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Alice Marie Johnson: Biden's crime bill answer 'not satisfactory'

2020-10-23 | 🔗
Alice Marie Johnson, pardoned by Trump after given a life sentence, reacts to the final Trump-Biden debate on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Jo Joe, I ran because of you, you did a poor job. You put mostly young black men in prison, and now you are saying you are going to undo that. Why didnt you get it done, didnt you get it done. We had a republican Congress, Ainsley former Vice President Joe Biden, blaming the Republican Congress for the Obama administrations, lack of criminal justice reforms and here to react, is Alice Marie Johnson, who was pardoned by President Trump Good morning to you Alice good morning. Good morning. I want to roll through some things that President Trump talked about when it comes to race. He praised him for what they did with opportunity zones. He said men come into his office to fund historically black colleges. We have to come back every year and ask for more funding. He said, let me give you an extension for ten years funding, definitely for ten years and, of course, prison reform. What he did for your life. Were you pleased with what he said last night, inaudible Ainsley tell me why
I believe what you do is who you ever I was incarcerated for over two decades and behind the crime bill. President Trump had mercy for meal and im home. I have. There were five other people this week that the president brought home, who were serving decades behind bars. Ask the families of Curtis Mcdonald of John Bolin of Duke Tanner of La Nora Logan. Michelle ask them how they feel to have their loved ones back at home, because for years they set across a table and saw an empty chair, Ainsley Alice. What do you think about what Biden said he said? If you have a drug problem, doesnt agree, they should be put in jail, they should go to rehab. You were in prison and some of them were behind bars because of drug problems. Do you think that rehab facility would be better?
The people who I was in prison with were sitting behind bars too many of them because of the crime bill. Many of them lost their life, it impacted their families. You cannot go back and undo and give those years back to these families I mean, and there are still people who were there, who the president continues to identify and continues to look at their cases and brings them home so im just listening what what was said about what is really on the ballot. What you did is on the ballot too thats true, he said the crime bill was a mistake. You are right, if you think about the people who have spent decades behind bars. Because of that mistake, is that satisfactory for them? No, its, not not satisfactory, for the families still waiting for their loved ones to come home? There are people sitting in prison serving life sentences now who
have been identified, who working on to bring home many of them in are in there for marijuana case marijuana crimes, so that was just not satisfactory to me. What is being done now, moving forward pushing forward this administrations, criminal justice, reform efforts? That is what is important to me. Ainsley, the president, got more percentage of black voters than Mitt Romney did in the election prior to that. How many thanksgiving do you think he will get what percentage of the black voter will vote for? President Trump, I dont have a percentage, but I think its going to be a much larger percentage than anyone is expecting because we see through many things we have our own minds to think and I think people are waking up. I dont owe anyone my vote im going to vote based on policies based upon what impacts my family
im, not looking for someone that is charismatic or any of that im. Looking for what impacts my family, what impacts my faith, what impacts my ability to survive as a american citizen to be able to have good wages, im voting for the opportunity that my family will have for opportunities im voting for those things. Ainsley. We watched that video of you running into the arms of your family. You were supposed to be behind bars forever for the rest of your life and he got you out and.
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