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Biden campaign preps for election-related court battles

2020-09-15 | 🔗
Should we expect a contested election? Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in.
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Steve, it is indeed J dot D. Thank you, its being called the largest election program in presidential campaign history. The Biden team have signed up hundreds of attorneys, including former, a dot g Eric holder to get ready for a legal battle in case there is a contested election. Seven weeks from today, Ainsley here to weigh in is Fox news. Senior judicial analyst judge Andrew Napolitano good Morning, judge good morning, Ainsley good morning, guys Ainsley. How normal is this. I know the president has his coalition lawyers lawyers, for it is normal for them toe goat, their legal forces in order we have the example, of course, of Bush against Gore, in which the legal forces were amassed after election day when it became apparent that the Florida count and real count would be disputed,
but that will seem like childs play compared to what may be coming in November this year, because with the voting by mail, there is going to be a dispute over whether or not the signature on the document containing the ballot. You dont actually sign the ballot. You sign the envelope that you put the ballot in whether that signature matches the voter signature registered with the voting officials thats. What the dispute will be this year and it likely will not be in one state. It will be in many states, so the Biden team is wise to be prepared for this, just as the Trump team is prepared for this. As we speak, there are hundreds of lawyers who have agreed to stop their regular law practice for, however long this takes and work for either the former vice president or the president, because you need lawyers in each state to contest the outcome first before election officials
and then before judges in that state Brian were in going to need a blowout lets switch gears. If we can, a federal judge ruled in favor of four defendants in the 66 page. I guess dossier says: listen judgment, Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf was way too oppressive in his lockdown orders and the judge says: lift them up judge. What does this mean in all practical purposes, for everyone in Pennsylvania? Brian im ecstatic at this ruling, but only Brian Kilmeade could call a judicial ruling a dossier laughter, look Ainsley, please no more dossiers right. This is a its about time ruling in which a federal judge. This is a first federal judge in the country who said just because there is a pandemic and a health emergency doesnt give the state dictatorial powers
and the constitution still prevails. So what does this mean in Pennsylvania? The governor cannot decide what work is essential and what work is not essential. The governor cannot decide how many people can enter a church or enter a walmart or enter a car dealership or enter a furniture store. These are choices for individuals to make on their own sthank goodness. We finally have this governor Wolf, who was humiliated by this decision because it turned out their decisions. Their lockdowns were based upon newspaper articles of what other states were doing, rather than on the scientific basis of what was happening in Pennsylvania. Im sure he is going to appeal in this morning, but this is a brilliant and gifted ruling that we all should be lauding. It shows how its about time the constitution applies. Steve. You mentioned governor, go Wolf, he has a statement. He will appeal the decision.
His people say the actions taken by the administration were mirrored by governors across the country and saved and continue to save lives in the be a sense of federal action. This decision is especially worrying as Pennsylvania and the rest of the country are likely to face a challenging time with the possible resurgence of covid and the flu in the fall and the winter as well and judge so thats, not surprising, but something that you have said all through this pandemic is, as the governments have in a patchwork manner, slowed things down locked things down. Have you said you know it? It could six months from now it could be a year from now, but people will look back at this time and be shocked at the civil liberties we gave up during this time. Brian, absolutely thats exactly what the federal judge in Pennsylvania said yesterday, no matter how dangerous the threat to public
health, the government is not unfettered and it still must comply with the constitution, which means individuals make choices for themselves rather than being told what to do by the government. Brian remember, our founding fathers fought for the right to eat indoors and thats. All we want. Yes, Brian. There is no pandemic exception to the bill of rights, thankfully Steve so Brian. Is that part of your dinner dossier? Ainsley just read the dossier and you will figure out what the founding fathers want. You had. Brian just want to be able to dine and have waiters serve us indoors, Brian im about to email. You, the dossier, Brian Laughter.
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