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Biden says he would not defund police, says they need more help

2020-08-24 | 🔗
Reaction and analysis from The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway.
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That is something I could never do: Brian Brian thanks, Jillian former Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris giving joint interview democratic ticket taking a jab at President Trump. There is a fundamental difference between Donald Trump and me on the issue of race across the board: im not going to im not going to try to divide people its all about bringing people together, Brian here, to break it all down top take aways from the interview, as she saw it. Fox news contributor at the Federalist Mollie Hemingway welcome back great to be here with you, Brian. The first selection that you chose that you wanted us to focus on is Joe Biden when asked about defund the police. Tell us your stance. President Trump says you want to defund the police. Do you laughter? Do you? No? I dont he proposes I dont want to defund police departments. I think they need more help.
They need more assistance. Brian okay, you have a problem with that response. Well, its interesting that when he was first asked about defunding the police, he did agree with the goal of moving funds away from the police to other organizations, and now he is trying to walk away from that. But more interesting, I think, is what we didnt hear at the Democratic National Convention or in this debate last night right now you have riots going across the country. Last night Kenkenosha erupted erupted in FL. You didnt hear a single comment from anyone at the Democratic Party at their convention about the violence and assaults happening in cities across the country it the media had claimed. This was supposed to be reaching out to moderates and did a good job. I dont see how you can accomplish that, without even mildly, addressing these riots Brian, I dont, know what he is talking about. The president cutting out half a million dollars from police number one and police unions arent buying it because they are siding with the president.
Is he going to alienate a lot of Democrats a lot of progressives by saying he is not going to reimagine and defund? The police lets see what they do. Meanwhile, you also pointed out the difference between what the Vice President nominee says now, as opposed to what said earlier, by which she didnt say on this here, she is talking about how her foot is the injustices in America. If you are a minority as opposed to white, what is hurtful to me is that black families own one tenth of the wealth of white families. What is hurtful to me is that black and Latinos are twice as likely to die from Covid as white families. Whats hurtful to me is there are real racial disparities that are rooted in systemic racism, Brian its. What she didnt say in that answer is what alerted
you well whats interesting. This is a question about how she could have cop Demed, Joe Biden so harshly just a few months ago on racial issues, and now she is running on the same ticket as him. It is very common during primaries for people to fight with each other. That is totally norm normal. Usually you arent running on the same ticket as those you vo, Sis, Russly explained, or how you believe, the people that awz good him of sexual assault or think he has this horrible track record on racial. I, what Kamala Harris is trying to do is avoid answering the question its a good question. I think the moment she can answer the question people will move on from it. She has not answered the question Brian. They are going to go back and play the kidnap and make her respond. We will see if that happens. Meanwhile, Joe Biden doesnt leave his basement still hasnt left even after the convention. Yet President Trump is traveling all around the question David Muir gave him was: are you ever going to leave? Listen,
but can you win a presidential election from home? We will were going to follow the science I have left my basement, but on the meantime, five hundred million people have watched what I have done out of my basement and guess what people are listening. People are listening, its about being responsible Brian, is he being responsible? Is that how you read that this is his biggest vulnerability? There is a real lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden. He could get away with June and July. Staying in hits basement at some point. He has to start campaigning. He has less enthusiasm than any two previous candidates who lost Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. They had enthusiasm problems. He has to figure out a way to win Brian. We saw what happened in unscripted situations. He blew up twice in two days, see if he gets off prompter and out of his wait a minute if he.
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