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Ben Shapiro: At this point, Trump is running against Harris not Biden

2020-08-12 | 🔗
Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro weighs in on Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as running mate on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Senator Harris says shes Senator Harris, says shes, proud of her record as prosecutor and shell be a prosecutor vice president. She laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked, marijuana, im, proud of making a decision so not just give fancy speeches or be in legislative body and give speeches on the floor, but actually doing the work and the people that suffered under your reign as prosecutor. You owe them an apology, Steve Ouch, ainsleyia, taste of whats, yet to come. Ben Shapiro joins us right now: hey Ben Ben. How are you Ainsley im doing? Well, what will her opponent? What will her critics say? Ben well, President Trump should be overjoyed that Joe Biden made strategic blunder of picking Harris and the entire campaign was putting spotlight on President Trump and now spotlight on Biden campaign.
President Trump should make it very clear that at this point, hes running against Harris and not running against Joe Biden, Joe Biden is stand in and Harris is extreme and manipulative and she dropped out before single digit support in home state of California, Steve Poll came last week. Sixty percent of those who responded said they dont think that Joe Biden is going to fill out his term, which would effectively make her the president. When you go to vote on Tuesday in November. It would be Donald Trump versus Kamala Harris by extension. Meanwhile, when the news broke yesterday at 414 in the afternoon via e mail rather than press conference, or anything like that, breaking news, Senator Kamala Harris of California is Joe Bidens pick for vice president, a pragmatic, moderate shes, the first black woman on a major party ticket.
Is she a pragmatic moderate? Is that true Ben no Trojan of Horse Harris is not pragmatic, shes, the most leftist senators in the entire United States Senate she votes with Bernie Sanders. Ninety two percent of the time she has decided that she would like to ban fracking. We will see how that goes for her for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. She wants to ban plastic straws and she laughed about that in open debate. She is obviously an extraordinarily extreme candidate and she also happens to be really really bad. At this I mean people are forgetting shes, not good. At this. She has one decent debate who she called the guy who she is now serving, as vice president and called him a racist and believed that sexual harassment, accusers and guy she thinks hes racist
Brian. We thought voodoo economics, but nothing like this tulsi gabart looked at her record and took her apart and she never recovered im amazed that she didnt think her position. She could not defend her own record along with new beliefs, and she found herself walking back almost every major issue which getting rid of private insurance Ben. She had to walk back original attack on Biden. Joe Biden would have prevented a girl like her busing to school. She picked whatever positions she think is going help her at the time. Obviously, her tendency are extraordinarily radical and to the left and if she were given the power thats, what she would do
shes suggested openly, despite Biden, trying to shied her by executive order, ban assault weapons, which is an amazing thing. Ainsley remember when Bernie Sanders we got this weve talked so, if youre, a progressive, just vote for him. Well, the Congressional Progressive Caucus Cochair was bragging about how movable Joe Biden is. Listen to this as soon as we get him in the White House and before with the task forces that we had, we were able to significantly push Joe Biden to do things that he hadnt signed onto before. So he is moverrable and he is listening and he does understand that we need turnout from young people from folks of Color Ainsley. So how far left is this party willing to go once he is in office Ben as far left as humanly possible? Joe Biden is a career politician who has taken variety of positions on variety of issues
and they got him on a gurney and wheeling him out there. Everybody understands hes, just a vehicle for whatever the Democratic Party is going to become in Post Biden ERA, Biden, says hes, a transitional figure Harris understands this, and the President of the United States should be openly campaigning that Joe Biden will probably not be around to finish second term and probably not even first term its Trump versus Harris, and it should be Trump versus Harris Steve. I heard so many pundits talk in the last twelve hours or so how she was the safest pick when you look at it, because she was the attorney general in California and she ran for state Office and she was vetted during the presidential campaign, but really when you, when you look at her record, as you have explained, shes, not that safe a pick at all Ben im bewildered by the conventional wisdom that shes a safe pick, zero black support in the primaries she doesnt bring
enthusiasm to the ticket. She doesnt bring any level of charm to the ticket, shes actually kind of awful in debate. Once you get past the first punch, I dont know what she brings to the table. Frankly, I thought that he was going to pick Susan Rice. I think its a massive strategic error. He wanted to check a couple of boxes and the twitter blue checks will be happy with Biden, two point seven seconds and go back Brian convention momentum, Joe Biden is not even going so we will see and even todays announcement there wont be any pause. I dont think I think they are to an empty room wearing masks, saying hi from six feet apart and very excite forking media for the next couple of days, and we will get back into how much they hate trump. The good news is Trump has a.
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