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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on allowing schools to reopen amid pandemic

2020-08-08 | 🔗
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson weighs in on the push to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Mile run in the beginning certainly bring it to you all morning, school districts across the country debate how to safely get kids back in the classroom. This fall Arkansas is giving them the green right to return to in person. Learning later this month, Todd Arkansas Governor ASA Hutchison joins us now to discuss governor thanks so much for being here. How did you make this call for five day a week in person school? Well, the school environment is so important for our young people. You cant have the same level of education. You cant have the same consistency without the Inn classroom instruction. She t is very challenging, because teachers want to make sure its safe as they go back. You want to make sure that the students take the precautions, wear masks and do social distancing, which theyre not accustomed to say. We have a lot of work in Arkansas and couple weeks left until we actually start our in classroom instruction.
We are committed to that thats very important for us. We know its going to be challenging, but it just makes all the difference in the world for the young people, and that includes the sports side of things that is important part too its not like they are either going to be in sports or going to be in their bedroom. They are going to be somewhere in the community. This is a more structured environment and we eight to be able to accomplish that as well. In a safe way. Griff governor speaking of opening doors you Arkansas are opening the door to the NRA, as New York tries to dissolve them with that new lawsuit. Why should they move to Arkansas? Well, this is a very startling attack and a coordinated attack from the left on an organization that defends the assessment. Have you got both the lawsuit in the District of Columbia against the foundation? Have you got the attack in New York by the attorney general against the NRA? It doesnt take anyone that is
too astute to observe that they are simply trying to destroy an organization that supports the second amendment and whether you are a firearm manufacturer, an ammunition manufacturer or you are an organization that supports the second amendment. If you are in a state that doesnt appreciate that and value that come south come to Arkansas, we value the second amendment and we understand the NRA is not perfect, and if there is accountable issues there ought to pursue those but dont destroy an organization because it supports the second amendment, Emily thats, exactly right. New York attorney general allegation goes back at least three years, and certainly this investigation has been ongoing for quite some time. Revelation get us election year days before hand seeking complete dissolution.
When allegations are for corporate fraud and the part of redirecting finance part of incredible remedy, they are seeking and incredible solution to something we usually actually dont see in law, so foreign poor, the public to understand that an action that says we want to an action that says we want to make.
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