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Americans’ mental health at new low amid pandemic: poll

2020-12-10 | 🔗
Dr. Marc Siegel tells ‘Fox and Friends’ that fear is the ‘second virus’ and the anxiety from the coronavirus has made things ‘a lot worse.’
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Two people who got the vaccine on the first day of the rollout here to discuss this Fox news, medical Crintder and author of Covid hi, Dr Siegel Good Morning. How are you Ainsley im? Well, two people. What do you need to be aware of? If you do have allergies? And you are thinking about getting the vaccine? Well, of course, we have to remember that thousands have got then vaccine in clinical trials. The Pfizer vaccine, without any untoward effects like that arm. Swelling yes, but not big allergies, and I think whats important here- is that the two people who had allergies in the? U dot k were already carrying an epipin meaning they had had severe allergies. In the past warning where people had to be rushed to the hospital or had swelling and decreased blood pressure and rashes thats the people, we would hesitate to give this to right away its not for the general population. We havent seen a lot of
allergies in all the people that were studied, Ainsley, okay. Well, today is a big day for America. Gallup did a survey. They asked people how their mental health was during this pandemic and women as far as they asked how many of you feel excellent. Twenty seven percent were women. Twenty seven percent of women said excellent. That is down last year. It was thirty, seven percent men, forty one percent last year, forty nine percent that doesnt surprise any of us, because we are all going through this, and everyone probably has at least a little bit of anxiety right. I think its worse than you said. Almost one slash three of all Americans now are reporting severe anxiety or being down in the dunks. What about the minor or less pronounced results? You answer a survey from Gallup, yes or no.
Everybody is affected by this, especially if locked down stay at home or places they are used to going do or if they are just worried about. Could I catch this virus? Could my loved ones? Fear is the seconds virus here. The anxiety from worrying about Covid has made things a lot lot worse, not to mention the loss of jobs and not getting the medical care. You need all of that weighs on all of us and its going to be so good to see when we get the effective vaccine working when the numbers start to go down when we protect our most vulnerable and can get back to normal life. Ainsley definitely made us appreciate all the things that we might not have focused on in the past family and being able to go out to a restaurant or do it safely, and hopefully we will be back to normal a few months thanks so much Ainsley. I want to go to a movie Ainsley right. I want to go. Take my daughter to go see the Rockettes cant. Do it this year, go to a concert go to church. I love to see those photos of.
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