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Allen West on 2020 presidential election in Texas: 'We expect a very strong victory'

2020-10-24 | 🔗
Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West discusses the 2020 presidential election on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Pete welcome back in less than PETE welcome back in less than one hour and carry it live on Fox AMP friends. President Trump is expected to cast his early ballot in Florida. The president casting his vote after rallying supporters yesterday in the state David Spunt joins us live in West Palm Beach with more David Good Morning good morning to you three well, the rules be quiet at the library, obviously do not apply. Today. I want to show you this scene. This started at 600 this morning. It almost looks like a political rally out here, a lot of trump supporters. A lot of Trump Pence supporter, also Biden, Harris supporters here as well. Music has been playing people dancing the Congo line about an hour and a half ago this morning, waiting on President Trump to arrive here to cast his ballot. Now for months, the president has been talking about mail in voting and issues that he has had with mail in voting. He has made a distinguished that if you get a ballot in the mail thats a solicited ballot versus unsolicited ballot thats his problem, but he will show up here in just about an hour to cast his ballot. The first lady will not be with him
heres what he said about mail in voting and showing up to vote yesterday at another rally in Florida. Listen voting here as opposed to sending it in I like being able to vote im old Fashioned. I guess I like to get online and if I have to stand there for two hours, maybe they will move you up a little bit, but I like to vote so im coming im going to be voting here tomorrow. Now, the president, after leaving West Palm Beach, will head to North Carolina where he has a rally. He will also head to Ohio and Wisconsin. Of course the clock is ticking until election day, several more trips, possibly several throughout the day until election day, according to Trump Pence advisers. Back to you guys, something tells me is not going to have to wait in line two hours. Jedediah, probably not a lot of attention on the state of Florida, bring in somebody who knows something about Florida, Lieutenant Colonel Allen, West retired, chairman, Texas, g dot, op, not retired from
that, but he is also former: U Dot S congressman from Florida, so Lieutenant Colonel President Trump is in Florida. Former president Obama is in Florida campaigning for Joe Biden that race in the Sunshine state seems to be tightening up very close. What will have the bigger impact president trump? There today, President Obama, stepping up for Joe Biden without a doubt great to be with you: greetings from El Paso Texas, President Trump being here in Florida casting his ballots once again, creating a lot of energy and excitement his rally. Yesterday you saw it there, President Obama and Vice President Biden, going down to Florida going to remind people of the failures. One of the great lines President Trump had in the debate is that he has been there in office forty seven months and done more than Jeekd in forty seven years. You think about the failures of the Obama Biden, administration and the eight years that they had there. One of the things that the people in South Florida,
especially are going to see is the cuban community. They are going to remember that President Obama was the one doing the wave with Ral Castro at a baseball game and taking a picture with Rabara. In the background they dont want to see a return to that type of foreign policy. They dont want to see us coddling up to dictators like Chavez or Maduro PETE. A lot of cool titles, Colonel Chairman early voting in Texas. Well, traditionally, Democrats have had a bit of an advantage on registering voters. You feel like that dynamic has changed, talk to us about what Republicans are doing to gain an advantage on early voting. Absolutely we have seen incredible success out here in the Lone STAR state. We had a get out the vote program that is going very well, but before that we set the conditions with the voter registration program, and we had a record number of voter registrations for Republicans here in this election cycle
were also seeing a lot of the independents and disaffected Democrats coming over Texas right now. If im correct still leads the nation with early voting numbers a little over six million, I think six point two million. We are seeing an advantage toward the Republicans in early voting, which rarely happens in this national election cycle. We know we are going to do very well on election day, so we expect a very strong victory out here in the great state of Texas Jedediah. You know lieutenant colonel because of what is going on in the country these last few months. Foreign policy has not been an issue that has been as front and center as it normally would, particularly in the debase. Some recent develops have been usheredushered in where Presiden played a row. The president weighed in on that talking about the countries that could join, take a listen to what he had to say. This is from the White House. I believe this week take a listen in Sudan. They wanted to do a deal, and that was in particular nice because they essentially
have been at war with Israel for a long time, and now its not only deal was signed, but its peace thats official, its nice yeah. We have at least five that want to come in and well have many more than that very soon Jedediah, that is from the White House yesterday. Is he talking about Sudan in this case, but also broadening that out to say there could be more countries that could be involved in the normalization and betterment relations? Your take on whether or not this is an issue on peoples minds right now, as they vote well, one of the things that vice President Biden said in the debate that he would look to end oil and gas industry. Think about that the oil and gas industry here in the great state of Texas is the reasonable. Why we are you know: energy, independent and net exporter of our energy resources. We are not dependent upon Middle EAST countries or Venezuela or to include Russia. We can undermine them with the liquified national guard that we are producing when you have a strong energy
security policy and plan that we have now can t does not just help your economic policy, foreign policy and national security. We are not operating from a position of weakness in the Middle EAST. We are operating from a position of strength and we dont want to go back to the Obama Biden Way where we saw ourselves giving billions of dollars to IRAN and also being subservient to the Middle Eastern Oil Barrons. The OPEC countries thats why the energy security, our oil and gas industry here in Texas is so important and Texas is a leader in wind energy. We are already doing what is necessary with renewable energy as well Jedediah, Lieutenant Colonel Allen. West. Thank you for being here and.
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