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America sees record early voting turnout

2020-10-22 | 🔗
Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson weighs in on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve with a dozen days to go until election day, voters are already shattering early voting records. Forty two million Americans have already cast ballots. What does this mean for the turnout in twenty twenty pollster Kristin Soltis Anderson joins us right now, Kristin. You know people are saying look at these numbers theyre gigantic, and so many more Democrats are doing early voting than Republicans, but that doesnt necessarily mean theyre running away with the show. Does it not necessarily in a normal year. It would be a very good sign for Democrats buts. This is not a normal year and because of the pandemic, a lot of states are pioneering new ways to have more and more mail in voting and thats been particularly something that democratic voters say they want to do while republicans tend to want to vote in person and on election day in person. Voting is only just getting underway in many key states.
At the moment we have many more absentee ballot requests coming from Democrats thats, not necessarily a sign theyre going to win Steve. As you look Democrats twice as many early voting as Reflynn Palins Republicans, it sounds like people are doing the early voting because theyre afraid its the fear factor that are afraid their ballots going to get lost, somethings going to happen to it its not going to could be all that stuff. So you know the dialogue weve had up to this point has gotten people interested and enthusiastic. So how does that translate? According to the candidates? Well, youre completely right. Enthusiasm is way up this election over the last nineteen years. How enthusiastic are you to vote in this election and this year? It is record high level for Republicans and Democrats in some states, like Texas, theyve, already got. Sixty percent of the vote turned in to match the level that was turned in four years ago, so voter enthusiasm is enormous,
but its not just on the democratic side. Both sides are fired up and ready to vote. Steve sure whats got to be troubling, for somebody in your business would be the shy trump voters, because its hard to figure out you know, is this person telling me the truth or not? We had a guest on an hour ago, Kristin hes, a journalist. He was in a barbershop in Minnesota and he talked the five people. Three of the five had been polled and they all lied. They said were going to vote for Joe Biden, which is a flat out lie because they were going to vote for Donald Trump. It would actually be a really big statistical anomaly for five pardon me any number of people in one particular barbershop to get polled thats when many people say hey how come ive never been polled its totally normal. While I think there are, while I think there are certainly some folks that feel reluctant to talk to pollsters,
I dont think that it necessarily is going to account for eight nine ten points worth of a margin is so this should be used as a guide. Dont focus on any one. Individual poll Steve manages, oh man a dozen days to go, lets see.
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