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Activists demand federal officers to withdraw from cities

2020-07-26 | 🔗
Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli weighs in.
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Shouting Griff back with a Fox news, alert chaos break out across the country police declaring a riot in Seattle. After a construction site is torched. Twenty one officers are hurt. Forty five people were arrested, PETE meanwhile Portland, seeing it its 59th straight night of unrest, police using tear gas after rioters, bring down a federal courthouse fence. They lit american flag watching it go up in flames. Jedediah protesters take a violent turn in Richmond Virginia police declare a unlawful assembly as rioters set a dump truck on fire outside of police headquarters, well bring in acting DHS. Deputy secretary KEN Cuccinelli welcome to the show were seeing. Some of the footage in multiple cities across the country is particularly terrifying for residents of cities. What is your reaction to what is going on burning? The american flag is
almost an emblem for these people. That appears to be their goal. That is just destruction we saw Mayor Wheeler of Portland. Go out, try to appease them the other night they booed them down. Literal, his own police, had to declare a riot. So many on the left think they can appease these folks, theyre violent, but part of their political base. Theyre far more destructive people are giving them credit for, if you will, police officers like Seattle, Police Richmond yesterday standing in the breach were doing it in Portland around the federal facilities Griff KEN, I want to show you Mark Morgan, acting secretary of Cpb Tweet, the out a picture. You see metal spikes used by criminals in Portland to puncture tires of Cpb vehicles, as I understand it right now, KEN as many as three of your officers, who may lose their
sight permanently because of the lasers is the threat escalating. Can you speak to your concern for where that goes? Well, we expanded our presence in Portland, because the threat escalated going into the July Fourth weekend that intelligence of a higher threat turned out to be correct, and you noted they are close to two straight months of violence every single day in Portland, partly because of their own mayor. Who is the police commissioner, ties the hands of his own police, so the federal officers are left to defend the court hours and federal buildings without local cooperation, which is very ray not to have local cooperation at the law enforcement level. You see some of the results. Laser attacks, tire punk, you aring. These are violent, violent acts, one sets up the other, they use commercial fireworks
mortars, they shoot them sideways. Instead of up, they hit three officers at the same time to they use lasers to attack their eyes. Those lasers can do damage regularly available lasers, unfortunately, on the market can do eye damage theyre being used to intentionally. Do that. That is what our officers are facing. These are not peaceful protesters. These are violent, anarchists. That is what were dealing with PETE absolutely right. Mr deputy secretary, I have to ask you about your boss. This is getting personal, a group in Washington D, DOT c posting on Facebook, a planned protest of the acting secretary Chat Wolf. They wrote this on Facebook. The department of Homeland Security under the leadership of Acting Secretary Chad, Wolf, was deployed to Portland Oregon last week, unidentified federal agents kidnapped protesters with unmarked vans, tear gas row protesters violently attacked them
were calling for a march and rally at Chad Wolfs that trumps troops remove from every city were calling for every person detained by Cpb to be freed. Your reaction to them saying well pitch ourselves outside of a member of the cabinet. Yes, so this is a good example of how these people are not about free speech, theyre about destruction and intimidation. That is what this is. It is nothing more. You know you can express yourself elsewhere. As a former state attorney general. As I recall it has been a few years. It is not legal to protest outside a residential house. You can walk by, but you cant stop and loiter there for this very reason, because it is intimidating, it is threatening. That is exactly what they intend. Chad, Wolf isnt, going anywhere. He led this effort at the
Department of Homeland Security with confidence and competence. You expect that to continue, but this is a tactic youve seen in Richmond in Portland in Seattle and it wasnt directed at Republicans. This is not new or unique here, but it is intimidation. It is just below the level without the directed violence just below the level of terrorism. Jedediah no question KEN I want to shift over to Barbara boxers. There is OP ed in the Washington Post check out the headline. Barbara boxer, former Senator DHS was a mistake. I regret voting for it. We have a quote from the Op Ed. I never imagined a president: woe use unconfirmed puppets like acting Secretary, Chad, Wolf and his deputy KEN Cuccinelli to terrorize our own citizens. Your response TED, the people terrorized in Portland are citizens and
business owners down there. We havent gone beyond our federal authority and laws that she has voted for. She notes defending the courthouse and protecting federal facilities. There are people afraid to go to work there now, understandably, so, if you, if you step back from that courthouse walk around, you can see very clearly, there are messages parented on the buildings. You can see very clearly theyre very violent intent. This is, you know. This is preservation of an area of federal responsibility in terms of both property and life. So you know for Barbara boxer to suggest that the Department of Homeland Security is somehow responsible for this is foolish. This was going on a more than a month. Every day before we expanded our presence, Griff KEN explain to me. We have only a little bit of time left. It was 90 9 vote to establish DHS, two thousand and two
eighteen years later. The organization that protects the nation are attacked by those that supported it in time of national unit. Why people like Senator boxer coming out blasting it now? Obviously this is political lets, be real basic. The law enforcement agency called the federal protective service which most people never heard of most days. They have a very quiet existence, theyre responsible for protecting these buildings, the Cpb and I dot ce folks. We moved there a few weeks ago. Are there to support the federal protective service they existed and did that mission before the Department of Homeland Security existed, they were moved into the Department of Homeland Security, but take the Hatfield Courthouse there in Portland. They have been protecting that building since it opened in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven for Barba boxer point to DHS. Instead of the mission she, along with others, charged us with, we are fulfilling legally
constitutionally article. I section eight paragraphs, one nine and eighteen are what those laws are fulfilling. She has voted for that you cant have a courthouse and not protect it. That is not a realistic option.
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