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Arnon Mishkin breaks down where the 2020 race stands post-Election Day

2020-11-04 | 🔗
Director of Fox News Decision Desk Arnon Mishkin weighs in on the current state of the 2020 election.
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Griff somebody who knows all about Georgia and the other states is the director of Fox NEWS decision desk. He is literally the man behind the curtain, laughter hes, the guy that gets to make the big calls and tell us exactly who the winners and losers are. You know, as we look at it still too early to call Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Nevada, which Griff Kind of detailed right there. I know youre, not a pollster youre, an analyst but isnt it clear that the so called shy. Trump voter was pretty much impossible for the professional pollster to figure out which way they were going to vote well before we start doing a deep dive and an autopsy on the polling this year, id like to get the final votes in. I think that you know the key thing this year that made it so so different was you had election day vote and the election day vote in person was clearly republican,
and then you had early vote and mail in vote, and that was clearly democratic and the skew was enormous. In both cases, I think Biden was winning the early vote by twenty five points. Trump was winning the election day vote by twenty five points. Trump won almost every state. On the election, I day, Biden won almost every state, with the exception of North Dakota in the early and mail in vote trump, I think, may have lost New York on the election day vote, but nothing more and so before we get it lets get all those votes, particularly the early and mail in votes, which are the ones that get counted last thats. What were looking in Michigan and Wisconsin in particular, thats. What Nevada is counting right now, thats? Why Georgia, you know Trump is ahead, but ooh its tough, so right now what were looking at is a place where, in order for the president to win reelection hes going to need to win
Georgia, which I think is very doable North Carolina, which I think is almost likely for him right now and Pennsylvania, who knows even if he gets all those three hes still at two hundred and sixty eight electoral votes and in order to win hes going to have to win either Michigan or Wisconsin. And as you look at the vote right now, those are, if anything frankly, lets put it. This way. When I look at Michigan and Wisconsin right now, we are nowhere near calling it, but in those states id rather be Joe Biden than Donald Trump in North Carolina and Georgia id rather be Donald Trump than Joe Biden thats. How id put it and in Pennsylvania I dont know who id rather be Ainsley? What, if Pennsylvania, what if they dont finish, counting all these votes until the end of the day, Friday, the or maybe even next week? Would we if Trump does get Georgia and North Carolina and Biden gets Nevada that means Wisconsin and Michigan? If Wisconsin and Michigan go to
Trump, would he be the winner at that point, or would we have to wait on Pennsylvania if the President wins both Wisconsin and Michigan North Carolina and Georgia hes the next president, if Biden wins Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan hes the next president, we all think that Pennsylvanias ground zero, it might not be. It- may be Wisconsin and Michigan Brian. What distance do they have to be this Pennsylvania to not be waiting on them to count every single ballot right now to the layman, trumps up pretty substantially six hundred thousand votes, 55 43 and were kind of trying to avoid them counting ballots with no postmark on em for the next couple of days? What distance do you need? What lead do you need to make it secure for the president thats the sixty four thousand dollars question? Historically, we look at the vote.
Thats come in and we say well. The next votes are going to look like that this year we may new that the president has a lead, but it doesnt mean hes got a lead in the state. Hes got a lead in the election day. Vote and whats left to be counted is the early vote and the mail in and thats what Pennsylvania has shown itself somewhat lackadaisical in counting. We saw that in the primaries were seeing that now we anticipate it could take days in Pennsylvania to count the early and mail in vote and its not my job to decide which votes should count or not count, thats the job of the courts and the state and primarily state legislatures, my job to follow those whatever regulations. They have and say, whos going to win in that thats, my teams, Job Brian Sure, Steve and right now in Pennsylvania. According to your team Fox NEWS, only sixty four percent of the vote. It is in.
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