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Biden faces backlash from key swing state voters for oil industry comments

2020-10-26 | 🔗
Texas congressional candidate Wesley Hunt and Trump energy adviser Harold Hamm weigh in on the impact Biden policies would have on the U.S.
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Pete Jed over to you, Jedediah, we sure will and for now Joe Biden is facing backlash from key swing: state voters, after declaring war on oil in Thursday nights debate, were transitioned from the oil industry. Yes were transitioned. It is a big statement because I would stop. Why would you do that? Because the only industry pollutes significantly it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time, President Trump, he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania, Oklahoma Jedediah here to discuss is continental resources, executive, chairman and Trump Energy Advisor, Harold Hamm and Texas congressional candidate Wesley Hunt? Thank you both for being here Wesley ill start with you. If there were any moments at all that were a hold on a second, what did he say? Change your hearts and mind moment that, be it whats your take on the impact of that statement by Biden and the larger concept of the oil
industry and what will happen to it if, in fact, Joe Biden wins this election that definitely perked my ears up im running for: U Dot S Congress here in Houston, which is the energy capitol of the world, and I believe that I am now the last line of defense to denned our oil amp gas jobs here in Houston, against radical policies of Joe Biden, Kamala, Harris Nancy Pelosi and my opponent Lizzie Fletcher that votes with her ninety nine percent of the time. The good thing about that debate is that now we know exactly where they stand and we know exactly how they feel about the oil amp gas industry. Quite frankly, I think its UN contusion all for the federal government to deem the industry null and void, and we should be working with the project sector to get to the next affordable and abundant energy source, not destroying the very industry that created Houston, Texas, Jedediah. You know when people hear Joe Biden talk about this and larger issue of his energy plan. What they hear is cost rising and they say well. What is this going to do to my utility bill and what is this going to do to the price of gasoline at the pump?
Youve projected six dollars gas under Bidens energy plan. So what do you think really be the implication in terms of close to home, how this would hit peoples pocket books? Well, certainly, it goes back to wasnt any secret where Joe Biden came from and frankly he just got caught in a very big lion on camera, and you know you have to go back and look at his history and his history was one of voting for security, not abundance, and you have to look from where he come from and in nineteen seventy eight. He voted for Carter, S, Ill faded energy plan back then, and basically that was to go only with coal and it blocked out any use of natural gas as youll recall and that lasted for ten years, and they knew that it was going to have bad climate concerns. Acid
rain was predicted by Eif and they still did it. He was in there voting for it, so he caused the situation that we have today with climate and then hes trying to blame oil amp gas for it, so he just got caught in a big lie and theyve used this climate situation to try to scare voters and run them through the polls early and all this and the worlds going to only last another 10 12 years and blame it all on oil, natural gas is, we have the cleanest air in the world and that technology they developed back in Carter era here in America, for coal fired technology for electricity generation that went around the world, and today China is putting three hundred of them in this year. Jedediah yeah and obviously, if you couple the impact of
those statements made by Joe Biden along with the inconsistencies hes expressed when it comes to fracking, could definitely make an impact its late in the game. But you never know and also important to know Wesley. We did invite your opponent on and weve not heard back as of yet, but well be following that election. Thank you both for being here weighing.
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