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Accused ringleader of Florida triple murder denied bail

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd gives an update on the case on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve this is one of the worst Steve. This is one of the worst cases our next guest has ever seen in his long law enforcement career, two brothers and a woman charged in the massacre of three best friends on a fishing trip down in Florida, a suspect caught on surveillance, video with one of the victims just minutes before the brutal murders, the alleged gunman Tony T dot. J Wiggins is a career criminal with more than two hundred and thirty felonies on his record Polk County Sheriff Brady Judd, who was with us earlier in the week when they were trying to figure it all out, joins us live from Florida sheriff. What was what cracked the case for you Steve when we were working the crime scene, we noticed in one of the victims vehicles there was a bag from a local store, so we took the receipt, went back to the store. It was dollar general, who was totally cooperative with us very helpful. They gave us the video and there stood in the line to cash out our victim, and would you know just behind the victim? Were the two suspects
standing in line to cash out as well Steve? Do you believe it was a happenstance? They were in line, or did they see the victims and decide to go up behind them? No, its just a fluke. In fact, all three of the suspects were in the store, its a small community. They all know each other. In fact, the one victim had a casual conversation, not Anna Mated conversation with the shooter, while they were standing in line to check out Steve, oh man. Apparently there was some conversation according to the brother of the shooter that it was some kind of a truck deal gone wrong right, absolutely the our victim Damion. He told the clerk, he said Kevin and I are going fishing tonight, and so, when he checked out thats when t dot J said, is that Kevin hes, the one that took the engine from my car or from my truck? And so he directed Robert there
and massacred the three of them Steve about ten minutes later, and there are the suspects right there t dot. J Wiggins has two hundred and thirty felony charges. He is the man far left he is accused of being the shooter. How was this guy out on the street with two hundred and thirty felony charges? Well, interestingly enough, he started being arrested after the twelve years of age. A lot of them were juvenile charges. You know they dont like to lock up juveniles. Here is a guy who was breaking into dozens of cars, committing criminal mischiefs and he elevated up our prosecutor, who is simply the very best, has kept him in jail six of the last eight years, and he is still out on bond today or before the three murders for breaking someones arm in a fight, Steve, unbelievable. It is so frustrating and im sure the family you know in some measure is grateful that they finally are able to connect the dots- and perhaps these are you know, justice will be done, but still three lives lost
sheriff. Thank you very much for.
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