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Andrew McCarthy reacts to charges in connection to Breonna Taylor case

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Former assistant U.S. attorney and Fox News contirbutor Andrew McCarthy joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the Breonna Taylor case.
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Ainsley, a first alert Ainsley, a first alert two officers shot in Louisville during violent protests over the grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case, one former officer, Brett Hankenson indicted on wanton endangerment for F firing his weapon into a nearby apartment. Is he not facing charges directly tied to Briana tailors? Killing here to react? Is former assistantest attorney Andy Mccarthy, good morning to you good morning, Ainsley Ainsley good morning. Did it go as you thought it would? Its a tragic, tragic situation, weigh what we now know based on the attorney general in Kentucky said, the police did knock and announce their presence. It was forty minutes after midnight and the people who are on the inside of the apartment. Ms Taylor and her boyfriend were asleep, so you know how effectively they announced they were. The police is a different story. They did knock and announce
the problem. Is they come in the door, its a very long dark, dimly lit hallway, and then they are fired upon. So the two police who come in the door fire back and they are the ones who ended up. One of them ended up firing. A fatal shot, I think they struck Ms Taylor six times the one who was charged was outside Ainsley in a parking lot in the rear area of the building and just started to fire wildly. So it was appropriate to charge him with wanton endangerment. The thing is, he didnt hit anyone, fortunately, but you couldnt charge him with murder, because he didnt cause the murder, so I think they brought the charge against him that the law would justify, but I think, as the attorney general said yesterday, the problem with this case is that the criminal law is not designed or suited to answer every human tragedy, and this is a terrible tragedy.
It really have someone says: look somebody enters my house after midnight, its dark, I dont know who it is, might be in a dangerous neighborhood. Then I would do the same thing, so it is tragic and the guy on the outside the police officer that was indicted with three charges he was outside, like you said, sliding glass doors, there was a window he shot through both of those, but the blinds were closed. So he didnt have a line of sight and those bullets went into a neighbors house with a pregnant woman, a man and a 5 year old child, so thats, why the three charges, but it is tragic. What do you say to the people who were out there protesting though? And they say there is no justification? Well, you know its. I understand that this is caught up in a political narrative. I think its a very unfortunate political narrative for the country because it targets the police. If we dont have good policing, we cant have prosperity, we cant have protection in any neighborhood
and what happened here is a terrible outcome, but you have a situation where the police had a lawful warrant. They were legally authorized to come into the apartment and for those who say that this apartment was not connected to the narcotics trafficking, they are just you know, putting their head in the sand and not looking at the facts that this was a narcotics trafficking network in this neighborhood and this apartment was closely tied to it. And unfortunately, Ms Taylor was tied to the person who appears to have been running the network, so the idea that it was you know somehow wrong for the police to be at this apartment is belied by the fact that a court issued the warrant to allow them to enter how they executed it. You know, is a different and tragic matter, but I dont think the facts there. The idea this was unconnected, location, Ainsley, yeah and we dont know what they said when they got into the apartment. Maybe when you have a search
warrant, you have to announce continuously, as you are walking into someones house and apartment. This is the police. We are the police.
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