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Biden should reject Michael Moore’s push for him to embrace the far left: Pavlich

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich reacts to Michael Moore's demands for President-elect Biden on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Brian all right documentarian, Michael Moore, is urging Joe Biden to embrace the far left in an open letter. He decided to read out loud. Please do not make the seam mistake that an otherwise well meaning and well intentioned President Obama made he was willing to compromise on anything. The Republicans had already decided that they were going to block everything Obama proposed charge in there on January 20th like FDR on steroids, Brian right. He ended up saying the word big. That means abolishing the electoral college, pushing universal health care. I imagine the green new deal to react. Fox news, contributor, Katie Pavlich. What about this push to get him to go big, should Biden go big like FDR, pretend were in a depression. Well, first of all what Michael Moore said about President Obama just isnt, true
youll, remember that Obamacare was pushed through in the middle of the night without a single republican vote. There was no compromise when it came to Obamacare and in terms of Joe Biden look. He ran as a moderate wanting to compromise and bring the country together in order for him to do that. Hes going to have to push away far left ideas like awe, bollishing the electoral college and not compromising. We Republicans would have leaders like Congress, woman, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez, saying she hopes the Senate. Is that Democrats take the Senate so that they dont have to compromise? So if Joe Bidens going to live up to his campaign promises, he should reject what Michael Moores asking him to do. Steve Steve, listen to what Hakim Jeffries says, might be the next speaker one day he says this: do we want to win or do we want to be governed or do we want to be internet celebrities? The I think its a useful conversation, because the socialist message wasnt helpful,
no kidding, but I didnt think he realized that Katie im. So sorry, I cannot hear you. Unfortunately, I didnt hear the question Brian all right. We have a lack of communication. Normally we have great synergy, but when we cant hear each other, it tends to eat away at the edges. In her column, she actually wrote that she believed this whole thing about. Democrats coming together is a joke because theyre not coming together and actually wanted Republicans to work with them. Thats, not true calling for unity thats what Joe Bidens doing. But if you look at AOC some of the liberals on the view some of the people on television, they actually want a pound of flesh from anyone who supported president Trump. So between that the fracture on the left and the phony
outstretched hands, you wonder Katie. If you can hear me now, I can hear you Brian Brian Joe Biden with one America and lets put it all behind us. Just to paraphrase what John Me E Channel Surprisely wrote for him: youre not buying it. Why well look if you look at the way that the left has behaved over the last four years, not just against President Trump, but against Trump supporters. You have these new exit polling and voter analysis, showing that there was a shy trump voter because they felt like they would be bullied into submission. If that they were worried about cancel culture for simply believing in different political ideology, maybe their neighbors or the parents that they take their kids to soccer with. So this idea now that Joe Biden wants to just bring everyone together sounds more like lets. Move on. Conservatives should just forgive the last four years, despite being hounded at restaurants. You have now a number of people
on the far left, including former Obama spokespeople, by the way and PETE Buttigieg staffers, making lists of people, so they can be punished for daring to work for the Trump administration trying to keep them unemployed. First of all, thats anti american behavior, but its not the behavior. You should be engaging in youre, truly serious about moving forward. People would say thats the far left, thats, not Joe Biden, but I havent heard Joe Biden come out and say its inappropriate to put people on lists just because they work for a different party. The targeting continues of people who simply worked for an administration that they disagree with politically Brian. They were burning down cities before he was forced to react and say I think we should stop the protests when they turn into riots. He was forced to go out of his way to compliment police officers when everybody else in his party was saying they were the bad guys and, ladies meanwhile, Democrats were speaking out, saying were going
to get Joe Biden elected and then were going to have him do what we want him to do. Remember this. We can likely push Vice President Biden in a more productive direction. I will be pushing him. I will you know as soon as we get him in the White House. Our job is the day after Biden is elected. Is to mobilize our people in the fight for the progressive agenda, United against Trump DOT Org. I did not know that was on the air. This is what theyre doing theyre saying it out loud now. Hes got the job greatest moment of peace. Is probably this moment. Well, you know Joe Biden has these big aspirations about the country, but you have to unite the Democratic Party first, there are huge differences. You have this memo that came out this week. You know saying that Democrats have to go further left in order to push back against Republicans, and yet you have Joe Biden saying that he wants to unify the country. The fact is that this was the fear that a number of people had,
which is why they elected more Republicans to the house, giving Nancy Pelosi the slimmest majority since FDR and so thats, why you know they want to push Biden to the left. However, the american people have voted for more balance when it comes to pushing back on a very far left progressive agenda. Brian Katie, you just watch if he does not budge from this moderate stance, suddenly that Hunter storys going to get a lot of traction in social media environments and thatll be the pressure that gets him to move. You just watch and theyll 3w4r5eu789 on.
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