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Ben Watson on NFL season kicking off amid COVID-19, protests

2020-09-09 | 🔗
Former NFL player Ben Watson discusses his pro-life documentary on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Live from Americas NEWS Room top of the hour Brian, the NFL is back and its kicking off the highly anticipated season tomorrow, night players returning to the field and the coronavirus concerns are there. Social justice protests will happen here with more on what to expect is former New England Patriots, good friend of the show Ben Watson Ben you got a movie coming out, well hold off on that for a second first things. First, you play with Tom Brady for seven years and Brady is with Tampa the bucks at forty three years. Old cam Newton is with your old team, whose going to have a better year, patriots or bucks well its going to be interesting, but you could never bet against Tom. Obviously this is a guy who hasnt had a losing season in his entire career. As a starter, I dont expect him to start doing that right now, plus hes got a big chip on his shoulder plus hes, enjoying the beach and the sun. So im excited to see what he does in Tampa for sure Brian can cam Newton adjust to bill Bellechick and his system
so far. It seems he can. This is a guy whose been an Mvp, a great player hes been hurt. The last few year im really excited to see them this season and see what cam does in a new system and a new place, a bunch of new surround ings, but all the clips that ive seen everything that ive heard coming out of that locker room. He immediately gains respect when he comes in because of what hes, Donald also the leader he is. Brian certainly sounds like hes happy how bad was the friction between Bellechick and Brady. I think a lot of that was behind closed doors. I think were going to hear about it 20 30 years from now, when they break the tapes open, but what theyve done, what the they did clearly for the NFL over the course of the last several decades is unprecedented and nobody can take that away from them. No matter what happens, I know now the stories going to be whose going to win the super bowl first and that sort of thing which obviously weve got to talk about it, makes it fun, but what they did together. They were the perfect two people together at the right time to create the dynasty that they had
Brian. Maybe they will both realize that Ben you have the release of a brand new movie. Its a pro life movie called divided hearts of America. Give us an idea of what well see Watsons movie. I think youre going to cry youre going to be encouraged, youre going to be empowered and convicted. Abortion is an issue that strike s at the heart of America. It strikes at the heart of the tenants of our nation and its a very divisive issue. You cant talk about it without having some sort of emotion and so, in light of what has happened with conservative laws, liberal law, my wife and I being co producers set out to really interview and hear from the heart of America. We interviewed about 30 40, different people, different voices on different sides of this debate and really in an effort to understood how we got here when it comes to abortion laws in America and reproductive rights Laws in America, whats going to happen if we continue and where were going. If we dont change some sort of course, so the biggest thing that I want people to hear, youre going to be educated, youre
going to learn, but also this is about human dignity, its about sanctity of life, its about empathy and understanding that, even though we may disagree on something that is so important and so vital as human life, we need to see the humanity in the other person. We need to look at this debate in a different way that maybe we ever have before so. The official trailer is coming out today, im excited to announce were going to be releasing the movie on Digital Salem, now September, seventeen so thats. Next Thursday, you can learn more about the movie and get updates and get involved at divided hearts of America. Film com so were really excited about this. We think its going to challenge and also educate America when it comes to the issue of abortion, Brian wow, so Ben Watson, being retired nine seconds already has a movie out. Congratulations Ben! So go to Dividedheartsof America, dot com for the trailer, dividedheartsofamericafilm dot com, Brian got it. It was on the
screen. I just chose not to look at it. My fault, thanks Ben appreciate it.
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