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Banks: We've seen the radical left move from chanting 'defund the police to death to police'

2020-09-13 | 🔗
Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee, joins 'Fox & Friends.'
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Will Fox news alert two l dot a sheriffs deputies fighting for their lives after being ambushed and shot at a train station? The sheriffs department said protesters blocked the emergency room entrance chanting. We hope they die. President Trump called out Joe Biden amid the unrest and anti law enforcement sentiment. President Trump, if Biden win the rioters, win anarchists arsonists, flag, burners, bidens plan to appease to domestic terrorists. My plan is to arrest domestic terrorists will hear to weigh in Indiana GOP congressman Jim banks thanks for being here today. Let me start with this. What is your reaction to what you saw out in California last night? Obviously, a tragic story from Indiana our thoughts and prayers go out to the police officers. Weve seen this coming,
we seen radical left chanting, defund the police to death to police. What every Democrat should answer to every Sunday morning show they appear on whether or not they will support the police and call on this left wing mob around the country to stand up to support the police. Instead, that is what the american people are demanding that Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi do as well call on their supporters to stop the madness, support our law enforcement officers and Quicken gauging in violent activities like these will congressman. I understand we can ask for more verbal condemnations. We hope everybody gets on the same page about the climate currently in the country when it comes to law enforcement. But what can be done? What specifically, can be done to keep this from spinning out of control? I can tell you what President Trump and myself and others in Congress are trying to do. I introduced a bill a couple weeks ago to protect qualified immunity. You might remember that Democrats in the house passed a
bill now, three or four months ago, that would have stripped qualified immunity, qualified protection from police officers. My bill would protect it codify it into law. President Trump stands on the side of law enforcement as well. This is the key most important debate emerging in America today, whether or not we will be a society and a country that protects law and order, whether or not well allow it to disintegrate with it has with these violent riots all over America and situations like the tragic one that occurred in l dot a last night that left two police officers in a hospital fighting for their lives. Will I want to get your reaction to another story: congressman gaining steam, the controversy over netflixs film cuties? There is a movement on showings media, mainstream media as well outrage towards the film Netflix put up. Many are saying: encourages sexualization of
young girls youre, the father of three young girls lawmakers, like TED Cruz, looked into criminal investigations, criminal investigations into the Netflix film cuties. What are your thoughts with a father of three girls? Eleven nine? Seven? It is hard to police what kids watch today, kids dont watch tv like you and I watched it- will they stream it on devices and it is difficult to prevent them from watching terrible movies from watching terrible movies like this cute atties were p, the investigations Department of Justice call it what it is. It is trafficking. Child pornography on Netflix Netflix should be gone after bit. Doj with charges brought against them for distributing child pornography.
That is what it is. It is despicable, weve gone from gone from our culture being sexualized to sexualizing children. That is what is disgusting about this. So many Americans are outraged by this movie being so readily available to our kids. Will Netflix has a statement out that cuties is social commentary on sexualization of girls, people dont want entire film. They see highly sexualized scenes. You know who else does.
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