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A look back on Trump’s first-term accomplishments

2020-10-27 | 🔗
Breitbart news entertainment editor Jerome Hudson shares details of his new book '50 Things They Don't Want You To Know About Trump' on 'Fox & Friends'
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Ballots must be received by November 12th. Brian Brian. All right lets talk about this, despite criticism from many in the media, how about almost everybody? The Trump administration securing several major accomplishments in the first term, including more funding for historically black colleges and universities, as well as tax cuts, our next guest detailing more of that in her brand new book, its called fifty things they dont want you to know about Trump, that author and Breitbart NEWS, entertainment, editor, Jerome Hudson joins us now Jerome, for example. Why do you think there is a misperception between accomplishments? And this president, a large part of it Brian, is that the political media in this country was much more interested in pushing phoney dossier that led to the impeachment of president Trump and largely focused on personality than they were on his policies that actually lifted the value of life for all Americans.
Brian, you listed about fifty things that you know for sure that he accomplished, for example, largest manufacturing boom since the one thousand nine hundred and seventy that was his focus. I guess he did have a magic wand yeah. You are alluding to the fact that Barack Obama June two thousand and sixteen basically said that how is Donald Trump going to bring back the manufacturing sector? What is he going to do find a magic wand, but the truth is the Obama Biden Administration gave up on this industry. The fact is that, since Donald Trump began, cutting red tape, particularly the implementation of his tax reform law, went into effect in December two thousand and seventeen his administration was able to create half a million manufacturing jobs that pails Brian in seventy three manufacturing jobs created in the last three years of the Obama Biden, administration, Brian. Of course they have taken a hit in the last few months because we are in the middle of
a pandemic couple things going on president couple things going on President said: Hadpresident had a tax cut, rich wage growth, seen a rise talking about median income people thats right under this president blue collar workers enjoy three times the wage growth of the top one percent of households. Brian. We are talking about earnings for the bottom, twenty five percent of workers in this country that represents about eighty two percent of the population. Those wages rose, four point five percent November, two thousand and eighteen to November, two thousand and nineteen according to data published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. So you can find this public information, but the political press didnt care about reporting it Brian right, the average people that show up for his rally or are going to vote for him thats their conclusion. Your book will confirm it. You dont really need to pick up the paper to find out. If you are happy or not or making more
money. The median households income went over sixty eight thousand dollars and the u dot. S became a net exporter of natural gas and crude oil. That was the focus. Reducing regulation certainly helped that absolutely did particularly in the all important key state of Pennsylvania were talking about a net exporter of narcotic, something that hadnt done done. Brian since one hundred and ninety five will. The United States under President Trump also became a net exporter of crude oil of petroleum products, something that hadnt been done since one hundred and ninety four, what this means for the american people, a family of four, is an average savings of two thousand five hundred dollars per family of four, particularly its interesting again, because thats lowering the price of your electricity bill, meaning more money in the pockets of every day, Americans, Brian, really fascinating. Fifty things expand on real facts,
including opening up more than one thousand cases against world top incident: electric actual property thieves. That country is China that certainly will help famous muslim ban. Eighty seven percent of Muslims did not apply to that muslim ban. Only thirteen percent were affected, keep up Jerome Hudsons book its on sale today,.
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