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Arizona school district allowing students to opt-out of online learning and go back to classrooms

2020-08-15 | 🔗
Joel Anderson, a coach working in Queen Creek Unified School District, weighs in.
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Will class will be back in Will class will be back in session, Queen Creek will allow them to return to the classroom or opt for online learning. Our next guest says this is something that many in the Commu have asked for here with more football coach at Queen Creek High School, Joel Anderson. Thank you for being with us what led Queen creek to welcoming students back over the summer. Here we have had a lot of ups and downs with the covid situation, and our parents in the community had petitioned our district and asked them about reopening and returning to in person education. So it was driven by the community here, and our district responded will imagine that listening to your constituents responding and trusting them with their own risk assessment and decisions. That being said coach, what will be the standard going forward? What kind of infection rate what kind of spread? How will the school know if it has gotten out of hand in terms of spread of the coronavirus?
Well, we have the benchmark standard set by the Maricopa County, the CDC those types of things the district has done. All of those things and tried to go above and beyond as far as mitigation factors of social distancing, sanitation stations mask requirements, staggering lunches opening up open areas of the school to try to separate kids auditoriums those types of things they are trying to do everything they can within the restrictions that we have from the health experts, so that that we can provide such a safe environment for the kids to come back will give me a sense if you could coach what percentage have opted into online learning and how many teachers have opted out of coming back to school. So I dont specifically have the numbers of kids that are going to be coming back. So I teach you know, strength, conditioning weights for the football team and, as far as I know now, the student body of Queen Creek is about two thousand one hundred students out of our
school and when the district has been doing survey and things before the decision was ever made. The numbers were coming back about. Eighty percent of the student body or the parents in our community were demanding or something for return to school will and the teachers yeah it was pretty similar. I dont have those specific numbers will we will have to look for that number of student? What percentage of students and teachers look to come back as schools? Welcome students back coach really appreciate your.
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