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Ben Domenech on Big Tech CEOS being grilled in DC as Breitbart claims Google is 'purging' their content

2020-07-30 | 🔗
Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, joins 'Fox & Friends' with his take on censorship against conservatives.
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Gum detoxify from crest, really unbelievable, really unbelievable biggest names in big tech biggest companies in the world grilled by lawmakers, from both sides of the aisle over unchecked power and influence. I will cut to the case. Big tech is out to get conservatives. We dont want to have any bias in what we do. Why does Google steal content from businesses with respect? I disagree? Do they a have access about third party products and businesses? Its a voluntary policy does apple, not treat all app developers. Equally, sir, we treat every developer the same. We have open and transparent rules, Brian Dominant here, to react Ben Domenech. What is your take away from yesterday? All of those issues are legitimate. I dont know what comes out of it.
I think what comes out of it for me is, I think, republican politicians who have very long been defenders of capitalism and, frankly, big business, are starting to recognize that this bias that they hear complaints about from all of their constituents and from a lot of conservatives, is just a feature of the monopoly power of places like Google. I was impressed by the questions that were asked yesterday. Frankly think we should have five hours with each of these ceos individually, considering the kind of market power that they have. I was particularly incensed by Kelly Armstrong, who got out of Google an admission that are not just interested in controlling all of the ad spaces. They do right now they are interested in driving others out of the ad market so that they have total control to demonetize sites and they deem fit thats, something that I think we should be very concerned about going forward. Brian look at Facebook. We found a memo dated that buying up all our enemies,
taking instagram and whats app wipe out or buy my enemies. That might be something they teach new business school, but does it help the country im brought to this statement by Mark Warner? He says we have seen forty percent decline in start ups in America and venture backed deals, because these companies have so much control. How I mean thats, not a partisan issue, if shouldnt be, and one thing that I do think that we should keep in Mind- is that only business business can afford big government. Only these big dominant players can afford to deal with the kind of regulatory pressure that is brought to bear whenever we engage in these types of big government expansion, its the small people, the competitors that get crushed by it, Brian Amazon, says yeah, you have a product, I will knock it off and sell it cheaper oops! Well, wait a second! What are you talking about all right, so lets talk about something that matters for November third, and that is the suppression of conservative thought Breitbart claims that they have
lost. Ninety nine point: seven percent in visible since two thousand and sixteen stories that used to trend on their algorithm, dont trend anymore daily caller has the same complaints, and you dont see much from Fox NEWS on there. The sites that give you a diversity of opinion have you noticed at the Federalist? Well, I actually would say that we have escaped some of this, so maybe that says we need to be a little bit more leaning into things, but to come honest looking at the situation, its clear, the data shows that what they are claim something true. They had a huge dropoff. We are talking about stories that they were breaking at the daily caller, for instance, that would get nationwide attention, and yet they wouldnt be on the first second or even the third page of search for it. This is clearly something that looks like from the outside. It was someone inside turning a knob, pulling a switch that prevented these sites from having any kind of organic traffic that they had already earned, thats, something that is totally opposed to what people think that they are getting from
Google search products, and I think it absolutely represents an attempt to influence the conversation during an election. Brian Ben here is what Google said. There is no validity to allegation of political bias. They dont take ideology into account, go to extraordinary lengths to build our products for everyone in a apolitical way. Anyone can easily cherry pick a range of conservative, progressive or nonpolitical sites that have seen traffic changes over time. What can change? I, a number of things, change funny to see Jeff Bezos admit the other day that the standards of something like the southern Poverty LAW center, which call Ben Carson an extremist, may be not that good. We have to turn to somebody for fact checking maybe turn to somebody who says that Ben Carson isnt an extremist. This is a situation that I think requires a really holistic change on the part of these companies
again. The bias aspect of this is just one attribute of their outsized monthly power that they are exercising thats the real issue that needs to be addressed and addressed with updated approaches. How we do this in an era that requires it, given the dramatic amount of change that these companies have affected on America, Brian im, proud they are american companies. I dont want them to destroy America in the process. Is that too much to ask absolutely Brian? We finally is Republicans.
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