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Biden campaign accused of suppressing Hispanic vote

2020-07-29 | 🔗
CIEN+ & CulturIntel CEO Lili Gil Valletta weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Brian field, organizers for the Brian field, organizers for the Florida Democratic Party, accusing Joe Biden for suppressing the hispanic vote Weare talking to right now. How are they suppressing it? When youre hearing rumbles from the inside out, basically its a concerning issue? Whats happened. There was a long 7 page letter that advocates that are working on the Biden campaign Latinos on the ground feel like they are not being taken seriously. They are not being allocated to the right areas of the state and not being prioritized as critical factor, which is strategic mistake. Brian, a lot of people think youre the key and, if republicans are going to win to get hispanic vote reset to Biden Camp about that. How close on issues I was stagger today see among hispanic
community immigration is not a top issue, its jobs and the economy, which speaks to Republicans thats exactly Brian. We ran in the last thirty days over two hundred and eighty thousand hispanic data points revealed that fifty seven percent of Latinos are all about jobs and the economy, definitely especially in the pandemic era that we are living in thats. What we are dealing with immigration since two thousand and sixteen did not rank in top ten, definitely thats an economic driven campaign and I think thats why we are also seeing the sentiment getting tighter between Trump Biden among Hispanics Brian. Have you seen big concerted organized push from the Trump team to organize the hispanic vote? Yes, a lot of people may not real theres, very active Latinos for Trump Movement. When the president launched the
evangelicals for Trump in Miami, he did it at a hispanic mega church. While the media may be saying something in the ground where the people are theres, a lot of engagement, and so you know Brian hispanic positive sentiment at thirty nine percent for Trump versus Biden, which is quite.
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