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Are blood ties really the strongest/most important relationships? Many say yes, but think about this: family doesn’t have to be blood. Ultimately, the goal is to be color-blind/race-blind and blood-blind. Dennis explains. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At Thinkr.org, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at https://thinkr.org/
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home, my dog, by fireplace my chat, that's about as fast as opening is I've ever given. And I just want you to know by the way I know rub Otto during the show. Much. But I, You know I give him a lot of attention. When we're not on camera, but I just to leave him in a spot. As a general rule, many of you right that I should give him a rub, and I do just want you to know when I appreciate that just want you to know at the outset that this is being sponsored by thinker. Toward the very good product thinker without an eighty, eight giant k are dot. Org So here's the message: it's tough to make Being a priority reading is really important, so what they do thinker, dot org, and I actually learn about this from one of my sons who loves this, and it is one
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So I have talked so much about the lock down, which I thought from the beginning. Was it a too were exaggerated, a response, a universal locked them? They should have had a people who were susceptible to getting ill in quarantine, not the healthy, especially not the young. I I believe more than ever that that was that would have been the right thing to do. The world economy is being shattered. An economy doesn't mean rich people making money, it means poor people having the money for food. So I just want to remind you that the lock down was universal sort of affected and even for just America in the West, it affected so much of the rest of the world that makes its living from America. Then I spoke about.
I've spoken a lot about the the crisis emanating from the killing of George Floyd. So I have really talked at the opening of these fireside chats about what's happening, the moment I have seen the fireside chats more as a way to talk about life to you. These things have been so overwhelmingly important? I've at I've had to address them and, of course they address great issues of life anyway. So now I feel like a sort of talk to you about something very large.
Very important and something you may not think about much but which I have thought about a great deal and which, as it happens, does apply to a very important element that what were living through right now want to talk to you about how little importance I have always attached to blood as in blood relations and it'll, help explain why I attach so little importance to race. I dont attach importance to blood, and that's that is even for me personally. In my own relationships- and I Don't be so obviously, I dont attach any importance to race. I touch all importance too the greatest division of humanity is not by blood, not by race, not by
she now will be, but by as Viktor Frankl put it in his great book, man search for meaning there are only two races, the decent and the indecent that is, in effect, the motto of my life. That is what matters to me goodness or people good or people, not good. So I want to talk to you about blood for a moment. Every year on, my radio show for years by I've stopped for some reason in the I know not for some reason. I know why, because I forgot, but. Once a year for years, I would address the issue of blood and it made people think as I get calls and the reactions were fascinating and I will tell people that I don't think I've never cared about blood so the most obvious example is family people. Think blood is important. That has been the the human
norm. If I'm related to you, if I'm a blood relation to you, then there that in and of itself is of great significance- and I remember as a kid thinking why Nobody ever gave me infants as soon as you say why people Where did sir so well, blood related, for example. It occurred to me You say already by high school you know it's fascinating, my parents. My parents have an incredible marriage. Seventy two years together, sixty nine married, that's rare. They and they loved each other like crazy them. They were, they were love, birds and it occurred to me at a very early age. There not related Lila.
I mean you know my parents love their kids, but they loved each other the most and that struck me as very education. The person that they love the most. They had no blood relationship to by the way. It's one of the great things about marriage is that you and you learn to love someone you're not related to that's in effect, the first time that happens to people and if it's a good marriage it it's the greatest love of your life in many ways like the love of a child. Is you make I arrived at its unique, but the love of someone you're not related to your spouse. Is also unique. It the inter I've thought about this. A lot can I speak to so many people who have lost loved ones and the general
speaking out, though, the loss of a child is the most painful. What the loss of a spouse is the most is. It is in some ways the most difficult that that they they're both painful they're, both difficult but their diff, their difficult in different ways. That's the one with the child is difficult in terms of its pain, but the loss of the spouses difficult on the day to day ability to go on. If you truly loved, if you truly loved that person. Its that's one one night when I see when I meet somebody who lost their their spouse, whatever age young old at my heart goes out to them.
That's. Why so often when people love each other, they die often especially their older. They die pretty soon after the other spouse I will tell you it's not gonna, keep it a secret. Might my father was a very happy guy and when he lost my mother. He was ninety. She was eighty nine and they at all, as I said, been together seventy two years and he was never the same. He he he lived. But he really died with her, which is an amazing think us if you knew it was so vibrant but, as he said, part of me died. And that's true part of him did die when she died that that's it
and that's not a blood relevant. Remember, that's! The subject here is blood. And give you another example went when I I wanted to have a second child. I always want to children. I I ultimately I didn't number in my brain I would like for kids am, but it doesn't matter, but I had that in my mind I had one and then I wanted the I want more, but it happens that might my wife at that time, I'm remarried, but my wife at that time could not have another child. We tried and she could not have one and I just send one day so, let's adopt if it wasn't like a struggle for me, I I it was
no doubt in my mind that I would love and adopt the child as much as a bloodshot than I have already had a blood child biological child. If you will, and by the way it turned out to be exactly true it if it is of no consequence to me That one of my sons is not my seed As I have often said, I love my child, not my seed. Something bizarre about. I it has to be my seed, that's primitive! To me. Why doesn't have to be your seed? Why? Because that Gary team that they'll be like you, you many people of biological children hook who were completely unlike them. And and not only that- may be completely alienated from them right I mean do you now common? That is, unfortunately, blood guarantees
thing, nothing anyways! I often put it with regard to being a father, so I met. My biological son. When did I meet him the day he was born? When did I meet my adopted child the day he was born. So I didn't carry either one. I had no relationship with either one until the day that I that I saw them- and It has made. I know I mean I know me really well, I monitor myself. My love is, it is identical in the different human beings, love people different ways, but has nothing to do. With the intensity, and is nothing to do with blood. So I
I'll never forget so a guy called me once I love what people challenge we on the radio cause, it's good for me and it's good for the listeners. The hero challenge, a guy called me up is a dramatic call because I don't remember: I've had tens of thousands of calls in my career as a radio host, I remember very few- Could I remember many this one early. I remember guy calls me up Dennis. I almost always agree with you, but I'm agree with you on this one and I'll give you my example to show you how important blood, as I said, ok said, my parents were holocaust survivors they,
lost the Nazis murdered every one of their family. They had no one. My parents married both headlong lost all of their blood relatives, which is not uncommon. It's incredible! I their child there only blood relative now. Do you see how that could be important? Sounds logical right. So I posed the question to him on the
Is it? So let me ask you so obviously your parents or jewish right, so I said, let me ask you a question: what do you think they would prefer a blood child who completely abandoned his jewish identity or and adopt the child who maintained Judaism and produced a jewish family, and then there was silence. I love silence on the radio is so dramatic and he goes. I see your point. And that was it by the way you don't need to have holocaust survivor is reduced. To ask that question asked people think blood. Children are the most important thing. Ok, here's your choice, a blood child who completely reject your values, which is very
today or a non blood child who carries the values that you believe it what's more important values or blood. It's Even a question. Anybody who said blood is more important. I soon will understand that. I wouldn't even argue, I would just say. Okay, I give up, but
Nobody would say that here's another proof, Otto, how many people truly and I'm not being facetious here- truly love their dog, most people who own a dog love their dog. Are you blood related to your dog? The odds are against it. Even in today's topsy turvy world, nobody claims that their dog is a blood relative. That seems by the way, to make a big impression a lot of people cause they really do of their dog cat. If you want but use doggedly example.
What what does blood? What does blood me think about it? That that's that's that anyway, even if you have a child, that's your blood! It's only half your blood anyway right, it's the it's the them! Your partners, half the if the dna happily effigy he's right there, not yours anyway! So do you love have your child- the hats- that's your blood is not an absurdity, so This is really important that people have things backwards so of blood, not important. I'm going think
Didn't color is important: you gotta be kidding, but people don't think clearly specially today, because people go to college and they learn how not to think clearly- and I mean that with no exaggeration, if you think clearly after four years of college, it is despite college because of it. Now, that's true of high school, still by the way. So now you can understand. Why dismiss all talk of you know? We shouldn't be color blood blind. Let. Loan color blind. Every body has blood relatives. They can't stand correct. Who would you rather spend? a year on an island on the deserted island with the vast. The majority of answers on
someone your blood related to write. That doesn't mean you, don't love them, of course. And by the way, sometimes you loved them, but not be their blood because their wonderful, if your club with your brother or sister, is not because of blood. It's because you love your blood, brother or sister, their terrific person right blood. So just thought I chair that with you. It's a case for adoption and it's a case for the dismissal of this truly primitive notion. That race is important. Ok, ok, this is the one hundred Fortieth fireside chat. That's a lot I didn't know. If we would do more than two in the beginning, remember will give it a try.
By the way, should share the stuff with people. It's really important. You want. You want to make a positive impact on people share. This say you. This for x, number of minutes and then I'll watch what you want three times more of what you want me to watch, Ok here we only listen I'm here I am Prager Force, I'm eighteen years old and I learned pressure righto anyways, I have a question. Have these protests happened before and has a culture been so travel at stake, as it is now in our culture anyway started be interesting to hear your thoughts on that question thanks. Yeah it sweet love. You I love one guy say to me: I love you and this is powerful. Ok lie. Thank you. So have we had demonstrations like this before with this love
violence I dont know I would have to and would have to check that out of the second part is the Tri ballistic. This is miss. Dividing of America into into tribes is one of the terrible things the left is done, We were moving away from it with with great success, and very few societies ever have.
By the way. That is one of the reasons the nation is an important thing. People think nationalism always mean something bad. Had there been in Rwanda, had there been a nation, a national identity, their wouldn't have been the genocide of the Hutus against the Tutsis, which many of you never heard of costly went the college for four years. You should have heard about it. It is the most recent genocide Except for the, I guess, ISIS in the disease and the reason that was tribal, that was purely tribal vast numbers of people killed in a very short period of time without gas chambers without guns, just with machetes is, is it you should read about it, the rwandan genocide?
Had there been a national identity which which was higher than the tribal, then it would have. In a very one. It would not have happened. That's what I'm here because motto remember one of America's three models of God. We trust liberty and deplore bassoon him from many one so, in other words, for many nationalities, ethnicities and races, one people, American, that's the American ideal, the left does not believe in them. From many one sounds to them as some sort of wife hegemony or whatever they call it, but in fact it beautiful thing, what, whatever your background, you're an american nuke, you certainly have you have traditions from your from your background. Keep them that's what I won't do I went to jewish school till I was eighteen. Half the day was in Hebrew, but we put on George Washington place
We knew we were american, there was celebrated, that's so bad as as the american national identity and patriotism are dying. Tribalism, blood, tribalism, race, tribalism, ethnic tribalism is taking don't think of yourself as american think of yourself, as whatever it is hyphenated American. So this is that we're going backwards. Actually, the left calls itself progressive. That is one of the many untruths that dominate left wing life. Unfortunately, ok, let's see now Chloe sixteen chow?
Os Town, Rhode, island. What is your opinion on unions and not being able to fire the bad apples because currently can't fire bad cops or bad teachers? Do you think that, in the future, by cops are bad teacher could be fired, give out o er up for me? Yes, just do Cute obedient here that our work is not yet a little conceded Chloe. Sixteen clover wish you could meet Otto Toronto would be very happy to me. The two: let's see, that's right, you know this first follows a tragedy that government employees unionized this. This is one of the very bad things that happen. America, John Kennedy did that actually The whole point of working for the government was that you were working for the public, not working for yourself. That was the point of public employment
And then they allowed, the union is Asia and has been horrible and for teachers many teachers like it has been horrible forth the country and police unions theirs it. I understand why it develops. I understand what teaches you develop, but you're right. The bad apples issue is a very real Benjamin nineteen Atlanta, Georgia, what I don't understand is how my family, how can my family, who were, From Venezuela have no problem also Ever would be alone being led by train marxists, a train marxist, which is true, I played her on I show she was ass. Two years ago you have an ideology says: yes, I'm a train marxist, which is fancy work for communist not really a question for you, I'm just baffled. It is baffling, isn't it? How do people who leave a marxist.
A box is destruction of their society. Then support marks a marxist and marxist movement in the United States, because people most people do not think rationally or morally. They think that passion with passion. So then that's that's the biggest problem and it's very difficult to to fight astonishing how they could do that you're, absolutely right, but you know my favorite book. The Bible has the greatest story on that the Israelites Leave Egypt right. There were slaves for hundreds of years and
right away. They stop complaining about being free. Let's go back to Egypt, read it to an exodus. I am long long chapter on that in my book on exodus, the rational Bible. It's all this is all for. You know what I think, it's all for God, Groundhog Day, that's my theory about God. God lives ground. De I either. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out. Oh no humanity's, making the same mistake again. I thought it was improvement. Nicole twenty two New York New York, dear Mister Prager, other students across Amerika slotted Instagram, accounts titled at black app and fill in the name of the institution. These are not only, I was the universities, but also private prep schools in New York and new, although
Since the grants are filled with stories of racism, none of them are verified and some account seem to be more platform for white students. Other dirty laundry by accusing classmates teachers and dealings of serious acts of racism on a public platform summits, Mccann's go so far as the post stories of conservative sources such as Prager you. She puts in parentheses that the students have liked on Twitter as a means to call them out for racism if you like the conservative source, then you're at black at, and you see that
Well, that's that's the way the left is always handled those they they differ with. They call them names, they do not debate, they do not argue they can't debate, because what they believe is not based on truth. I wish they would debate. I would like any of the authors of these black black, the of the White White Supremacy books, white, the fragility books at any of them to debate them area also as an example. They would never do it. Maybe it we may be Prager. You will offer such a large sum of money. They can't refuse, but I think they would still refuse they knelt debate. So that's that
is another terrible thing about. This is the first time an american life where there is mass snitching, its dwarfs, what we call Mccarthyism. It is evident in what people label somebody a communist it was it was. It was comparatively rare compared to today racist racist, racist, racist one. What has it in? It is truly a dark period in american life. This is
dark and I'm an upbeat guy, but but this is dark. If people understood what I have said, my whole life, everything the left touches and I always distinguish between left and liberal everything. The left touches. It destroys music, art football, education, universities, religion, happiness and we need a happy leftist. You can't be a leftist unhappy because you're just filled with with victimhood with victimhood be a happy person. You're angry at you, you don't you just angry to be angry at America, which is relatively decent place relatively because you have to compare it to other countries, two million blacks and move to America from south from south nuts out from south of the sub, not Sub Saharan Africa.
South of the Sahara. That's where, because north of the Sahara Arabs were generally not black, so the two million in the last fifty years have done everything they could to move to the United States because they know how well they will be treated. If America was systemically racist with two million black Africans want to move here. What did you want to move to a systemically anti summit? Country, Sata, good analogy, well, they're all good questions, but you know It's better to leave you wanting more than thing and I think a break. These are things to think about. Their really important
good stuff and two things that I've written. I'm sorry, too, I feel like. I have to apologise, but the whole point of writing. This was to help people understand. What's going on, so I wrote a book still. The best hope explains the left, that explains America. It's three books left American Islam still the best hope, that's its it'll, its eye opening and clear and, of course, the rational because that's where I get this insights into life from so on behalf of Otto, I hereby announced the end of fireside chats number one: four zero.
Reminding you if blood doesn't mean anything race. Certainly doesn't I'm Dennis Prager see next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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