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Biden campaign launches new push targeting religious voters

2020-08-02 | 🔗
Why is Joe Biden struggling to reach religious voters? Insight from Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, Rev. Dee Dawkins-Haigler of First St. Paul AME Church in Atlanta and Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris.
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Undisclosed ran some to hackers in exchange for the information to be destroyed, PETE Joe Biden targeting voters with believers for Biden that Joes vision is in idea of redemption and restoration, but will they buy it? We have a panel of faith leaders to discuss senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Dr Robert Jeffress, St Paul Ame church in Atlanta, Dawkins Leg Letter and Fox NEWS contributor, Jonathan Morris, thanks for being here this morning, pastor Jeffress. Will people buy believers for Biden? The latest pew poll shows Biden has only seventeen percent of evangelicals who are going to vote for him. Frankly, I dont he has a prayer of a chance of attracting any large number of conservative faith voters as long as he and the Democrat Party continue to embrace unrestricted abortion,
abortion for any reason at any stage in the pregnancy up until the baby is in the birth canal of the mother, most Americans most faith. Voters believe that is not only wrong. They believe it is barbaric and, frankly, PETE. I think there is a way he could increase his share of faith voters if he would just moderate his view on abortion if he were to stand up im for unrestricted abortion until the last month of pregnancy. But Joe Biden will never do that. The Democrats cant moderate their views, because Biden and the Democrats are completely owned by planned parenthood and planned parenthood will allow no restrictions in the so called right to murder children in the womb. That is why this is not going to work. Pete, Reverend Dawkins youre, a supporter of Vice President Biden, pastor, Jeffress reference ad poll. We have our own poll at Fox NEWS, channel presidential preference amongst
white evangelicals, which is a large voting bloc. Sixty seven percent for President Trump Planned parenthood, pastor, Jeffress mentioned as well theyre spending their spending cycle threefold in support of Biden, two thousand and twelve convention idea of God was almost booed in that and stripped the reference in that convention. How does he make appeal to voters of faith based on data points? Those are very good data points. Most of myself southern Base black base were pro life and pro choice. At the same time, we dont try to protect children in the womb. We try to protect them from the womb until the grave Republicans, especially those conservative pastors dont, only want to protect those in the womb. Dont have public policy to make sure children have food once they leave the womb have someone to take care of them.
You know have social security have whatever it is in life to get them from one point to the end of life, then its a very different pete youre, talking about different philosophies of governing, which Democrats embraced socialism pro life means pro H pro life from the time youre born. Until the time you die PETE. What about before youre born in the womb? You love, God, you will treat your neighbor as yourself, you loaf, God. First! So when you see anyone, you treat anyone everyone with the utmost, love and respect at all times and all places, because God is expects us to the best for everyone. Whatever you do unto the least of them, you do PETE Jonathan Morris Break. The tie here well, put you right in the middle here, life issues are prominent. People of significant have strong views about protecting life in the womb. Your take, we should say those of us who are pro life are all pro life
all the way up to the grave so suggesting that some, how we are only pro life until the baby is born, is not being genuine. I dont think with regards to Vice President Biden. I think real elephant in the womb. Most people think he is a very decent person. They know that we know that the country is going to be electing not just Joe Biden but especially in his case because of his own physical state. Right now the country is going to be electing a platform and the democratic platform is in black and white has been so anti life, especially to the unborn. But beyond that, I would say as well and anti religious freedom in the end religious believers know this is not about being part of a club, its a relationship with God and in a relationship with God. We also develop and educate our
conscience and as individuals with a conscience. We have the right, the God given right to make choices and we are afraid quite honestly, the democratic platform as it is. I hope it does change to have a real choice as it is. It is not respectful of the religious conscience of the individual PETE. It will be interesting to watch the platform of Democrats in twenty. Does it get more extreme on abortion? What does it do with Jerusalem and Israel? It cant get more extreme PETE. It cannot get more extreme PETE, fair point. Thank you for putting exclamation point.
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