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1.19M jobless claims filed in a week, lowest level since pandemic began

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Robert Wolf and FreedomWorks economist Stephen Moore weigh in on ‘Fox & Friends.
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Brien back with Fox NEWS Alert, Brien Back with Fox NEWS alert, weekly jobless claims. One point: nineteen million unemployment filed last week, thats less than what was expected. Fifty six million Americans have filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic again over a million, obviously not good, but not unexpected, slightly less than thought here to break it all down. Former economic adviser to President Obama, Robert Wolf and Stephen Moore. They disagreed professionally, but like each other. Personally, I dont like seeing a million new people signing for unemployment benefits. Look, we have to get the economy up and moving Brian. We have to get businesses functioning and get workers back on the job. I love the idea that Donald Trump is talking about a payroll tax cut Robert, something Barack Obama did. Why not do that? To help get some of the jobs back
Brian Robert youre, against that, because it doesnt fund, Medicare or Social security, no im against it. For many other reasons, twentieth straight week, over a million jobless claims. What we are going to see in tomorrows unemployment number those furloughed will become permanently unemployed. My problem with payroll tax cut in some areas- it would be great, but what we have to take care of is two things: those unemployed from the pandemic, and it does not help them. It does not help any businesses that have closed and for someone who scared about deficit and debts, we know this is just going to absolutely destroy the deficit continually as we are reading revenues, as we have a comeback that we will look at this, but this would be wrong way to place our money today and doesnt help those who
need it today and its trickled down economics trickled down economics, Brian Robert Hover, down like a turtle come on Democrats will lecture about deficits when they want a trillion dollars. Why not provide a payroll tax cut? As you know, Robert your friend, Barack Obama did, and you guys said this is great for middle class workers. This is a way to get hold on. Let me make one other point. One thing that we should all agree on. We should all agree on as Americans. It makes zero sense to be paying unemployed workers more money for not working than not working. The idea that we will get people twice as much money for not
working come on Robert, that doesnt make any sense. Brian youre talking about the rescue package that many people think the unofficial deadline is Friday. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not budging of playing six hundred plus. This is two against one. You guys have to add more people on me. The facts are wrong. Theres been five different. Five different analysts that have come up that say: Americans want to go to work, Americans arent staying home because they want to collect unemployment. Im surprised that the three of Us Brian Robert youre, missing the point Yale Michigan. All of the data come out that those facts are not factual, that people want to stay home and not work, thats bs its just, not accurate Brian, but youre, not portraying it correctly, Robert its not want to. If youre getting paid more to stay home, you owe it to your family to
take that extra money, even though thats not what its for right, Stephen, its, not accurate, hold on Robert Talk to people on restaurants, people that run factories, what they are telling from California to New York. They cant get workers back on the job because, as Brian has said, they get more money for not working. We all want to be fair to people and provide safety net, but six hundred dollars a week on top of normal benefits. How does by the way, how does paying people not to work, stimulate the economy? You keep going back to same old, same old. First of all, I like how you say: New York and California Brian. Not the issue,
lets move on and talk about the package and the broad scope number one: do you think it gets done Stephen, or do you think that mark meadows is pushing the president toward executive action and letting negotiations end in stalemate? I think the president should say no to the package disaster for the economy, three dollars trillion of spend asking way too much. President Trump should take action by himself and get the economy stimulated by giving every worker in America Pay Increase Brian Robert. What do you think will happen by Friday? I dont know if theyll be a deal by Friday, but we should have a deal its the most important thing. We make sure theres, no evictions for the people who cant pay rent there should be a moratorium. We should continue with payment protection plan and absolutely give direct payments. I mean theres a lot of things that have to be done by the way I havent touted three trillion nor a trillion. So dont put words in my mouth.
What I touted for is we need to take care of hard working. Americans and small businesses that are unemployed or closing and payroll tax cut does not do that because those people dont get helped by it. Brian, I think its a minor point, considering what we have its one element we will see. We will talk about that next.
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