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Ben Domenech praises RNC for calling out 'race baiting' by Democrats

2020-08-25 | 🔗
The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech reacts to the first night of the RNC.
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To learn more go to sleepnumber dot com, ive, seen ideas like this ive seen ideas like this before- and I am here to tell you you cannot let them take over our country- spread the wealth, free education, free health care, defund, the police. I hear echos of the former life. I never wanted to hear again. President Trump knows the american story was written by people just like you and I who love our country and build future for our families and neighbors. I am Cuban born, but I am one hundred percent Steve Florida businessman, Maximo Lvarez
joining us right now. Special place is Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist Ben Good Morning to you Ben Good Morning, good to be with you Steve. Some of the take aways are that some of the, in addition to fantastic speakers last night, like Nikki, Haley and Senator Scott, you had these ordinary Americans like Andrew Pollack and Maximo Lvarez, and they really stole the show Ben yeah. They absolutely did. I think their speeches were better than trained politicians, which was pretty impressive in Lvarez. I hear echos of my grandfather Puerto Rican and reminds me of him a lot and attitude toward radicalism that he sees rising on the left. I think Steve. We may look back at democratic convention and if
Donald Trump goes onto win reelection and Joe Bidens decision and the decision of the Democratic Party, not to speak about violence and riots that we see in major cities as equivalent to major political mistake of twenty. Sixteen of Hillary Clinton never going to Wisconsin. I think that their choice not to address this, not to say that they condemn it and not to say that, no matter what we need to do when it comes to police reform, it does not justify the burning in Kenosha Wisconsin of auto dealerships that that does not bring anyone back, that that does not end any of our problems and that it represents degree of radical leftism and people are concerned about taking over the country in serious ways that should be condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike, and I think the choice of the Dnc not to address it at all is a real mistake, Steve! Well, you can see that the Republicans and Donald Trump
are trying to take advantage of the absence of comment from the left during their convention. One of the other things that the that you guys at the Federalist observed about the Rnc last night was last week during the Dnc. They continually hammered Donald Trump as a racist, but you say last night what they started to do was they started to tackle Democrat race baiting head on? Can you explain that for our viewers Ben well, I think that people dont want to see the kind of conversations that weve had degrade in this country. I mean no offense because shes not here to push back against me, but when Donna Brazile reacts like that, she represents the kind of thing that worries a lot of Americans, which is that, if you disagree with what you see happening in the streets, if you say this is not justified that in some way that means that youre, a racist denying four hundred years of slavery,
erasing black Americans or their experience, thats absurd and frankly, its Un American. It doesnt look at us as being individuals to make individual choices. It connects us based on ethnicity to past sins. I think the choice of Republicans to take this race baiting stuff face on is a good one and they shouldnt ignore it and call it for what it is Steve. One of the things last week. The Democrats did their best to portray Joe Biden as a good guy and last night. What I heard Republicans essentially say was Joe Biden is a good guy, but a good guy does not allow the anticop chaos in the Streetsover, raise your taxes or turn America into a socialist country, your response, Ben to their point, to their credit, they didnt had character assassination of Joe Biden. They focused on issues what choices would they make? You talk about the concerns of a lot of conservatives that are
out there. They include the fact that Kamala Harris historically has been engaged in anticatholic action. If youre, a member of the Knights of Columbus, an organization J Dot, fk belonged to that, you shouldnt, belong in a court thats the thing that concerns people and good for Republicans to bring it out.
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