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Barstool Fund raises $16 million and counting for small businesses

2021-01-01 | 🔗
Celebrity chef Guy Fieri teams up with Barstool Sports to offer support for businesses affected by the pandemic.
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And you know we will keep an eye on be that meanwhile, outside of government, where incorporation things actually get done, that people care about is bar stools. You know, bar stools fund has been doing a very good job of identifying businesses that have been hurt by this pandemic. Doing frankly, what the government hasnt been able to do, which is to get money to penal in a very targeted way they have raised so far, sixteen dollars million from one hundred and twenty seven thousand wonderful, generous Americans and now guy, if you love diners, dives and drive ins, one of my favorite shows on food network. Guy has teamed up with bar stools, with Dave Portnoy to raise money, continue to raise money for those small businesses that are hurting so much here. He is talking about it right now. Our sister nation barstool sports has done amazing, amazing things to help support small
businesses as they fight to stay on their feet. During these unprecedented times, Ing are elected to endorse the barstool fund. Barstool president Dave Portnoy and I guy Fieri, the mayor of Flavor town, now call on the good citizens of flavor town to join us by making a donation to barstool Fund Barstool Fund is the real deal built brick by brick and its time to offer our support Griff its great to see the mayor of Flavor town joining in. If I had to pick a winner of hero of twenty twenty now extending into two thousand and twenty one, its got to be Dave, Portnoy of barstool sports, while so many of us across the country that knew business owners that favored their restaurant owners that were struggling and said man. This is terrible. Whats happening, Dave, Portnoy, stood up and said, im doing something about it.
Look at those numbers again more than sixteen dollars million raised. Fifty three businesses have been helped its really unbelievable, the one it seven thousand folks have come out to support it. If you had any doubt about the power of what this barstool fund has done. Look at the reaction on the faces of those who have received assistance watch speaking spanish im, so moved really am so happy. This is going to help so much you dont know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh my god, I cant believe it. Thank you. So much youre welcome its been so hard. No, yes,
oh my god! This is really seriously happening right now. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you. So much for everything you are too long, not just for us, but for like every small business. Jason wow that is truly changing, can lives and saving lives and love. It appreciate Guy Fieri, the mayor of Flavor town and bar stools fund. If you want to help out, go to bar stools, sports slash the barstool fund and help contribute as well. I didnt have Griff yep, unbelievable good on you, Dave Portnoy.
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