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Barrett deserves better than Dems boycotting committee vote: Graham

2020-10-22 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says no matter what the Democrats do, he has the votes to send Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination out of committee.
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Call now and get your free infokit its not about court packing theres, a number of other things that our constitutional scholars have debated and id like to see what recommendations that commission might make so youre telling us youre going to study this issue about whether to pack the court, no theres a number of alternatives that go well beyond packing. The last thing we need to do is turn the Supreme Court into just a political football. Whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want. Brian wow. Here we go Senator Lindsey, Graham, that was a little clip from 60 minutes on Sunday laughter, so Joe Biden weighed in on court packing laughter depending on how this goes. So maybe you should tell the former vice president how this is going to go today when you vote, because no Democrats going to show up and youre not going to have a quorum. Well under the committee rules, you need two members of the minority to conduct business but theyre
intentionally denying us the that participation, theyre boycotting the committee. So what I will do, as chairman therell be a majority of the committee present. We will waive that rule well. Report, judge, Barrett out, Shell go to the floor and hopefully, by Monday or Tuesday, Shell be on the court and to my democratic colleagues. You had four days of hearings two days to question. We the judge she deserves an up or down vote. She did an outstanding job representing herself. She soared when it came to the law. She had a judicial disposition that should be the gold standard. Shes led Rea Consequential led a consequential life. She deserves better than that, but she will get out of the committee. Today. I have the votes to get her out of committee. Shell be reported out of committee, no matter what the Democrats do Steve going back to the sound bites. We just heard 60 minutes released Joe Biden that sound bite laughter and the president tweeted twenty five minuting ago. I will soon be giving the uned edited preview of apparently hes going to
release the entire interview shot by a White House camera as well. What do you? What do you make of? You know hesing being combative, even with 60 minutes in the runup to Tonights Debate Pre election Heres. What I think the mainstream media is an extension of the Democratic Party in this campaign. I dont even know why he agreed to the interview from the time he sits down. He gets up theyre trying to ask him questions to destroy his presidency, and you know I dont know what Joe Biden said. I mean Aye known Joe for twenty five years. What he said to me is just gibberish. I dont know what that means. Heres. What I know is going to happen if they get the house, the Senate and the White House theyre going to expand the Supreme Court looked at what happened to Dianne Feinstein for hugging me. The people who want to destroy her life for giving me a hug are going to insist that they expand
the Supreme Court for nine to thirteen to make it liberal and Joe Bidens along for the ride. The people trying to destroy Dianne Feinsteins life are in charge of the party voters. If you dont get that youre, making a mistake and what Joe just said makes zero sense to me constitutionally Ainsley, so we showed that video yesterday of you getting harassed basically ambushed at the airport by those women. One of them said she was from Seattle, shes, not in favor of Judge Amy, Coney, Barrett laughter. What was going through your mind? Is it worth it to be a politician in this day and age? Oh absolutely, you know what was going through my mind today were going to vote this fine lady out, probably the most qualified person to be nominated in decades. Maybe ever for the court deepen the law, shes not going to impose law on the country, shes led a consequential life and heres whats, so important Ainsley for the millions of young conservative women who are pro life are embrace their
faith theres a place at the Supreme Court. For you, this is a historic moment were breaking not a glass ceiling, a concrete barrier by putting a conservative on the court like Amy, Barrett, so theyre trying to intimidate me. My opponent raised two dollars and twenty nine cents million a day after justice, Ginsburg died. Theyve come to my house to they broke the window at my house. In my face wherever I go, its not gonna work im going to get Judge Barrett on the court. I have her back to the people listening out there have my back Lindsey, Graham dot com. Help me get my message out im going to be stuck up here. Getting this nomination through help me get my message out: Lindsey, Graham dot com, a little bit goes a long way. If you can help me ill appreciate it im not going to let these people win. Wriewp Ryan, former President Obama is going to be out stumping when Ben Sasse made those comments. Last week on that radio interview the story that people
seemed to be trying to write is that Republicans are leaving the president and things look grim. You spoke to him yesterday. You speak to your Senate colleagues, all the time whats. The reality I just did a poll back home were doing well, but the amount of money coming into my race is going to be about one hundred and twenty dollars million the most in the history of the United States Senate. So help me close. The gap Ben Sasse was speaking for himself. I like Ben, but Bens wrong. The president has stood up to IRAN and China, unlike anybody in my lifetime. Ninety six percent approval rating by Republicans in South Carolina President Trump by nominating Amy Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, has united the party around judges. These are three highly qualified people. The republican Party is behind Trump, and people in the middle you need to understand were going to defeat. The virus well find a vaccine, but what will America look like if they get in charge? The Democrats open borders and free health
care for illegals, high taxes, oppressive regulation, a weak military back into the IRAN agreement, liberal judges with a stacked, packed court if Trump wins lower taxes, lower regulations, better trade deals, a strong military, a safer America, a I guy, thatS got the cops back and conservative judges im begging. The president to talk about America Post Virus, Brian youre, ready for the debate laughter. If you had the debate tonight, I think youd be ready to go yeah. No, I mean the differences are stark: Brian yeah. They will take this country down a socialist path. The president will take it down a free enterprise path. Well, stay strong, militarily versus being weak, theyre, now going after the Pentagon, its not just enough to defund the police, the craziest people in the country in charge of the Democratic Party theyre willing to destroy Dianne Feinsteins life, because she gave me a hug stand up to these people im not going to be intimidated. You shouldnt be intimidated, Lindsey, Graham dot com, help Donald
Trump help. Joni earn help Thom Tillis our Countrys at stake. Four more years of Donald Trump means people having the cops back four more years of lower taxes, strong military, four, more years of a entrepreneurial America, just think about how exciting it would be to have President Trump for four more years with a republican Senate. Well change this country in a positive way, Ainsley Senator! Thank you. So much ill see you today ill be the little short guy.
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