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Alveda King on the legacy of Rep. John Lewis: Always remember his nobility, courage

2020-07-19 | 🔗
Fox News contributor and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King honors Congressman John Lewis on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Griff tributes pouring in for congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis, leaders on both sides of the aisle praising Lewis for his decades of service and fight for justice. Jason President Trump tweeting saddened to hear the news of civil rights hero, John Lewis, passing Melania and a send our prayers to he and his family Jedediah calls are now growing to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge after Lewis, in Selma, Alabama Lewis was seriously hurt on that bridge. Fifty five years ago, during a civil rights March, Alabama state troopers attacked protesters on whats, now known as bloody Sunday. We are now going to bring in Alveda King Fox NEWS, contributor and niece of Dr Martin Luther king on this Sunday Alveda welcome to the show. As always as we remember, John Lewis, we would love to hear your Sunday message today.
Interestingly enough and good morning, everyone, let me say that first, the first song that came to my mind today was not a church song today is Sunday and we worship the Lord in Spirit in truth. Hopefully, all week not just on Sunday, however, there was a song called for the good times and the singer was having a hard time in a relationship at the time that the singer began to sing about for the good times. So that was amazing. Im thinking when I think about John Lewis, right in the midst of Covid, 19, race, wars and so much dissension. Another warrior died on the same day that Congressman Lewis died. C D, Vivian Hell be less remembered, but he did some noble work cell when I think about Selma Bridge the Edmund Pettus Bridge and if they rename it to Congress. John Lewis thats a discussion as Well
John was hurt on that bridge, and yet he kept his tenacity, his faithfulness, his loyalty, his desire to serve people, and that is the John Lewis that I remember always a forgiving kind of person, and I think that, because he was able to keep his focus for so many years serving in the United States Congress for three decades, we will remember John Griff Alveda. Let me ask you: you mentioned about the renaming of the Edmund Pettus Bridge for those of you who dont know he was a segregationist in this environment today it in this environment today it renamed bridge but because of renamed bridge, but because of Lewis Sacrifice and the significance of his actions there. Do you believe that it should be renamed after Lewis, or should for the historical significance, remain the Edmund Pettus Bridge
thats a difficult question for me. For example, my dad Reverend Alfred Daniel Williams King, who was killed in nineteen, sixty nine kind of like the Kennedy brothers. My uncle Martin was killed in and leave my dad was killed in 69. He was on that bridge that day and he was beaten as well. Hosea Williams, James Orange many were, and so the same thing. If you look at Congressman Lewis, a giant all of person with such a heart for serving and so C t Vivian died the same day. So do you name that John Lewis, day or c t Vivian Day or whatever? So we remember to give tribute to human beings its important to do that. Giving honor where honor is due. Honor is due renaming of streets and bridges, renaming of streets and bridges and tearing down statues, and all of that im reminded my uncle Martin Luther King Jr said the day should come when there wont be black power or white power, be black power or white power,
only God, power and human power. Human power comes from the soul that is covered by the love of God. I know I gave you a roundabout answer, but I just dont know because we must remember Congressman John Lewis, a very genuine person who did his best to support what he believed. Now he was with social justice, Social, the gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ needs a christian evangelist thats, a little different one blood one race. One humorous, I believe that, and racism and socialism. However, if we think about covering all of this in prayer, we have to remember im remembering Congressman John Lewis, his nobility his courage, his consistency, a very genuine consistency to want to love to forgive. He was a peacemaker
and to me he was a warrior for peace, Jason, Alveda, real quickly, just whats the one thing that you will remember, John Lewis, about whats the one thing you want: the kids of this country when they say John Lewis, you want them to remember what I remember John Lewis, the peacemaker and anytime. Anybody wanted to bring him into controversy. I would always say: thats, not the John Lewis, I know, and so the John Lewis, I remember, a peacemaker, a very consistent servant, a very humble man, Jason. Thank you, Jedediah. Thank you, Alveda for.
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