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Biden administration will ‘release, protect, and reward’ illegal immigrants: Acting CPB Commissioner

2020-11-21 | 🔗
Acting Customs & Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to give an update on border security.
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Well, will arrests along the well will arrests along the southern border surging to a new high promises like this prosecute President Elect Joe Biden? We have to make sure that we build up the infrastructure to be able to accommodate trumps, cruel and humane border policies. You know ripping children from their mothers, arms and trumps migrant protection protocols remain in Mexico program. Will. Could this be a surge of a sign of whats to come joining me now is acting Border commissioner Mark Morgan, who served under the Obama Biden administration. Why are we already seeing this expected surge in illegal immigrants crossing the border? You know will just as you illustrated. There is two reasons they have been this way for decades and decades. First and foremost is economics anywhere where we see worsened economic conditions. Illegal immigration follows right now because of Covid 19
thats, exactly what we are seeing, not just in Mexico, but really the western hemisphere. We anticipated the additional flow of illegal immigration because of worsening economic conditions, but the second factor of what we are seeing right now is when there is an immigration system that is weak, that is filled with loopholes that can be easily exploited. That is the greatest pull factor of all, including perceived loopholes and thats. What we are seeing right now. We have seen this president, give us the tools we have to address illegal immigration crisis like in catch and release. Right now the critics say they are going to undue. Do all of that, of course, seeing increased numbers along the southwest border will ice reportedly has arrested one hundred and fifty four illegal immigrants who broke. I guess what we would call quote: promises to self deport, in other words, they were told by a judge. They had a certain number of days to go ahead and get out of country and of course
they did not do so yeah. Well, another example that really shows we are the most generous country in the world. Not only do we give more due process to those who illegally enter our country for breaking our sovereign laws, we also give an opportunity to voluntarily depart they say: hey. You have got ninety one hundred and twenty days to get your affairs in order. We are going to work with you again. We show generosity and what did they do as we know they just refused to leave, they absolutely take our generosity and throw it out the window thats. Why we say, look thats, why the approach of stop, detain and remove works every single time we try to show generosity it just doesnt work mark quickly before we go out. If, in fact, Joe Biden does become the president of the United States, he has confirmed he is gnawing rated. In January, you worked under the Obama Biden administration. Many pointed out. It was an administration where deportations were high.
On the other hand, there were lawmakers to Xavier Becerra, the California attorney general could be involved in a Biden administration. Who direction? Would you expect that administration to go one of deportation or one where Becerra said we should decriminalize illegal immigration? We are approach, stop detain and remove one with release, protect and reward. Make no mistake. They have been very clear, the critics they are going to institute catch and release. Once again, they are going to protect illegal immigrants from deportation and they are going to give them significant rewards by healthcare who wouldnt come under those conditions. Mark my words its going to make last years crisis. Look like childs play, it will pail in comparison with.
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