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Best post-Christmas deals online

2020-12-26 | 🔗
‘Kurt the CyberGuy’ Kurt Knutsson shares his picks on ‘FOX & Friends Weekend.’
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Will better than black Friday will better than black Friday TEAL today called Boxing day in the? U DOT, K Pete here in the? U dot s its one of the best days for online shopping, where you can save on holiday, decor, electronics, clothing, video games and much more Rachel thats right, maybe even tech Tyes will Kurt the Cyberguy joins us now with todays best deals. Kurt will Bravo Rachel Rncht by the way in the study, YO, F, closet. I have a nice tie hanging. You are welcome to it amazing what is happening today. Cyber Monday black Friday, huge days for finding deals online, and so is today a big secret that people dont really think about the 26th boxing day is also one of the best days for online deals. The categories you want to look for today: holiday, decor, electronics, clothing and video games, where we start this morning at our friends at game symptom they are having an after Christmas sale
check out this stuff, the will assassins, Creed, Vohalo, sale, price on that is thirty. Nine point: ninety nine! As the n about a season kick, I cans. Ooff today, MBA two k: twenty one, nine, the nine pulp, nine thirty bucks off game, stop whether in store or online, buy two pre owned games and one for free collectibles like this star wars, battle front go with wills, tie also going to be on sale today, and then we take a look at a fashion. Like you know, over the holiday at Rue twenty one, the joggers were super super popular like twenty five bucks go right here to this this is called a puffer, its a puffer hug. Actually, this is remarkable. You act like a scarf with it. It keeps you warm its got pockets for your technology, your mask, whatever you take on the go,
that is nine point. Ninety nine get twenty five percent off of its bundle. Today, kiddy zoom smart Watch, the x two. These things were enormously popular and selling out over the holiday. Now I found it at target today. Only its thirty nine point. Ninety nine- and it was fifty nine point. Ninety nine! Then we have the charge card right here, which is from aqua vault. This right here is half price with code word Fox. It will charge your phone, you go to cyberguy dot com and get you all hooked up, guys PETE. We knew you would.
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