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Arizona border patrol agent recovering after being stabbed

2020-09-23 | 🔗
Mark Morgan, acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner, joins 'Fox and Friends' to discuss the stabbing of an Arizona border patrol agent during an arrest attempt.
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Ainsley, a border patrol agent is out of the hospital after being stabbed multiple times, while on patrol near the Arizona border, the unnamed agent was attacked while trying to detain a group of suspected illegal immigrants. He fought back fatally shooting his attacker and then life flighted to a hospital Steve here with update acting Cbp. Commissioner Mark Morgan, who joins us from d dot c mark good morning to you good Morning Steve. It sounds like a terrible. A terrible turn of events tell us what happened and the prognosis yeah. It is Steve. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. So last night about 720 border patrol agents encountered a group of three individuals trying to illegally enter the United States. They took two into custody without incident. The third didnt go so well immediately. A struggle ensue. You had the subject fought T the agent tried to prevent him from being taken into custody during that struggle. He stabbed the agent multiple times and the agent fearing for his life, discharged
the weapon and killed the subject. Ainsley gosh. Now he is out of the hospital he is doing. Okay anxiously. He is thank you for asking. We are very lucky that agent is lucky could have easily gone the other way, heres. What the american people need to know. This is not uncommon. Last year alone, eight hundred and fifty five Cbp personnel have been assaulted. Thirty six by vehicles, one hundred and eighty four direct assaults I could go on and on and on. This is happening every single day. What we are seeing there is a false narrative out there. The majority of people we are getting right now are single adult males and they are not giving up. They are resisting. They are fighting and theyre running Brian. I wonder what for and why its not just to get here, its probably what they have on them and what they know. Brian meanwhile, wants to talk about a new program that the american people are about to find out for the first time, operation mega Plex. We know about China, we know what they are trying to do with illegal drugs. We know what they are trying to
do with to get across our border. Now. What can you tell us about this? Well, Brian, you were right earlier. I am fired up about this thanks for bringing this to light right now we have been conducting a year long joint investigation. We call it mega flex with Cbp and postal inspectors, where we are targeting the international mail, specifically those items coming from China to assess compliance and prevent contraband and other counterfeit goods from being introduced in the. U DOT S supply chain, and you said it right. This is costing american businesses and american workers billions of dollars every single year and its absolutely directly jeopardizing the health and safety of american consumers and thats. Why we are absolutely relentless and intensely focused on this issue, Steve thats, interesting. We had not heard much about that and thats good news mark. You are so pro law enforcement. We wanted to ask you about this story. Out of Neptune Beach down in Florida, the high school there Fletcher
High School for the last year, total of eleven games, a young man by the name of Calen Larch Der has he has run out onto the field. He has been carrying a blue lives matter flag and that to honor her his corporal Andy Lavender of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, who died in August of twenty nineteen after twenty nine years in law enforcement, its simply to honor him, but unfortunately they stopped doing it last week after complaints, because apparently some online posters said that the team was racist for having that blue lives matter flag for waving the flag, and a lot of students are unhappy according to these posters, and so you know what the school administration said. You know what were just going to stop doing it. What do you think its outrageous here? You have a son,
I think most fathers would be so proud to have a son that was willing to stand up and honorable his fathers legacy and honor and respect the commitment that his dad did to serve this country and for anybody give in to this woke. Culture cancel culture because of someone complaining its absolutely disgusting and im worried im worried about the direction of this country when something like this happens. Steve Ainsley mark thanks so much for joining us and thank you for your service. You bet thank you. Brian last thing mark how much wall is build three hundred and forty miles, Brian three hundred and forty miles: okay, thats forty miles since the last time we talked to you so appreciate that, and we are building more every day. Brian.
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