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150 Minnesota restaurants & bars plan to defy coronavirus rules

2020-12-16 | 🔗
Boardwalk Bar & Grill owner Jane Moss discusses defying Minnesota's indoor dining ban.
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Thank you, Brian Ing Brian lets, talk about somebody else. Different career Minnesota, small business owners have had enough and preparing to reopen in protest of the states, Covid 19 restrictions if they are not extended today, the reopen Minnesota coalition made up of one hundred and fifty businesses in the state call the restrictions, a gross injustice for the community. Our next guest says she didnt have a choice but to risk it all by reopening her restaurant. I dont think outdoor dining in the winter in Minnesota, works, Jane is the owner of Boardwalk bar and grill, and it reopen Minnesota coalition thanks four joining us Jane. Thank you for having me Brian, Jane. First off. How did you deal with the first shut down when they began to limit your business when they did our first shutdown? It didnt feel right in my gut that they were doing this. I went to other business owners around me and said: would you open up with me and they were too afraid
and of course, at that time the virus was still very new people. We just at any time know if we would even have a workforce because of the unemployment benefits that they were getting at that time. The extra six hundred dollars a week, so we waited it out, and but this second one is killing us Brian. So you say if they dont, you are worried. Governor Waltz is going to make an announcement on whether he will extend the indoor and outdoor ban of dining, of course, Minnesota past December 18th. So what kind of response did you get when it came to organizing others who feel like you too, in the business you chose well in this case I opened up on December ninth and it the other business owners are afraid. We should not be afraid of our government. This is an illegal and unlawful order.
I am right on the border of grand for the North Dakota, their business is open and its getting my business. I want to implore those that are in Minnesota me open up. We dont have to bow down to this order and im so glad that these will. One hundred and fifty to two hundred businesses are following our lead. In this Brian, you have had this business for eleven and a half years, correct Brian with you open. Are you getting customers? Oh my gosh. The support has been overwhelming. They are coming from all over the state they are coming from South Dakota. I am getting calls from Texas from Florida. In this support. I had been threatened with massive fines and jail time from our attorney general cels, Keith Ellison. I know you have many stories.
Have you had Laveda on here? I have been action for liberty. They are a group that fight for our liberty. I would urge everyone to two and support them because they are fighting with us and for us Brian. So you have got one hundred and fifty Minnesota restaurant and bars planning to do what you have already done. Yeah Brian Peytons, not making them show up. No Brian, you put up plexy glass, you have separated tables. Have you done things to being a knowledge, the virus right, correct Brian? So we did it all Brian Brian you tonight make people come. We dont people, people Brian people, are making their own decisions to come in. Have you had any positive cases come from your restaurant? I have had none come from my restaurant at all Brian. The only thing is the state has the ability to take that liquor license and business license. Yes, Brian. Hopefully you get some company to make it impossible. Thank you for having the courage to do what you are doing. Please go to action for liberty and support us. Thank you so much Brian Brian, especially this holiday season, because right now.
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