almost a joke. They just talk about american racism that its utterly superficial Thomson,
the actual rights occasionally on race matters. You just rights on everything and he's the best guy to economics his book. Storm, so I so do we allow I have a list of George Guilder is awesome. I mean, and You should also read articles as they come out on a conservative website. Some really really fine writing and I I have a lot of these conservative authors on. I am not alone that that I am happy to say how much time. What's the story morning, glory should take one more year went up. Villa meal or the meal in Manila, I got a lot of fans and middle I'm not kidding. I love of the Philippines. Let me tell you something been one hundred the countries I interact with the law,
people in my life, Filipinos are among the friendliest human beings on earth, and I am I both I've been I ve been the Philippines twice and both their and Filipinos living in America feel that are there. Virtual Filipinos. Of course, every every nation has jerks, but the general I statement that its very impressively happy go lucky and friendly people. I run if Filipino fan anyway, we ever question the specific conservative belief of yours are you ready? Here's the answer. I question every belief of mine every day, That is how I maintain a freshness and and clear thinking on what I talk about. I always question always ate. You know God in in in Genesis change the name of Jacob to Israel right Israel is,
Ultimate aim of the jewish people know what is real means. It says so in the Bible out and make this up in Hebrew means struggle with God. It's good to struggle life is not meant to be easy. That's an that's another topic as Often said I do not want. My tombstone here lies Dennis Prager. He never experienced pain. That is not my my outlook on life so aspect. I do I've, I've challenged all of them and it is. It is help me stronger, it's a good thing to do. I have to challenge them every day. I mean Cely red things- I don't agree with so unfair
We being challenged every day, just by that, I wish people who irish people on the left red people on the right as much as people on the right, Reed and listen to and study under people on the left. It would change the world. Well then Began with identity give it some thought please. If this is the spin important to you, let others know about this. That way, you too can be of influence for good in life. All right, I'm Dennis Prager. Thank you, sir. I'll, see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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