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Arizona small business owner gets support from Barstool fund

2020-12-27 | 🔗
Patty Redden discusses submitting her father's dry cleaning business to Dave Portnoy’s fundraising effort with the nonprofit 30 Day Fund for small businesses impacted by COVID-19.
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Place to be in twenty twenty here is another one lawmakers sparring over Covid 19 relief bills. Meanwhile, the private sector, like barstool sports, an its founder Dave Portnoy, are raising millions of dollars for struggling business owners like our next guest. I have to tell you something what Dave called what did he say youre in the fund? When do I get my first check laughter youre in you got in what do you think im making this up dad merry Christmas? We got it. Will that on your screen is Kevin and Patty Redden Kevin and his daughter Patty, who are now on your screen, live from Arizona they own pony, express cleaners. So, first of all, congratulations guys its got to feel great to see theres some relief coming along the way Kevin yeah. It really does- and thank you very much thank bar stool. You know were down
to. I was actually in the store that morning going through schedules and looking for whose hours I could tax cut a little bit here and there its one thing when you have your own life to worry about, but when youre carrying ten people and their families on your back, it gets heavy will and Kevin what has that been like as far as business? How down are you throughout the pandemic? Throughout it? We were at ninety percent down for the first three four months and were now down around seventy five percent. Weve struggled kept everybody s hours. At the same, I did have some financial means and just used it all up at this point will down seventy five percent, an improvement from being down ninety percent im sure thats people using dry cleaners less as they go into work in formal, wear or not in casual, wear, less and less so Patty. As I understand it and correct me if im wrong here, are you the one that applied to barstool for the relief tell us about that process and why you did that? So were both barstool fans,
my sister and I? So we follow them on social media and his campaign came up and I saw it and I was like lets- give it a shot. We got nothing to lose were already you know on the last leg, so maybe we can get some help this way and luckily the call came which, as you saw, that call was a little chaotic when they called, but this is actually happening and in shock will I was going to say when you applied. What did you think your chances were did? Did you think this be coming? Not great we figured there was I mean I felt we deserved it. We had people, we were trying to help. We did everything we could throughout the whole pandemic to try to keep going, but I know were one of thousands and thousands of businesses that are in the same boat will right so the chances I mean im grateful and were deserving of it.
My dad works to the bone. He was here on Christmas day like were closed and hes here, trying to figure out what he can do, but I know were not the only ones will. Oh, no. There are definitely more businesses who can and will be helped by bar stool. They are up to over seven dollars and twenty cents million raised a figure thats growing fast. Twenty four other businesses have already been helped, but, as you point out, Patty many many more that need help and they can apply for help. Here is what you do. E mail, just like Patty did BAR Stoolfundbar stoolsports dot com really quickly. They always say its better to show than tell so weve shown how you felt when you saw it, but tell us really quickly how it felt to realize youre getting help the world was lifted off. My shoulders, like you, wouldnt, believe anyone who is responsible for other peoples lives know what that feeling is thats. Why everyone out there reach out to barstool and let them help everyone they can will were really happy for. You guys
hope it helps you make it through. You survived. The employees can remain congratulations and hope. Many other businesses can receive help from places like barstool as well.
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