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Bail reform backlash spreads across the country

2020-08-09 | 🔗
Some suspects post bail amid New York City shooting surge; reaction from is New York State assembly member and GOP congressional candidate, Nicole Malliotakis.
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Pete, the Manhattan district attorney under fire for dropping felony charges against a black lives matter, organizer accused of assaulting a police officer and then releasing him without bail. The d dot a gave no explanation. Instead condemning police for deploying to his home, saying in a statement. These actions were disproportionate to the alleged offense that occurred two months ago. Unjustifiably escalated conflict between law enforcement and the communities we serve here to react. New York, state, Assemblymanner, GOP Congressional, can Kate candidate Nicole, explain this dropping a felony charge, the d dot A says nothing to see here. This is really enraging, but not surprising, because across this city were seeing more and more elected officials that are disrespecting the police and they are holding those who are hurting them accountable. When you dont have elected
officials that respect the police youre not going to have members of the public that respect the police. I think that is really what were battling here in New York are a bunch of elected officials who think it is okay to close Rikers Eye LAN and release people back on to our streets. They think it is okay to eliminate bail rioters and looters by the way. Some of these Democrats raised money for bail funds to release these rioters and these looters back on to the streets right after the police arrest them. It is police officer, Schiff, wasnt, even completed, and people were back on the streets. Pete youre, a police officer youve, been assaulted in a felony charge and when you go to arrest the individual, who did that the district attorney for the state says no, we were wrong. Nothing to see here were not going to do anything about it. It is unbelievable. It is not just here in New York from Boston University canceling benefit for bail reform after a rapist is bailed out, struck again
suspects behind the spike in New York City already getting bail in Houston, more than forty released prisoners, since two thousand and eighteen went on to be charged with murder. What do people expect when you release criminals early well, look bill De Blasio made it his real effort to release as many prisoners as possible during Covid 19, citing they had health risks. Then there were hundreds that were rearrested for committing other crimes. Then you have our members of Congress, including every every congressional representative from New York City and the Democrats. They all sided with Pelosi and Socialist squad to vote for a bill that would release federal convicts, including murders and rapists. The people around the country have to realize this is what theyre getting getting socialist democrats. Cowardly Democrats, like my opponent, MAX rose, who are afraid of AOC coming at them next round.
We need Republicans to push back against the chaos in the city level, but now perpetrating throughout the federal level of government as well, PETE Old fashioned notion of law and order. If you assault a police officer, I dont care what youre protesting you will get the book thrown at you, not the d dot, a defending you. It is amazing, Nicole, real quick police officers are not safe, were not safe.
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