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Bernard Kerik weighs in on how Black Lives Matter movement influenced California police shooting

2020-09-13 | 🔗
Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend' to discuss restoring law and order to U.S. cities.
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Jedediah straight to a Jedediah straight to a Fox news, alert breaking overnight: a gunman ambushes, two LOS Angeles County deputies outside after Compton TRAIN station surveillance. Video shows the suspect, walking up to their cruiser and opening fire. Both deputies are in critical condition. The two deputies were doing their job and someone just walk up to just start shooting on them it its a it. Pisses me off PETE the sheriff says both deputies were sworn into office. Fourteen months ago, in the same class, one a 31 year old, mother, the other 24 year old man, will video shows the officers in riot gear arriving in hospitals after protests, blocked the emergency room entrance and protesters reportedly chanting. We hope they die, bring in Bernie Kerik former Nypd Commissioner to join us Bernie off the top. Your reaction to both notes here today, both what happened, involving the shooting and
protesters outside of the hospital guys. This is reminiscent what happened back in the 70s and 80s, with the black Riblation Army and Black Panther Party Black lives matter is an extend ages of that black lives matter was inspired by the Bla by Asada Shakur. Black lives matter have people working for them, part of that movement in the 70s and 80s. That was responsible for assassinating close to a dozen more than a dozen cops. Almost two dozen cops over a 10 year period. Bottom line is this: has to stop. The justice Department has to go after black lives matter after Antifa to put an end to this Jedediah Bernie in New York City. The anti police sentiment is completely out of control. You had more than one hundred black lives matter protesters shutting down the George Washington Bridge. There was a violent clash with them and police outside Nypd precinct.
There is an enormous failure of leadership on the part of the mayor. Here I would argue on the part of the governor as well. When it comes to this issue, what should they be doing? All of them all of them? The mayor, the governor, the City Council, everyone of them are responsible for allowing this stuff to happen. Blocking vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic is a crime resisting arrest is a crime. Obstructing justice is a crime. Assault on cops is a crime. Every single person on that bridge should have been arrested period. We arrested seven hundred people in the Brooklyn bridge. One time seven hundred were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge getting on there when they werent supposed to be the bottom line. It can be done if you have the leadership that is going to do it. You dont have that in the mayor the governor and the City Council in New York City, PETE Bernie, you mentioned similarities between what we saw in the 70s 80s with red
call elements. There is a big difference between that and today, today, the whole black lives matter, whether its a slogan organization, the movement, whatever you want to call it is painted on center court for NBA basketball courts. This is something fully mainstreamed. How do you target the marxist elements of this organization in a society that says black lives matter is who we should be elevating? You have to educate the american public because theyre stupid theyre following I ride through New Jersey communities in New Jersey, and I see these signs in peoples windows black lives matter. They have no conception what the organization stands for. They have no conception of who the leaders are how they were inspired, what they believe they have no idea. So the bottom line is, you have to educate the american people on what reality is, and you have
to call out sports. You know these million dollar sports figures that are supporting black lives matter. It is not about black lives, theyre not concerned about black lives, because if they really were, they would be protesting in Chicago in Minneapolis in Atlanta, where there is systemic slaughter of black lives on a daily basis by other blacks. Nobody cares about this. This is an anti government, Anti police marxist movement that people are supporting because theyre ignorant will Bernie. I think you lay out the connections quite well. I had debates for quite some time. There are very sincere people out there who believe that black lives matter who understand racism is something we all want to overcome in this country, but dont understand both the political platform of the organization black lives matter. It is underlying ideology which dates back to the 60s in critical race theory. In the connection, you lay out that animated those
radicals in the 70s it is all connected. It is incumbent upon all of us to tell the truth and educate everyone on historical background and published underlying ideas of today. I want to do one more thing with you Bernie. If we can before we lose you, I want to play sound PETE did earlier with Mark Mccloskey, Patricia Mccloskey are facing charges for brandishing weapons when protesters broke through their gates. I want to get your reaction on Fox AMP friends. These nine people have been sent over to the circuit attorneys office. We dont know if Kim Gardner will charge these people, I suspect there wont be charges for these nine people tragedy in Compton California, these kind of protests, the government not just tolerating encouraging these kinds of protests- think about it. Two deputies shot protesters mob are blocking the hospital this isnt a coincidence. This is because of the exact same thing,
Cori Bush, the mob outside of my house, was chanting. You cant stop the revolution. Who is stopping it? The democrat run cities theyre, encouraging it theyre encouraging violence will Bernie. This further illustrates this point: there are sincere innocent people who want to see a better society. There is a political platform, but there are governments who are just not just tolerating but encouraging these types of movements. I was actually with the mccloskeys last week, Rudy Giuliani and I went out there to see them. We went to the funeral for Officer Bohannon that was shot and killed there. The bottom line Mark Mccloskey. If that who was speak, something absolutely right, Kim Gardner, Kim Gardner, the prosecutor, there is a marxist Kim Gardner, was put in office by Soros. Kim Gardner is the same one that went after a republican
governor, Eric Reitens, destroyed her career and her investigator wound up being charged with a seven count indictment for wrongfully going after him and targeting him the bottom line. This is all about a revolution. You have prosecutors, unfortunately out there that are behind it. Jedediah. Thank you Bernie, so much for being here, particularly challenging times to be law enforcement official. So our thoughts go out to them.
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