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11-year-old starts nonprofit to help heroes

2020-12-07 | 🔗
Charlie Lettice tells 'Fox & Friends' why he started putting together care packages for first responders amid the coronavirus pandemic. To help Charlie and our heroes log onto http://kidswhokare.com/ to donate.
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Thank you so much. You got your flannel shirt, Steve thats right! Thank you! Jeff its been a challenging year for everybody, especially Americas frontline workers. One 11 year old from New Jersey is on a mission to bring our heros extra help and happiness. This year in March, Charlie Latic founded the nonprofit kids, who care to deliver care packages to families and first responders in need, and since then has sent hundreds of packages filled with items, and you know nonperishable food cleaning supplies, you name it Charlie pictured right. There joins us, live along with his mom Jill Good Morning to both of you, Charlie. Where did you get this idea? So I saw this boy on TV in Maryland and he was given care packages, so he couldnt risk people going to the stores and getting covid. So I wanted to
help. But little did we know that he was going to start giving us packages, so we can help make our own stuff Steve, thats, fantastic, Jill, its such a great project. It must warm your heart that your son is doing for so many people that you will never know its really been an amazing trip for the whole family, great journey, Steve indeed Charlie. What do you put in each bag, so weve had a sponsor brought towels. They brought in one thousand towels rolls and cleaning supplies Steve. What you put in each package depends on the donations that you receive at the time, yeah Steve, very good. In the beginning, you were just going to do for frontline workers, but Jill now youve expanded to families that need it as well, and your family has
been hit by the pandemic. I understand you and your husband have both been furlough ed. Yes, yes, Steve. What kind of pressure is that putting on your family? It has been really difficult for both of us to not be working, but it has opened up a great opportunity for us to be able to help Charlie with kids, who care and really dedicate all of our time to helping him grow this and be part of our community, so its been good and bad, financially, its tough but theres more to life than money. We are learning that Steve thats important. A lot of people are learning that during this pandemic, Charlie, how does it make you feel to do I like seeing everyones faces and how happy they get when I give them the care packages or gift cards like we did last week, and it makes me feel happy just seeing them be Happy Steve yeah, especially if you wind up with the bounty towels,
because those are hard to come by these days, Charlie, I read somewhere youre only eleven years old, I read somewhere that when you grow up, you want to be a baseball player and a policeman yeah Steve. How do you do that at the same time? Do you walk the beat in the morning and then in the late afternoon you go to the baseball stadium. How is that going to work? For you probably laughter, Steve, a kid can dream, and this is a great thing that you are doing for people who you would like to donate: go to kidswhocare dot, com for more information and Jill and Charlie Laticce. We.
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