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Biden kicks off 'Made in America' tour targeting Ohio's working class voters, Trump warns of Democratic control

2020-08-03 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Karl Rove comments on how similar Biden’s campaign strategies are to President Trump's.
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Brian Joe Biden to kick off Brian Joe Biden to kick off made in America tour again, while the president, pressuring warning of bidens policies, could have on the american way of life here to break it all down. Former senior adviser deputy chief staff to President George W Bush, Karl Rove Karl made in America, does sound familiar to you is that a good strategy call move Karl well, just remember: move Karl well, just remember: Biden started 1987 88 speech by plagiarize, and I have to give them credit. I think this is smart on their part, it tries to diminish advantage. The president has and two it fills time and three. It suckers, the president that they are making bid for Ohio. We are going up on television in Ohio. Well, lets take a look at that. Are they going up in the
Cleveland media market, the largest in the state, with largest in the state, with one point, five million tv households? No Cincinnati, eight hundred thousand no day tone, five hundred thousand in they are going to Toledo with three hundred and forty tv use holds, and they are going up in these four big markets are three point: seven million the vast of the people, one seventh of the four big markets. They are getting attention and theyve done this once before. They are doing this because they suckered the press to covering remember a couple talks. A week ago they are coming after Texas. They are running tv ads. Remember all the hype. They wouldnt tell how much money they were spending on television. Well, I talked to a friend of mine who pieced it together in Texas. They spent seventy thousand dollars on
Texas. They spent seventy thousand dollars on television ads. They spent four one thousand of a cent for voter. It was a joke and the press fell for it and ran several days of stories. Texas is in play, Texas is battleground State and the Biden campaign will take advantage of this. They are running television ads in Texas, Brian Karl great Point, great research, a couple of things on Ohio: do you believe its out of reach for Biden Karl? Well, look a lot thats competitive. What they are trying to do is make the story line, that they are on the offense everywhere and that they are in deep red territory and look, I think, at the end of the day, Ohio is going to be all right, but Trump cant, let it trump campaign cant ignore it. But the fact of the matter is this is all about a story line not about reality.
At the end of the day, they are not going to be spending lots of money in Ohio. They will be spending it in places like Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan Wisconsin and Florida. They will not be spending, in my opinion, spending as much money once again they have announced tv buy, but we dont know how much they will be spending, and I bet you dime to a dollar its a minuscule compared to the state, Brian, its all about jacking up taxes and the biggest reason why I know the whole bring company back to America that the Biden campaign is pushing. They are upping the corporate tax, seven points above China above the EU. What american company is going to come back for higher taxes, Karl yeah, the tax foundation, respected Nonpartisan, says its going to lower GDP, its going to lower wages and its not going to result in jobs coming back so yeah. We know this higher taxes is going to keep
companies away from America and give us what we had during the Biden, Obama years or the Obama Biden years, low growth, anemic growth and wages. Remember during that period of time the managers were getting wage increases than working people under Trump started. Seventeen eighteen and nineteen working people got pay, increases much larger than their managers. Brian. You know more about the.
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