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Aimee Buccellato says Amy Coney Barrett is ‘exceptional:’ ‘She doesn’t need notes, she knows the law’

2020-10-14 | 🔗
Aimee Buccellato, a friend of Amy Coney Barrett, reacts to Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
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Steve Judge Amy Coney Barrett vowing to set her personal beliefs aside when judging cases, if confirmed to the Supreme Court watch this judges cant just wake up one day and say I have an agenda, I like guns, I hate guns, I like abortion. I hate abortion and walk in like a royal queen and impose you know their will on the world. Steve all right here to react is Notre Dame professor and friend of judge, Barrett Amy Busaloto good Morning to you good Morning, Steve Steve. She is in law school. You are in the school of architecture. How do you know her? Well, I met Amy years ago when I was struggling to find models for how to juggle academic life and raising a young family, and she was a really steady hand at my back then, and has been ever since in those matters. But I really came to know Amy. As a mother, we have children three of my four children and three of her. Seven children have been in classrooms since kindergarten. Together,
we have done a lot of magical kindergarten, centers together and we have sat on a lot of soccer sidelines. So I really have been fortunate to sort of mature as a mother along somebody, so capable in those ways as Amy Coney Barrett and her husband as well Steve Amy, when you heard that your friend Amy Coney Barrett, was up for this job and the last personal who was up for a job Brett Kavanaugh, and he was you know the confirmation hearing was bruising. Were you were you worried for your friend about what she was going to go through by putting herself and her family in this position? Oh sure sure I think you know. Amy is exceptional by any standards, and we all saw that yesterday. She is a real person and she is full of love. She is full of love for her
family and so of course, we all sort of braced ourselves, because this is an extraordinary demand to or occasion to rise to, say, especially given judge Kavanaughs hearings. Steve, were you amazed by the fact that Senator Cornyn said lets see your binders or notes, and she just held that up piece of stationery that they had put in front of her. That just said: U Dot S Senate yeah! No, not surprised at all. If you know Amy look someone like Amy who holds her principles so steadfastly and who can speak with such a clarity of thought about them? You know she doesnt need notes. She knows the law. She is almost unequaled in her abilities in that realm. So I really wasnt surprised im so glad she got that moment to show the country and the
world frankly, how very capable she is Steve. We are going to see again today, another round of questioning.
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