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Bernie Sanders slams Trump's economic agenda as a 'scam'

2020-08-30 | 🔗
Reaction from Fox News contributor and former economic adviser to President Obama, Robert Wolf.
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Joe Bidens economic agenda stack up to the President Jedediah joining us now. Fox news, contributor and former economic advisor to President Obama Rob the Wolf Robert welcome to the show. Did I miss something? Is Bernie Sanders actually the one running for president here? Why is he the one out there talking about Joe Bidens economic policy? Why isnt it Joe Biden? Well Joe Biden, has spoke about his economic policy. He gave four speeches just on the economy and the contrast between Joe Biden and President trumps recovery couldnt be more different. President trumps talking about a payroll tax cut that wont help the thirteen million people recently unemployed by the pandemic. It doesnt help that eighty thousand small businesses that got closed with the pandemic, so theres a huge contrast between the two and trickle down economics is not going to be the way to get us into a recovery PETE Robert. Do you really think people see Joe Biden as the open up candidate the
mask mandate, one that hes the one that allows business thats absurd and do you not get worried hold on? Do you not get worried the covid response? We have one hundred and eighty thousand people that have passed away. Six million people impacted when the President said PETE and youre not pointing any fingers at China at what they did. Joe Biden would give him a free pass. This is not a conversation about Covid those Robert. This is a conversation about the economy. Are you worried about mayors in northern Minnesota, who are Democrats saying that were leaving our party because the policies of the Democrats have crushed the working class in Minnesota so were going to President Trump thats, the policies of Obama, Biden, theyre, rejecting not Donald Trump thats, a fact. Six Democrat layers in Minnesota signed a letter. Okay, so lets talk. Facts here are facts: the stock market that President
Trump is touting, which is up Amazon, Walmart target up one hundred percent. At the same time, twenty percent of small businesses were closed. Twenty five major retailers have closed thirteen people. Thirteen million people are unemployed from the pandemic Jedediah, but Robert hold on a second youre talking about things that have happened were in the midst of a pandemic. There were shutdowns that happened. What im pointing to and what PETE is also addressed is what the economy looked like before this, which was actually quite good. We can talk about that too Jedediah. So what do you want to see? Do you want to see tax hike, the corporate tax rates higher? What is Joe Biden going to do thats actually going to bring about positive change? You can keep coming at me its fine. Let me reply so a couple things one before this took place. Just for clarity. President Obama had two hundred and twenty five thousand jobs for his
last three years and president trumps first three years was one hundred and eighty three thousand their gdp, which President Trump thought was going to be. North of five percent came in at two point: five percent Pre Covid PETE, so youre denying that Donald Trump had a strong economy, youre denying that and youre going to tell everyone to deny what they saw. I didnt say that at all, you were just asking for a comparison. We had lets be clear. We had right now, eight straight years of a trajectory going one way now we have a depression and those are just the facts, so we can do contrast and compare, but trickle down. Economics is not whats going to work for a recovery. Jedediah im telling you. Unfortunately, people are in distress, and I sincerely doubt that people in businesses are going to want to hear that tax hikes are a plan when they are already suffering right now I could be wrong, but I dont think that is going to go over very well. Pete were out of time Jedediah. Unfortunately, we have more fox amp friends is am coming.
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