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Are Trump and the GOP better for Black Americans than Democrats?

2020-08-21 | 🔗
Durham County, North Carolina Republican Party chair Immanuel Jarvis says some Democratic polices 'are not for us' and 'are not helping us.'
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Reviewing the use of the tomahawk chop former vice President Joe Biden, making his pitch to voters last night, while also taking shots at Potus, the president takes no responsibility, refusing to lead, blames others cozies up to dictators and fans the flames of hate and division. He will wake up every day, believing the job is all about him. Never about you is that the America you want Steve so for reaction, talk to Durham County North Carolina republican Parties, Chair Manuel Jarvis, raised in a democratic household, but now supports President Trump good morning to you Manuel Good Morning, Steve. In fact, you grew up in a household where you didnt realize you could vote for nibble other than a Democrat. I think thats remains true for a lot of african Americans when you turn eighteen years old and they have an opportunity to register to vote its a no brainer
and thats the problem, its a no brainer. There is no thinking involved. There is not a reviewing of the history. There is not looking at legislation. There is not looking to see exactly what has Republicans done for African Americans. What has Democrats done for African Americans, not just in the last four or eight years, but in the last twenty years, fifty years and even in the inception of the political party, and I think, thats, the probable we have right now that were really not thinking and if we were whats the word I want to use just intellectually honest about some of the policies and things they are not for us. They are not helping us. African Americans are in the same situation. We have been for years and every four years, a Democrat National convention. We hear the same promises that we took in society as a chest. Doesnt happen Steve so four years ago you did something that shocked a lot of your friends and neighbors and family members. You voted for Donald Trump. I did
Steve. I know you took a lot of guff over that fast forward to today. You are a salesman and have sold many things in your career. When you talk to people on the street and try to convince them, look I know, have you never voted for a Republican, but have you got to go with Trump? What is the number one thing about his background that you liked in the begin and still like? Was it the fact that he wasnt a career politician? He was a businessman or what yeah. I really appreciate businessmen, because I am one I like how they approach and tackle them. Businessmen are not rewarded for their efforts; they are not rewarded for their fight. You hear politicians talk about im fighting for you, im working im, working im fighting who cares? We want action. You know. Ceos are fired every single day because they dont produce the results to their shareholders and if they dont, they are gone. They have to produce and if there is any position in the America that needs to produce its a presidency of the United States, if you say you are going to do something, you need to do it.
If you say you are going to fix trade deals that are broken, you work on it and you fix it because if you dont, you know you are going to get fired in the real world and it seems like only in the political world. You can fight and fight and say you are fighting and working for people never doing anything. People expect you to on your job Steve going forward. Is your worry, the fact that Joe Biden is trying to appear to be a moderate along with, and he has been a centrist for most of his Senate career, but then you have got Kamala Harris who they are trying to portray as a moderate. She has gone far to the left over when she was the a dot g in California. Are you worried? The Democrat Party is now heading that way to the left. Well, they already are. I think one of the reasons why, in my opinion, this is me personally why Joe Biden is the nominee is because he is actually pliable. I know I feel, like the hard left, has the ability to control him and take him wherever they want him to go, instead of actually having a Democrat that
principled knows exactly what they want to do and not deviate from it. Joe Biden out of all the people on that stage during those debates is he probably the one that can be manipulated? The most and the reason why they like him.
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