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Biden blasts Trump supporters at Minnesota campaign event

2020-10-31 | 🔗
Trump campaign senior advisers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie weigh in on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Sentence last year for her role in the scandal over to you, PETE Pete, Joe Biden, greeted by a crowd of trump supporters, honking horns during Minnesota driving event at the parking lot, prompting this response from the former. Vice president, these guys are not very polite, but they are like Trump. Dr Fauci called for a mask mandate. Last week, this isnt a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping the horns. This is a patriotic duty for gods sake. Ugly dopes was this: the basket of deplorables moments ask Trump two thousand and twenty senior advisers and co authors of Trump CORD Lewandowski and David Bossie. I will get your on the race they dont put out location for Joe Biden minutes before they dont want people to show up. They know Trump supporters. Will
these kind of insults? Where do they go Corey? You know Joe Biden called someone a dog faced pony soldier. He is so used to making insults. He called every african American on the Senate floor, a super predator. He has a history of making these comments thats. Why Joe Biden is not going to be elected. President of the United States, im proud to be one of the Deplorables im proud to be one of the people that Joe Biden thinks doesnt matter. So are tens of millions of Americans who stand with Donald Trump and will make sure he gets eelected on Tuesday, PETE David. You are also in ugly dope trump, deplorable and dog faced pony soldier as well. When you hear the former vice president, say things like this talk the way he does whats the impact. Well, it tells half of America exactly what he thinks
of them and they should return the favor by voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday. He this is a person who is losing this. You can see in his speeches. He is angry old man. He has lost it. Look. This person ought not be president of the United States. Everybody in America can agree. He has lost step since fine days at United States. Senator so Donald Trump is going to win on Tuesday severe, not going to have to worry about this guy anymore, Post Tuesday. Can I assure you of that PETE Well, David speaking of angry here, is an anchor on another network describing trump supporters as well. Listen. I have to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you have to let them go. They have to hit rock bottom like an addict and want to get help. I dont know if, after this I will ever be able to go back and be friends with those people at a certain point. You say they are too far gone. Pete Corey your response, you know, PETE, I thought
they were going to have Jeffrey Tuben on. He has been busy lately at CNN guy still employed over there. Pete look CNN employs they employed. Former deputy director of the FBI, who is known to lie under oath CNN, has lost all their credibility and Don lemon. As we call him has no credibility. The truth is, I have never told the story. This guy wants to be Donald, trumps, press secretary, if Donald Trump won the campaign four years ago. No one knows that, but now the truth is out. Pete no kidding. That is very interesting. Nugget thats a fact: PETE David, your reaction, we are addicts, we need to be fixed PETE. This is a systemic problem that the left has really created in the last four years. This cancel culture. You know episode that we are going through as a nation. We need to flush that down the Biden toilet. If you will once election day is past. This is over and done with when President Trump wins re election. You know those are
the people that are going to have to correct their actions because were for America, we are for freedom and prosperity. We are for better economy, more hope for our childrens futures, not the dark winter. That Joe Biden stands for not for closing down the economy. Joe Biden stands for everything we are against thats. Why Donald Trump may must be reelected on Tuesday, PETE, okay, guys real quick. You were there four years ago, when the electoral college result was three hundred and seven. We dont have much time, Corey and David. While we have you your prediction of where the numbers the number will be in the key state, you are looking at Corey Look PETE. I believe that Donald Trump is going to win by larger electoral margin in three days four days than he did four years ago. We will pick up the state of Minnesota, which he didnt win four years ago, so you are going to see a bigger victory for Donald Trump on Tuesday PETE David. Our path is very clear:
we are going to win all of those republican states and we are going to win Florida and Georgia and North Carolina and Arizona. We are going to win Nevada. This year we are going to win Minnesota. We are going to win those rust belt states once again, just like Donald Trump did in two thousand, and sixteen the path is very clear and Donald Trump is ascending. You dont win the world Series in the summertime, and Donald Trump is peaking at the right time greatest game day player I have ever seen, and his ferocity of his campaign is going to win this threatening PETE, and I learned about the possibility of press Secretary Don Lemon Corey blowing my mind all the time. Tuben is a little busy.
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