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Biden administration facing criticism for giving Saudi prince a ‘pass’ for Khashoggi killing

2021-02-27 | 🔗
Former State Dept. spokesperson Morgan Ortagus discusses the Biden administration’s response to the Saudi Arabia government’s role in the killing of Jamal Khaskoggi.
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Find your nunormal with Nucala new developments in the new developments in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, with recently declassified White recently declassified White House reporting blaming saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Selman for proving the murder since two thousand and seventeen, the crown prince, has had absolute control of making the map security and intelligence organizations making it highly unlikely. Saudi officials would have carried out an operation of this nature without the crown princes authorization here to react is former State Department, spokesman, Morgan Ortagus that update pretty significant revelation from that declassified material, declassified material. I want your reaction to the fact
the Democrats criticize the Trump administration for being too lenient on the Saudi Royal family for human rights abuses. When I look at the reaction of the Biden administration to this classified material, it does not include anything directly targeting the crown prince. What is your reaction? Theres a lot to one fact, but when it comes to Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Selman, he did do an interview with CBS, where he accepted responsibility. By saying the fact he was the head of the security organization. Anyone paying attention to this story for the past few years knew for the past few years, knew there was involvement on his part and he accepted responsibility. So now you have to say going forward. Is the Biden administrations response appropriate? They sanctions were individuals, sanctions at the State Department under MIKE Pompeo, and incredibly important for whether
a republican or Democrat Administration for the United States of America to say we will not tolerate journalists around the world being harassed, intimidated, imprisoned, jailed killed for the work that they do. That is really incredibly important standard. We talked about this under MIKE Pompeo and the Biden administration is doing it as administration is doing it as well. It is a nuanced discussion about what we do going forward with Saudi Arabia, secretary of state and the relationship with Saudi Arabia is bigger than one individual, and that is right. So much is on the line. The United States has a lot of interest in Saudi Arabia, but there are those just like when the Trump Administration was in power, with the Biden Administration in power, saying weve got to havave accountability. This up and saying Mohammed Bin Selman is guilty of murder. Biden should not give him a pass.
What should we do when it comes to this admission? Politically speaking, the Biden administration is getting hit from the left because he did not go far enough. We have to look around the world and realize, like literacy, a record of imprisoning journalists in Asia. Saudi Arabia is not the only country where this happened. I think the sanctions on the security services are important, saying that the Biden Administration, the human rights abuses in China in foreign policy does not black and white. There are shades of gray, we have to deal with and the Washington to deal with, and the Washington Post editorial is a little bit wrong in the accusations that Saudi Arabia should find a new crown prince the United States
isnt in the business of telling foreign countries who their leaders should be your shouldnt be, but we have to hold people and regimes accountable, and there are human rights abuses. We have to be able to hold people accountable, while also balancing competing interests. There is the issue of living up to your own standards. After the airstrikes, it came up how the Biden administration reacted when they were not in power. Jen psaki in twenty seventeen said what is the legal authority for strikes? Assad is a brutal dictator, but Syria is a sovereign country and Joe Biden almost a year and a half ago discussing Donald trumps. Recent actions in Syria and his erratic impulsive decisions endanger our troops and make us all less safe. This week, the threat level on US contractors and military personnel in the Middle EAST was raised because of airstrikes by
the Biden administration that sends accountability to the standard. We were talking about, it seems the Biden administration is not living up to the standard they set themselves. We see the politicization of foreign policy in a way that is not constructive, and that is exactly what you just talked about for the four years of the Trump administration. We use the same legal authority, the Biden administration is using to hold, but IRAN accountable troops in Iraq, whatever our diplomats are threatened by Shia militia groups, which are trained, funded quote by IRAN. The United States of America must hold IRAN and its proxies accountable, im supportive of the strike, and I wish we wouldnt publicize foreign policy, which is what happened under the Trump administration when we politicize that we criticize every decision. The president makes this because hes, not a member of our party,
it was frustrating to see that and, as the Biden administration makes a decision I agree with. It is important to go after terrorists important to go after the regime in IRAN, but I said this yesterday on Fox on outnumbered. We need a strategy from the Biden administration from the Biden administration. Yes, you should respond. You should protect american troops, but if the iranian regime knows that was us get piles of cash again or the Biden administration is going to rush back into the JCP a you are never really totally holding them accountable. We had a maximum economic pressure campaign against IRAN, encourage the Biden administration to let the american people know what the strategy is supportive of the strike yesterday, but more than that to containers regime. These are complicated issues with competing interests and principles. Thank you for me. Talk about it to six respect to the idea when looking at these, we should think.
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