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2 officers shot during protests in Louisville

2020-09-24 | 🔗
2 police officers shot during chaos, protests in Louisville, Ky.; Fox News correspondent Mark Meredith reports.
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Over Biden, Florida and Georgia Steve, this is a first alert breaking overnight. Two police officers shot in Louisville Kentucky as that city has erupt dollars. As of about a little before 900 last night, Ainsley yeah Steve the violence coming just hours after the grand jury announced decision in the Breonna Taylor case, Brian thats, where we had when the verdict came down. The attorney general explained what the grand jury came up with the unrest was almost right. After the presidents press conference night fell and you started seeing it now seeing pictures in Louisville, not the only place, unrest Chicago, three separate places in three separate places in New York City and around New York City. As you know, two officers were shot and we do happen to see situations in which U hauls have been dropping off with signs and in some cases, weapons for people to protest. Steve Welt, I will tell you
what lets go to the streets of Louisville right now. Mark Meredith. Is there live after a very busy and troubling night for police officers Mark Steve Good Morning to you? It was chaos on the streets of Louisville. Last night. You can see things have calmed down significantly, but for those two police officers, the Good NEWS is they are in stable condition. Police are also releasing some of that dramatic video last night, around 830, when police say they were investigating gunfire about a half mile from city hall thats, when those two officers were shot. We know that one suspect is in custody its unclear whether or not there is anyone else. Thats been arrested overnight again the Good NEWS. Those officers are in stable condition. The president officering a tweet, offering prayers and support, saying praying for the two police officers that were shot. The federal government stands behind you and is ready to help spoke to the governor, and we are prepared to work together immediately upon request. We are also hearing from former vice President Joe Biden also on Twitter, saying violence can never be the answer. Those who engage in it must be
held accountable, Joe and I areaccountable Jill an tonight in Louisville in our prayers. This grand jury was expected police. They have been setting up road blocks. Things like that on Wednesday, a grand jury chose not to indict officers for Breonna Taylors death. Back in March, one former officer was indicted on wanton endangerment for firing his gun into a nearby apartment. That indictment is not directly connected to Breonna Taylors death. We heard from Kentuckys attorney general. He hopes residents who are outraged will protest peacefully. I hope we respond in a manner that respects first amendment rights, keeping Breonna Taylors legacy in mind, but also in a way that respects our Louisville. Now we are hearing also from the lawyer representing Breonna Taylors Family, who says they are outraged. As I mentioned, the city of
Louisville, not taking any chances, look what they have put up here: massive dump trucks, pretty much guarding all of downtown, preventing any cars coming out here. Nobody out here early this.
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