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Biden vows to bring back ACA individual mandate

2020-08-18 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel explains why bringing back the mandate wouldn't work.
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Ainsley, a showdown over Ainsley a showdown over Obamacare as we near the election, Joe Biden, vowing, to reinstate the individual mandate. President Trump told us yesterday that that wont happen under his watch, its healthcare they wanting to do socialized medicine, just like Obama, lied. You can keep your doctor now you are going to lose your doctor. We got rid of the individual mandate for Obamacare thats, what the most unpopular thing in all of government and I was able to get it voted out, which was amazing. They want to put it back. Ainsley our next guest says. Bringing back the mandate would be a disaster here to explain is Fox NEWS: medical contributor, Dr Marc Siegel, good morning, Dr Siegel, good morning, Ainsley Ainsley good morning. Why do you think it will be a disaster? Well, so glad to hear the President remind us of this yesterday because for sure, a vice President Biden, if he win, also definitely bring back the individual mandate and create a public option, and here we go
again with big insurance and big government of a watered down hype that doesnt pay for the things we need right now. In the middle of a pandemic, we have never seen such public private partnership, as has occurred under the Trump administration. We are talking about operation warped speed, making vaccines at a rate never done in history, came together and got all the supplies we needed. Testing ramped up. All this occurred, backed by private insurance. The current healthcare system watered down, overreach, wouldnt work and by the way Ainsley did you hear the word insurance at all during this pandemic? Do you know why you didnt, because people uninsured were covered covid because of the coronavirus, relief packages, health and human services went out and make sure they got the care they need thats, how healthcare works with doctors, nurses and government backing them in an emergency, not with expanded, watered down insurance.
Ainsley im reading an article this morning about scientists, there are about twelve scientists that saying Covid herd immunity might be lower than they first thought. Do you know anything about this? I do, I think, its a really good point to be bringing up. On a day. We have undergone forty thousand cases in the state of Florida, a big hot spot. We are now down under three thousand new cases. Thank God. Do you know what sometimes happens? I have been following this very closely. I think that the virus may actually ravage one area and then spread to another and slowed down by factors we havent talked about yet successsuccess susceptibility. No everyone can get the virus distancing in rural areas. Steve said to me in Kansas, people are actually far apart to begin with, that is an issue, and then people that have partial immunity built in to this virus because of other coronavirus they have seen especially children. All of that is on the table.
It means that, in addition to a vaccine, the virus may slow itself down, as it basically infects the people who can be infected, but there are many in the area that cant be thats a way of looking at it, so Remay get herd immunity earlier than we thought we might, which is positive Ainsley. What is your reaction to colleges, opening up and changing their plans like the University of North Carolina im? Deeply disappointed in that- and I saw what happened in the University of North Carolina yesterday were seeing in maybe opening up, not being cautious enough. Then the cases occur and cause fear and panic and the lawyers get ready and then they close back down. That is deeply disappointing. You need the kind of preparation in place. We need our universities open its such a tremendous cost.
The kids leave the university and go all over the country and potentially spreading virus.
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