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Alveda King: Rep. John Lewis was always a compassionate person, bringing people together

2020-07-26 | 🔗
Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., honors the life and legacy of Rep. John Lewis on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jedediah thanks so much Alicia for that were now going to bring in AL seed E, a DA king whos, Al Vealed E Da king alveda king. We so much appreciate you being here today. Can you share your thoughts with us on John Lewis, E final crossing over that Selma Bridge good Morning, as I are watched the proceedings, I believe its a beautiful tribute to Congressman John Lewis that there are so many stops just like the stops he made during his lifetime in Selma and then thirty three years in Congress. He was always such a compassionate person, a very faithful person. He wanted to bring people together. He and I had different, fill soft call and Mitt CAM views, however political view. However, I know my cousin Martin
in his remarks the same sentiments our whole family had toward Congressman Lewis. My last conversation with him. He asked very much about my mother can and he said how is your mother how she doing- and I remember our conversations- were more along those lines rather than political, and that type of thing, I think its a great tribute also, even though there are several stops and observances theyre, not very long, and that is exemplary, of who John Lewis was. He was pretty much dont put the attention on me put it on the people that wases the John Lewis that I know very peaceful and if strong warrior, my daddy spoke about him a lot. He was beaten as well, but hed talk about John and the fortitude that John displayed, and that is what I like to remember about Congressman Lewis,
PETE Alveda, the actions he took and others like him, took change our nation and fulfilled got closer to fulfilling the founding principles, proclaimed and did so is peacefully your uncle your father, John Lewis. What can people agitatinged today who are going violent? What should they be learning from someone like John Lewis? What people today in the protests are not getting, even when they take a knee. You dont necessarily notice that theyre praying to God in the 20th century in that movement, and I marched and went to Yale and all of that to Yale and all of that for fair housing, but we were taught. We cannot do this without God and John Lewis, a peaceful warrior dealing with social justice.
We must be peaceful, we must hear each other. We must exemplify what is need to communicate peacefully without erupting into violence, and that is something that we have to bridge that gap between the movement of the 20th century and the 21st century. We must learn to be peaceful warriors. John Lewis was certainly that giver give Alveda soon. We will see John Lewis American Flag, draped coffin cross. The Edmund Pettis Bridge talk to me about the significance of that image. We will witness. Well, I remember my uncle believed this. He believed in supporting the constitution of the United States. I never had that conversation with Congressman Lewis. However, it is interesting that the flag of the United States is draped over his coffin, so at the end of the day we are
all american. We all bleed e the same. We are human beings, not a separate race, and I think that the best tribute we can give to Congressman Lewis is to be peaceful, to negotiate peacefully to celebrate his life to settle our differences peacefully. If we want to remember John Lewis, we have to do it in a peaceful manner. Jedediah thanks so much AL.
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