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American moms on the RNC messages that resonated with them

2020-08-25 | 🔗
Karin Ruhkala, Barbara Majeski, and Karith Foster share reaction on 'Fox & Friends.'
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In stark contrast to the Dnc in stark contrast to the Dnc Republicans quicking off their convention last night filled with hope and promise here to give their reaction is moms good morning to you, ladies hi, good morning Ainsley. I know you all stayed up late to watch it as I did car Redd it II loved all the sp excited. I cant wait to vote and I cant honestly imagine how they can top last nights program, but whether a really resonated with me was what the Senator Scott said in the at the end that this election may be about, or between Biden and Trump, but its not solely about them, because its about policies that I can live with, policies that keep our streets safe policies that keep the economy strong for my husband and policies that keep the schools open for my children, apes, ages, Barbara. How about
you your take away? I thought the night was amazing. I felt everybody really spoke to the fact that Trump is a businessman and maybe not a politician. While we may not like his style, he really gets things done and just the different examples. I felt that Andrew Pollack was really powerful, Kim Clack TIM Scott. I mean they drove their points home. They used examples and I feel really good about last night. We will play Andrew Pollacks sound bite in a minute Karith. I want to get your take away. I honestly Ainsley was more moved than I expected to be. The speakers had really resonated as far as making it. They were beautiful. They they were emotional, they were powerful speakers and for me they humanized Donald Trump, which is not something that we see very often Herschel Walker. I mean what knew they were friends. That was a side. I dont think we. That was a side. I dont think we
really get to see in the media Ainsley will his daughter was shot and he has been active in trying to get policies in our schools and safer. He says the president really cares. He could have just taken a picture with me and hugged me and said im so sorry for your loose loss instead had a relationship and became friends and invited me to the White House to work on policies. He believes police should be at every school. Listen to this at the White House, my family and I sat with the president in the oval office and told him about meadow. I told him what we knew. I told him that his administration needed to take a closer look at what went wrong, and why- and I got to see who President Trump really is hes a good man and a great listener, and he cuts through the b dot s. Then the president did what he said. He would do. He took action. I truly believe the safety of our kids depends on whether this man is reelected. I hope you will join me in helping to make that happen.
Barbara. I know you are a mom of three. Do you agree with him? I agree with him one hundred percent and what we heard all night long is. He is a man of action that gets things done its great. We are saying, is he a great man, but he is a man of action as a mother thats, what we want we want to know. We have a leader that is taking initiative to move this country in a positive trajectory and he has the track record to do it. Maximo Alvarez Ainsley what a story amazing. So as a mom of three I know many people will say the presidents biggest problem with women. Most women are supporting Biden. You clearly are not. Why do you like this president? Listen to me this election is not about personality. I love his personality, its about his strong policies that put american citizens and taxpayers. First high husband goes out every day. I wanted him to have an opportunity for the american dream.
I want my kids to see that and I want safe schools safe streets. I want to be able to live the american Dream and, under president trumps policies I believe, thats possible. She bricks up a good point. Karat. If you watch the Dnc there were emotional speeches like there were at the Rnc bottom line have to look at issues. What issues are important to you and your family? Absolutely the issues of safety. The issues of we stressed this before being able to choose. If someone wants to home school absolutely let them if someone wants to send them to public schools or charter schools, they should absolutely have that choice. If I could just say I appreciate there was a variety of speakers there who didnt all look the same, and I think thats really important and something that you know Vernon Jones. Just like I wanted to high five high five him throu screen Ainsley. Is he bold? Is he from Georgia?
Is he an african american man and he has always voted Democrat. He said this year. No im voting Republican. He nailed it. You know how dare anybody any party relegate someone because of their color to a certain set of ideals like thats, crazy people are not monolith. We are so much more. We are deeper than that. I think that was really expressed last night. I appreciated that Ainsley Nikki Haley talked about her background. Mecial Walker.
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