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Ben Domenech on Trump team continuing election fight: Trump 'should concede this election'

2020-12-14 | 🔗
The Federalists Publisher Ben Domenech reacts to President Trump challenging the 2020 election results.
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Brian, so Saturday, right before Army beat Navy 15 O0. I had a chance to catch up to the President of the United States, thanks to Kayleigh Mcenany and the White House staff said okay lets. Do it first interview on camera since November 3rd, the election, we discuss everything from the vaccine rollout to his campaign legal challenges to all of a sudden. The proof that Hunter Biden was indeed being investigated. Watch so lets look at this and play this out continued to not have success in the courts and the six to get certified and transmitted, and Vice President MIKE Pence certifies it would you encourage the republican lawmakers to stand up and protest since then? Look I just left Washington to go to the Army Navy game. There are thousands and thousands of people out there. I didnt have anything to do with it. I didnt know they were forming Brian talking about congressional leaders, im just saying
the Spirit, the liveliness the whole thing, even the fundraising and money thats pouring in to fight this its one thing to say you know you ran a great race. Congratulations, im! Okay with that, but they didnt they didnt run a good race. They ran a horrible race from the basement. They ran a race where he didnt even run, but what they did is they cheated they cheated like nobody has ever cheated before that we know of now. If you look at it its not even four or five states, its five cities, Milwaukee Right Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, take Pittsburgh, you could add so its five cities, its four cities and even three cities. Five, just one. Second, they cheated like nobody has ever cheated before and they got caught just like the spying on my campaign got caught. They cheated like nobody has cheated before and they got caught. So nobody can go in and say. Oh, congratulations on running a good race. They didnt run a good race.
They cheated. They dropped hundreds of thousands of ballots right and we caught them, but your guys have been unable to prove it. As of now. Excuse me, excuse me: we have proven it, but no judge has had the courage, including the Supreme Court. I am so disappointed in them. No judge, including the Supreme Court of the United States, has had the courage to allow it to be heard the Supreme Court- all they did was say we dont have standing. So they are saying essentially that the President of the United States and Texas and these other states great states they dont- have standing. They didnt go into the evidence. If you would look at the evidence, thousands of pages of evidence, we have over one thousand affidavits from people that saw tens of thousands of ballots, Brian Gotcha, no, but Heres the point. They are winning these things on little technicalities like a thing called standing. They are saying the President of the United States does not have standing Brian right. That was what was decided last night. Would you show up at the inauguration? Would you I dont want to talk about that?
I want to talk about this. We have done a great job. I got more votes than any president in the history of our country and the history of our country right, not even close. Seventy five million far more than Obama, far more than anybody and they say we lost an election. We didnt lose it. If I got ten million fewer votes, they said I couldnt have lost just so. You understand in a sense its a modern day. Version of stuffing the ballot box. Brian also been historic week number one. The vaccine is going to start rolling. What is going to be going through your mind as Fedex? U DOT, PS knows flights go to all fifty states, vaccine rolling in whats, going to be going through your mind if I wasnt president, according to almost everyone, even the enemy, if I wasnt president, you wouldnt have a vaccine for five years. I pushed the FDA and companies and everybody else involved like nobody has ever been pushed before, and now you have it rolling out and frankly, they could have done it last week or even done it a
week sooner they heard from me. This has been a great, really medical. They call it a medical miracle and its going to have a tremendous impact. Ninety five percent effective Moderna coming out next week. Thats soon we have Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine coming out all great companies Brian. What about an aid package for the american people? What could you do to get the nine hundred billion out? I want to do it im, pushing it very hard and to be honest with you. If the Democrats really wanted to do the deal, they would do the deal. They should do. Do it right now. I want to see checks going for more money. They are talking about going to people. Brian Hunter Biden this week has confirmed two investigations on him. One on Jim Biden Word is: you are disappointed that William Barr knew about this. Well, everybody is who isnt disappointed. Joe Biden lied on the debate stage. He said there is nothing happening, nothing happening and Bill Barr should have stepped up. I will tell you what say what you want about Robert Mueller, when Buzzfeed put out a phoney
article. I think it was Buzzfeed, but when Buzzfeed put out a fonel article, he stepped out and said that article was a phony, ultimately proven no collusion after two years, no collusion, but Bob Mueller stood up and he interjected that this article was false. Bill Barr should have done the same thing. Brian Jonathan Turley said he had no choice that he would have been like. It would have been like James Comey. Again, all he had to do was say an investigation is going on by the way I dont want to see anything bad happen to Hunter Biden whatever it is. It is the fact I dont want to see anything happen to Hunter Biden. I purposefully stay out of it when you affect an election bill. Barr frankly did the wrong thick when they are saying things making statements and the press is purposefully, not reporting it bill. Barr, I believe not believe I know, had an obligation to set the record straight. Just like Robert Mueller set the record straight, you know he set it straight. A very bad thing was said, and it was a false article,
a false statement which you know. Usually they are with the media. This was a false statement and Robert Mueller stood up and he said that is a false statement, and that was a great thing. I have got to go. Brian go get them Steve. I have got to go, bring in Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist. The president is not done fighting today at noon. They are going to certify the electoral college. It looks like Rudy Giuliani is going to go to some individual states again whats your reaction to where we are at right now, well, where we are at right now, frankly, brian- and I think that was really the concise and very good interview on your part. You got so much out of the president in a very short amount of time. I think that in this situation the presidents options are really running out. Electors are going to vote. You have this point in time where things are decided. I mean yesterday was the anniversary twenty years ago, of Al Gore conceding the election in the two thousand fight,
and this is that point in December, where the formal things start to happen, and I think the presidents options you know after this point are really going to be very limited at the same time, theres a lot of justified things that he said in there about the way that the votes happened in these various cities. My real concern is that going forward, we dont have the mechanisms in place to look into this, to find out what happened and to the degree that there was either fraud or things happening. That shouldnt have happened, that we can prevent them in the future. I think that really this election, looking back on it, was lost at the point where republican lawyers were not there on the ground, preventing the kind of policies being put in place. That allowed this to happen, you have to remember what happened in Pennsylvania was bipartisan when it came to mail in balloting and the like. This was something that Republicans went along with, where in retrospect they look back and they have to feel pretty foolish to look at the
policies that they put in place and what they allowed to happen Steve exactly now, it seems like given the fact that, as Brian pointed out, the electoral college meets today at noon. So thats pretty much. Is the Wall Street Journal their lead editorial now, and you know, the Wall Street Journal has been a big supporter of the president throughout his presidency. Says trumps challenge is over after losing at the Supreme Court. He has no legal alternatives and ought to concede. We heard from Brian. You know he has still got more legal options. You know there are legal options outs there, but they are really not going to change the result here and the Wall Street Journal is correct in the sense that I think the president should acknowledge and concede this election. At the same time, I dont think that he has to pretend that this was an election that was done on fair terms. We are talking about. You know the same conversation that dealt with the fact that we have. You know proof now of the massive
media and big tech conspiracy, the collusion that they engaged in in order to prevent the american people from knowing about something that was true, falsely tagging it as russian disinformation misinformation and the like banning people suspending people for sharing this New York Post story that has been you know, if not fully verified something that is clearly not russian disinformation misinformation that we know now that there are multiple investigations into Hunter Biden into Jim Biden about money laundering and the like. That certainly should have been something that the american people were allowed to know about and share in advance of this election Ainsley. Oh yeah, you know a lot of people agree with you on that, because they protect certain people, the press does and then they go after. Anyone who is conservative or they disagree with the media- has gone so far to the left. Mainstream media. Look at some of these headlines when it comes to Hunter Biden. Politico Hunter Bidens story is russian disinformation. Dozens of former Intel officials say the Washington post. This is
an op ed, the truth. Behind the Hunter Biden Non scandal, the New York Times Trump said to be warned that Giuliani was conveying russian disinformation. What is your reaction to that? You are in the media. You are a publisher of the federalist, huge job. My reaction to that is that there should absolutely be consequences, and the corporate media generally will not allow for there to be consequences for these intel officials, people who previously led the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, the CIA, who all signed on to this ridiculous letter, claiming that this was russian misinformation without a scintilla of evidence, not one peels of evidence. Yet John Brennan, MIKE Mcfaul and many other major media figures paid tons of money by other cable news stations to go on and be experts.
They all came out and said this is russian misinformation, disinformation implying its trade traitor ous? They were lying to you. Something people should be aware of. Shouldnt be a part of this. The next time they come to you with some kind of claim, just as they did on russian collusion, just as they did this time around, you should not believe them. You should believe that theyre lying because they have done it so consistently and frankly, im disgusted by it. I cannot believe we have reached a point where the media is willing to bend over backwards to these intel experts, who have lied to them repeatedly and pretend like what they are saying, is true to serve a partisan narrative, which is exactly what went on in this situation. Brian, the Federalist covered this too, they are actually covering the story we did two months ago as if its new, this is, they are actually pretending its. These are new revelations that were on the emails and text messages and Bobulinski story came out, unbelievable Ainsley. Well, the election is.
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